This was posted 2 years 3 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Google Pixel 4 64GB $199 with Telstra 60GB $65pm Plan (12 Months, Min Cost $979) Port-in Customers @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store)


It seems the deal is only for Pixel 4, not include Pixel 4XL. <— from JB staff.

Went to JB for Telstra 12 months deal $65 with $500 gift card. A guy told me that Telstra is going to run a same deal for Pixel 4 with only $199 for the handset.

Full catalogue

Also available on the same plan:

Samsung Galaxy S10e $99, Note10 $799
Huawei P30 $199, OPPO Reno 5G $499

Update: Confirmed by a few users, that deal has been extended to 6th of November (Page/Deal has been removed from website though).

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    A deal like this on an XL would be nice!

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      contacted Optus for a better deal with Pixel 4 XL.
      $88.75 monthly (after discount), 24 months contract with 100GB data, unlimited call & text to 35 countries..

      is it a good deal?

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        Including the Harman/Kardon speaker they are bundling?

        If so I'd say that's pretty good!

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        Geesus 24 months contract is bad.
        In 11 months we might have super cheap plans everywhere.

        • +1

          I like the sound of super cheap plans everywhere. What makes you think they will? Genuinely curious, I'm out of the loop a bit

          • @obeythefist: BYO Plans have continually got cheaper over the last 10 years. The only plans that get more expensive are usually those including flagship phones and those locked in for 2 or 3 years even.

            • @hypie:

              BYO Plans have continually got cheaper over the last 10 years

              Telstra's definitely hasn't - their cheapest BYO plan is $50/month. Optus $39/month. Vodafone $45/month.

              Having said that, most of these plans are unlimited calls + text, which wasn't the case a few years back.

              • @Chandler: I'm on a year old Telstra Sim only 35gb for $39. Wife is on $59 with pixel 2xl. Had some great deals! Wouldn't touch a 2 year again as you miss out on good deals and spend more

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                  Wife is on $59 with pixel 2xl

                  Me & the missus both on the Pixel 2 w/ 15GB Friends & Family $59 from JB (in 2017?)

        • 24 months ago when I took Pixel 2 XL on contract I was expecting that.. basically nothing changed, as matter of fact it went up. I used to get free international roaming, free calls and all with Telstra, If I want that I have to pay 60$/pm without even free international roaming.

        • Isn't the world going to end due to climate change within the next 12 months? Just sign up the 24 months and let them chase you on the other side.

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        24 months?

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          that's what I am thinking. 24 months seems not good enough compare with Telstra/ JB Pixel 4 deal..

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        Never do 24 months contract, you'll always regret it later

        • I did mate :(

        • Half way through 24 months and regretting it. I could have got one of these!

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            @Shon: Yeah. 12 already long enough, remember prices are getting cheaper each week. Generally speaking.

            • -2

              @ChiMot: Plan wise maybe… phones not so. Phones are actually getting pricier and pricier. For instance one plus was like a 200 phone then 400, then 600 and now the latest one plus is like an 1800 dollar phone. Same with Samsung, and iPhones. Unfortunately phone prices are rising and rising. Plans maybe not but now that 5g is coming out I expect them to go back up as well… Implementing new technology is expensive and these companies will want to make up their losses on setting up new towers and what not that is usually done with more expensive contracts. They know that not everyone is going to sign up for 5g right away and they will have to fund that tech from the 4g plans unfortunately.

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                Unfortunately phone prices are rising and rising.

                You can thank Apple for the low prices we've been enjoying (!), and also for the rising prices we've been suffering from, although the weakening AUD has something to do with it.

                In 2007, the Nokia N95 cost $1,299 at launch. In 2008, the flagship Nokia N96 cost $1,349 at launch. Flagship Nokias have always been in the $1,xxx price range. The 8800 Arte was $1499. Prices were trending upwards.

                It took the launch of iPhone to bring prices down. The iPhone 3G was released in 2008 and cost $809-896 for an unlocked phone. The iPhone 3GS was released in 2009 and cost $879.

                Nokia's flagship N97 for 2009 (released in June on the same day as the 3GS, even though it was announced in Dec 2008) dropped to $1130. Looks like they were feeling the pressure from lost sales to Apple.

                In 2010 Nokia's flagship N8 was priced at $749 - about the same as the HTC Desire ($779) and Galaxy S ($779), just under the iPhone 4 ($859). And thus began the era of "cheap" phones.

                It stayed cheap till, I think, the iPhone 6 in 2015 which jumped to $1088. The Galaxy S6 followed suit, jumping from $899 for the S5 to $999 for the S6. Everything just kept going up since, while the AUD keeps dropping.

                So it looks more like prices are going back to "normal" after a few years of cheap prices. Presumably Apple undercut Nokia to gain market share, and once they established themselves as a leader, they could slowly raise their prices.

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                  @eug: Missing the days of the $349 Nexus 4. :(

                • @eug: ya but once apple launches their 5g phone for like 4,000 dollars everything will go up. That 4,000 sounds absurd but like a top of the line 11 pro is like 3000-3200

                  • @kingnunu: To of the line is storage only. You can get 11 pro for $1600, or like $1200 if you get through JB Telstra deal with voucher.

                    • @onlinepred: Also 11 pro 64gb is 1750 if you go to 256gb which is the next step up it's 2000. If you go 11 pro Max it starts at 1900 for 64gig and 2150 for 256gb… 512 is 2500.

          • +1

            @Shon: always ask for payout figure

      • No

      • +3

        Username notatall asking is it a good deal?
        Answer: not at all

      • How did you go about getting this deal? Was this for the 64GB or 128GB version?

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        I've been with all the major telcos and Optus have the worst customer service by far.

      • 24months is not nice.

      • @notatall just wondering how did you get it down to $88.75 monthly? which are the discounts that you are talking about?

    • Yeah, $199 upfront cost is for Pixel 4. It doesn't appear to have another upfront cost for the Pixel 4 XL version.

  • Looks like it's only for new Telstra customers

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      pic clearly says 'when you port' lol

    • Is there a way around this?

      • Port out and back in

        • +1

          When I've asked in the past ive been told you have to be out for minimun 30 days to be considered for these, might be wrong though

          • @camthecow: Yes U r right. Unfortunately for me to learn about it the hard way. I cancelled my 24 months plan yesterday with 2 weeks remaining, charged for 33 dollars for early termination fee and device buyout, moved to Telstra prepaid, Port out to Optus, then only to find out in the afternoon that I was rejected to be port back in Telstra, because I have to wait for 30 days.

            • +1

              @bargain hunters: I hate these "new customers only" deals. Basically punishing existing customers for being loyal. Banks and telcos are the worst for these types of marketing ploys

              • @chartparker: Breaking news

                There are both acquisition strategies and retention strategies in all customer-/member-based businesses where there's an ongoing managed relationship. (ie As opposed to consumer-based).

                Marketing? Yes.
                Ploy? No, not even close.

                • @OzDJ_: What do you mean it's not a ploy.. do you even know what ploy means?

            • +1

              @bargain hunters: Well thats a bit weird I ported out to optus prepaid yesterday around 6:30pm also had to pay the ETC of around $80 and ported back in this morning and got the phone.

            • +3

              @bargain hunters: Personal experience: I bought an Optus SIM card and activated it. Then went to JB Hifi and asked them to port that number into Telstra and took advantage of a plan such as this. Once that's done, I have 2 numbers now. The original Telstra one that I already had (out of plans) and the new number from the Optus SIM card, both signed up to Telstra. So, I chatted with them online and asked them to combine the 2 plans into 1 single number, with the original Telstra number, and the plan from the new Telstra number. They were only too happy to do it for me. If the one you're chatting won't do it, just disconnect and chat them up again.

              Good luck!

              • @soupiejr: i thought optus sim activation requires recharge/topup that cannot be skipped ?

              • @soupiejr: Hey - what do you mean by combining them into a single number? So there were 2 plans attached to one number?

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    this is much nicer deal than $500 gift card: 780 + 199 = 979! cheaper than buying the phone outright lol + basically Huawei P30 deal back then

    • What's the ETC on that deal?

      • +1


        • how did you calculate that?

          • @lazydesi: I had a plan previously and that was it. 6 months payment.

            • @follow: So do I just sign up and get the phone for $199, then just cancel the contract and pay $390? Don't I have to pay for the phone as well?

              • @chewkl: yes. phone is a jb offer separate to Telstra. as far as Telstra know, you signed up to a byo.

              • +2

                @chewkl: I'm still on the similar deal with the 2XL on the $59 plan for 20GB and no upfront. My bill says if I leave early I have to pay out the rest (X months x $59) even though it says BYO and handset repayments are $0.00. The plan covers the repayment completely and only while connected. Telstra does know about the Pixel 2 XL.

                I'll have to see what deals are around when my contract ends in April 2020! I'll just port to Vodafone for a month or something.

        • +3

          Then $598 for Pixel 4 64Gb

          • @jassssone: Exactly where I was heading :p

            You could potentially get away without paying the $390 if you can switch over to month-to-month via chat.

            • @DisabledUser242659: Has this worked before? Because as I have a Pixel XL2 I could then send it in for a $200 credit making this new phone just under $400.

            • @DisabledUser242659: Isn't there a 7 day cool down period with contracts? Call up same night and say you only wanted a month to month contract.

              I have a feeling JBHiFi is going to be out of stock of these phones by Thursday evening

        • -3

          Tell me if I'm wrong Pay $199 get Pixel 4 + 500 gift card plus 12 mths Telstra @ $65 pm .

          Then ETC pay $390 : End up with Pixel 4 + 500 gift card .

          • @profar: Lol no. You don't get the GC with this deal.

            • -1

              @WTF: : ( About to buy it for everyone I could think of outside of Testra contracts .

        • I thought it was $0 thanks to the loophole?

      • +4

        What does ETC mean?

        • +9

          Assuming Early Termination Cost/Charges

  • +10

    Deal is good, but 64GB is bad :(

    • +3

      Might be ok for a lot of people. I have my pixel 2 64gb and usually at 50% storage. Pretty handy to have my images/videos auto backed up and deleted

      • +8

        Only downside is your photos on pixel 4 now get compressed, no longer in original quality

        • +12

          That's true.

          For me personally, I think its probably more blown out of proportion than what everyone makes it out to be. I doubt i could personally tell the difference side by side from an original quality and google compressed ones. I know compressed would make it harder to recover shadows in editing however its a phone photo, I would rarely edit those anyway.

          If I really cared enough to edit the photo I would be a dedicated camera to begin with.

          • @phocus: There's no need to force compression. The end user should choose the compression level so they can use their cloud storage quota how they wish.

          • +2

            @phocus: but whole point of buying a an expensive phone is that is that it takes great pictures.

            • @ubcool: Yea I get it.

              But there are no phone cameras that can match a dedicated camera. Phone cameras are fine for everyday shot of your kid and instagram where resolution is so small it makes no difference. But take any phone photo and blow it up so you can hang an image on your wall, or even look at it on a computer screen and you will instantly be disappointed in the quality.

              There is only so much you can do with a tiny sensor

              • @phocus: My Pixel3A takes better photos than my Sony Alpha in most situations, and the convenience of fitting in my pocket wins every time.

            • -1

              @ubcool: @ubcool: but whole point of buying a an expensive camera is that is that it takes great pictures.

        • Isn't that only upon back up to Google Photos?
          Originals on the hardware should be at full res provided you then want to manually export them (?)

          • @mrjaytee: That's right.

          • @mrjaytee: Yes the original quality is stored on your phone unless you delete them, then if you download them from Google Photos they will be compressed unless you uploaded them in original quality.

            • @Salada: So you can choose to use original quality? Are you sure?

              • +3

                @justtoreply: Yes, they are more than happy to sell you cloud storage space 😂

              • @justtoreply: For non-Google phones it is highres until you run out of free storage in your Google account ~15gb. Then it changes to compressed unless you want pay for google drive for extra storage.

              • @justtoreply: There seem to be mixed messages. You have 3 options below:

                Pixel 2/3
                Can upload original sized photos. When you download them, they will also be same size and original quality, no compression. I just tested it then. These do not count towards your cloud storage

                Any other upload to google photos (desktop or any other phone)
                They will be uploaded. Resized to 16MP and compressed. When you download it, it will be 16MP and compressed. These do not count towards your cloud storage

                There is a third option.
                Google photos at original quality using Google one storage. You can also have everything on google photos at original quality, no compression but you need to pay for the space to store it with Google One.

      • +1

        How’s the battery heard it’s horrendous, can’t last a day of normal use (bring browsing and facebook(haha I feel old))

    • +2

      I have endless kids apps on my phone, and a handful of games for myself, plus the obligatory thousands (no exaggeration) of dog and children photos, and I cope perfectly fine. Everything backed up automatically means you don't even think about storage.

      On my old Samsung, I was forever deleting games as soon as I stopped playing because I was always paranoid, even with a giant SD card.

      • +2

        Do you have endless storage for backing up?

        • If you are ok with google photos restrictions, it is effectively endless

          • @phocus: For a Pixel, you get unlimited original quality storage. That includes videos.

          • -1

            @phocus: The reason it's endless is Google's user's data are the fuel that drives the business.

            It uses AI to recognise objects, places and other people in the photos and then swaps or sells this data with third parties who extract money out of the user without their knowledge of this occurring.

            • +1

              @Diji1: Extract money? All the rest we know, but how do u extract money without the person knowing lol…sounds like they're getting cyber mugged…

              Data is king, that's def true and it's no different on facecrack and the rest of those social media services…

      • It is now a paid service for the google pixel, no longer included.

    • I can (and do) live with the 64Gb, it is the 2,800mAh battery with a 90Hz display on the normal P4 that is the bigger issue for people to consider - that is the biggest reason why I went the XL model.

      But if you can live with approx 4-4.5hrs screen time before needing a charge (which a lot of people will be able to), this is a great deal.

  • +11

    I just got this catalogue and came to post the deal lol
    There is a similar deal for a $99 10e if anyone is interested

    • Is it on the same catalogue? or a separate deal?

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