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Samsung Galaxy S10e $99, Note10 $799 with Telstra 60GB $65pm Plan (12 Months) Port-in Customers @ JB Hi-Fi (In-Store Only)


Credits to Jamiea

Same catalogue as the Google Pixel 4 Promotion

Minimum Cost over 12 Months:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e - $879
  • Samsung Galaxy Note10 - $1579

Also eligible for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Promotion

Update: Confirmed by a few users, that deal has been extended to 6th of November (Page/Deal has been removed from website though).

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    This will cost $879 total with the S10e handset, sell the handset for ~$800 and you've got 60GB/m for 12 months on Telstra for less than $100

    • The Google Pixel 4 deal might better, if you plan on selling the phone.

      • Only if the Pixel 4 resell price is $100 more than the S10e, as the Pixel 4 is $199 upfront

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          True, but it might be easier to sell a newly released phone, than a phone that has been released for a few months.

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          Actually, the Samsung Galaxy S10e might be a better offer, since you can claim the Samsung Galaxy Buds, and sell that too.

          • @RichardL: True, so you could essentially get the plan for free if you sold both the device and the buds

            • @antik: really? for free?? wow….

              • @ChiMot: Yes, you could essentially break even and keep the plan

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                  @antik: Does anyone know if the phone would be locked to Telstra?

                  • @Mr Bargain Hunter: IIRC telstra don't lock handsets

                    • @kcbworth: Telstra don't lock handsets, but I believe the handsets that JB Hi-Fi provide have the Telstra logo software

          • @RichardL: I thought buds were only for S10, S10 plus and the note range ?

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              @WTF: Samsung T&Cs for the Galaxy Buds Promotion, mentions the S10e

              • @RichardL: Ok that's Weird. Their website doesn't mention S10e (See link below) But gald to know its in the T&C and is included.


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                  @WTF: I initially thought the same, until I looked at the T&Cs.

                  • @RichardL: need to check again, are you also getting the buds if you sign-up for this plan?

                    • @artagnan: I think so. The buds are for you dealing with Samsung not jb

                    • @artagnan: You have to redeem the galaxy buds through Samsung.

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      I think 800 resell is a bit too high. eBay sold history showing $700, 750

      • +1

        Lucky to get 700. More like 600

        • +1

          Not really I'm talking brand new sealed. Plus the buds. Total could be $800 easy to sell

        • +1

          Sold an open box recently for $745 + $9 postage. Auction starting at $234. Tried linking to eBay but removed for affiliate for some reason.

          • @TheAccountant: Yeah too bad, to claim the buds we need to open the box otherwise can sell for $80,100 more Arghhhhh

            • @ChiMot: curious, why do you need to open the box to claim the buds?

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                @wei13: if you read the 2 docs linked up on the page 1 of https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/488193, you see they have instruction to take screen shot of mobile to get the imei. someone here also suggested the same. so we cant get the bud and return the phone after, maybe?
                but, see my comment (last one) on that same thread, i have called and the staff said no need.
                if you think open/not is important i guess better to double confirm with them? and share please

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    Lol I should have posted the rest of the catalogue
    I'm back at work now though

  • Would the S10e be a worthwhile "upgrade" to my mothers Galaxy s8? her current plan ends soon.

    • Depends on what she is paying now and the performance of the phone and battery life.

      You can always keep the s8 and port to boost.

      Of if she is already paying ~$65 no brainer.

    • +2

      Benefits of S10e:

      • Faster.
      • Watching HDR+ contents (youTube, Netflix) is fine at 1080p. HDR hardware encoding / decoding is available in the CPU/GPU, whereas with S8, you probably can only do 720p HDR.
      • Ultra wide angle camera.
      • Android 9 / OneUI. Should receive Android 10 update.
      • Smaller footprint; better display.
      • Bluetooth 5 / WiFi 6.

      You need to decide whether those are worth it or wait for next year as 5G will be more common. Some people are guessing S11 will have a high res camera and possibly 90Hz refresh rate (both are unconfirmed).

      • on the same boat with S8 but I cannot find a reason to replace it yet. The only issue is battery life.

  • Damn, my Telstra plan ended and can port out to another provider now.

    Anyone have any luck taking this deal porting out for a brief while?

    • +2

      I've heard some folks say it has to be a minimum of 30 days, although I've not tried it myself.

      • you're correct, has to be 30 days

        • Some stores don’t check/care, Good Guys gave me a similar offer for new customers only after I had only ported out to Optus for 2 days.

          • +1

            @Hargain Bunter: I spoke to a JB rep today about something else, but he said that if it's done without calling their backend team to do most of it (the old way), it can be manually ignored as long as it is a port in (even if you've only just ported out).

            You'd need to find someone who's been doing it for 1-2 years and does it the old way.

            • @mccarthyp64: That makes sense, the guy that did it for me said he’s been using the system for a long time and he did it all online.

    • transfer to a telstra prepaid sim starter kit first,then transfer to aldi or others for a month.
      postpaid plan number port out will cost you $8.

  • Hmmm…S10e or Pixel 4 or none? From a Pixel 3a
    The dilemma is real!

    • +9

      Stick with 3A if it's still working fine?

      • But…but…very tempting at these prices!

        • +1

          Yep very true. Just wait another year 😉

    • +1

      Pixel 3a is only a few months old?

      • It is…just a few. Working perfectly fine.

    • +2

      What's wrong with your 3A?

      • Not a single thing! It's great!

        • +6

          Then its not worth to upgrade.

    • I am sticking with Pixel 3a for until next year when they will release a Pixel 4 Pro (a mighty successor of this failure handset) or Pixel 4a.

  • This is a good deal

  • My contract is ending this month. Seeing these kind of deals.. I wonder if there's going to be a better deal next month on black friday.

    • Mine ending mid Dec and I want to get this now. And you, hesitate? Seriously?

      • Well, It's only 1 month away from black friday and I'm not really into s10e. I have a feeling there will be lots of good deal but have to admit this promotion is really tempting especially if you can drop the 65 plan to 45 one

        • Do you have more information on dropping the plan to $45?

    • My contract is ending on December, paying ~$62 on Optus. I'm tempted to get the S10e.

  • My wife wants a new phone and this is a great deal. Unfortunately we are already with Telstra, wish there was some love for long term customers.

    • I would still go in and ask about it. I've managed to get this deal in the past (although the S10e was $199 if I recall correctly) and was able to add the new service to my account, been a Telstra customer for 5 years. :) I did port in a prepaid sim number though, which would be required for existing customers I believe.

      • Then did you keep the extra service, or were you able to get rid of one you didn’t need?

        • Kept both services, as the old prepaid number that I ported was my second line.

          • @chihaeru: Ah ok, I think you had a niche use case, most people wouldn’t want to buy another service. @greentea would be better off porting out and back in.

  • +1

    Am I a new customer if I'm currently with boost?

    • -1

      Yes, but the number porting process is a bit different as they need to put you on a Telstra blank SIM. But, given it is prepaid to postpaid, it is likely they would be using blank SIMs anyway.

      • So I would count as a new customer if I move from Boost?

        • yeah doesn't work for boost and belong customers

    • +2

      JB Hi-Fi website states that Boost customers are not eligible on all previous deals, I can't see this deal being different

  • Does anyone know if you can sign up as a business plan?

  • gee that s10e isnt bad, i think its better than pixel 4

    • Great phone I'm using one currently after buying and returning both the larger 10 and 10+.

      Perfect size for one handed use and battery gets me through a while day easy.

      • You can buy and use and return S10? Where and how and when?

  • So does the galaxy buds come for free with this deal?

  • What catalogue is this from?

    • jbhifi catalog, the next one

    • JB Hifi

  • What's the ETC on this? Can I purchase the phone and after few days terminate the contract??

    • +2

      Plan Details are here:

      "Maximum Early Termination Charge (ETC)" on the 12 Month $65 plan: $390

      • So you could sign up for a new number, cancel, pay the fee and drop your current sim card in?

      • Hmmm, the JBHIFI phone credit clause makes it seem like you will have to pay for the phone too if you cancel

        EDIT: actually it seems like that applies to the 24 month plan

      • +2

        You pay $99 + $65 and can remove the plan for $390 ($550 total) for a phone + buds worth $850 total, nearly half the price?
        Has anyone found some catch to this? Seems too good to be true!

        • Definitely too good to be true.

          • +1

            @RichardL: This is exactly like the p30 deal. No issues, same plan details.

        • It seems doable. I would ask the sales assistant about it when you’re signing up.

        • +2

          "What happens if I cancel my plan early?
          You’ll need to pay an Early Termination Charge if you cancel your plan early plus any remaining handset and accessory payments. The maximum Early Termination Charge for your plan is set out in the above table. You will also need to pay a Phone Credit Cancellation Fee if you received a Phone Credit Amount at sign up.  The Maximum Phone Credit Cancellation Fee is set out in the Plan Cost table." Saw this on the information summary posted above in this same thread.

          • +1

            @sagrgar: Yeah, that seems relevant to the 24 month plan but not the 12 month byo plan

            • +1

              @freoleo: Agreed, the phone credit repayment is only listed for the 24 month plans. The 12 months plans have N/A listed.

              • @Hargain Bunter: I have a feeling this may also apply in these situations. We get a phone credit at signup which is the RPP cost minus the $99 we are paying up front.

                But your right T&C only refer to credit for 24mth plan

                • +2

                  @mnypwrwmn: I assume in that case they would have to provide different T&Cs for this deal

                  I rang my local JB and spoke to the guy in charge of telco there and he seemed to confirm that if you did cancel the plan you will need to pay the remaining cost of the plan or 50% of the max cost whichever is cheaper and that's all.

                  We will find out tomorrow I guess.

                  • @hsingh1186: @hisingh1186 have you found out more?

                    • +1

                      @D0nny: Yeah the rep I signed up with confirmed the ETC is $390 max. He said there are no fees or repayments for the handset. The T&Cs I got from him are identical to the ones posted above.

                      • @hsingh1186: So, I can get the S10e with the bonus Galaxy buds for $390 after cancelling within few days? I’m a little lost.

                        • @silverrat23: That's what he just said. Too good to be true! :D

                        • @silverrat23: Yeah pretty much, it'll cost you $99 + $65 + $390 for the S10e and buds if you cancel the plan.

                  • @hsingh1186: The phone is sold by JB for $999 with a $900 gift card generated then used against the purchase, so there is no phone credit with Telstra by the looks of it.
                    I will most likely try and cancel this and pay the $390 ETC, and hoping they pro rata the $65 for the 1 day of the month.
                    Update: I just saw the comment in the plan details which sounds like they may claw back the $900
                    "If you cancel, recontract or move to an ineligible plan then you
                    will need to pay a Phone Credit Cancellation Fee pro-rated
                    against the remaining months on your plan, the maximum of
                    which is set out in the table above. This is in addition to any
                    Early Termination Charges (ETCs) set out in the above table
                    and accessory payments. "

                    • @DisabledUser58080: How will Jb do that tho? They haven't really have your card details tho.

                      • +2

                        @PlaneProof: I have no idea.
                        Anyhow, I cancelled my service over livechat.
                        There was no mention of any Phone Credit Cancellation Fee, and they confirmed the $390 cancellation charge would be the only charge required to remove the service from my account.
                        Additionally, the plan details show that the Maximum Phone Credit Cancellation Fee as "N/A" for the 12 month $65 plan.

                    • @DisabledUser58080: The Phone Credit Cancellation fee is only applicable if you received a Phone Credit Amount at sign up.

                      You don't get a Phone Credit Amount with this 12 month plan and its confirmed in the T&C linked. The 24 month plan has a $300 amount while the 12 month plan has N/A.

                      Edit: just saw you commented the same thing lol