Nilfisk Elite Classic Parquet Vacuum $69 (Was $237) + Delivery @ Catch


The Nilfisk Elite is the perfect vacuum cleaner when you need strong suction, excellent filtration, good design and user-friendly features. With outstanding filtration, you pick up dirty air into the vacuum cleaner and exhaust clean air back out, allowing you and your family to breathe easy with low allergens.

Tech Specs -
Note this is the Nilfisk Elite hard floor model (300 Air watts) not as powerful as the Nilfisk Elite comfort/superior models.

More powerful than a Dyson Ball (~250 AW), not as powerful as newer Miele C3 (~350 AW)

5 Year Warranty
Danish designed
HEPA 14 Filter
70 db sound
3.2L Bag $44 per pack ( *cheaper on eBay

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    Reviews seem to indicate issues with reliability.

    • +1 vote

      Can't comment on reliability as I've only used the Nilfisk King and Power models.
      These come with a 5-year manufacturers warranty, come from a brand that has been around for +100 years, and have service centres across Australia.

      There is a video on youtube showing how many times they test each part (50,000 power button tests, 600km of vacuum head use, 6,000 cord extensions and retractions, etc.) if your interested.


      did anyone buy one of these on this deal?

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    3.2L Bag $44 per pack

    Are you kidding? I just paid $10 for 5 bags for a Volta at Bunnings and was pssd at that.

    • +1 vote

      The bags aren't your generic paper bags from Bunnings, the bags are part of the vacuums filtration system and include replacement motor filter in price
      Also, the bags can be found on Godfreys website for $30, prob cheaper if someone wants to drill into it a bit further.

      While I agree it's not cheap, I still find bag vacuums generally give a better suction and make disposal of waste much cleaner and easier than bagless vacs. at 3.2 these should last a while before replacing.


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