Is it too early to book Europe flights around early April 2020?

Hi all
Was just wondering whether it would be too early to book flights? Thanks in advance



    Nope, most long haul flights go on sale around just less than a year in advance.

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    It's getting a bit late to get the cheapest fare, in my view.


      This, most of the best deals are starting to get booked up. Much less too early than it is starting to get too late.


    I booked in September for June 2020.
    You mightve missed the first round of early bird fares but you'll still get a good fare if you avoid travelling over Easter.
    Keep your eyes open in the next couple of weeks, in November there should be good deals released.


    Why want to go to Europe, you're on the best land there ever was/is


    Might even be late. Depending on where you are, April is school holidays in NSW. So it maybe the expensive time to fly esp if u haven't booked already.

    Im not sure where you're located but if in sydney there is a travel expo later this month. You may get some good deals there


    I book each year to UK for dec-jan in feb (10-11 months prior).
    I find tickets prices normally do not go down with european flights. Only exception is general see if a new airline is going to do the route and check them out.
    In saying this I booked SYD-LHR in Feb for $1650 with Lufthansa and my flights were cancelled. A few weeks ago I got the same route, but quicker flights on the same dates for $1210 with Virgin. It's a gamble. Those virgin flights are over $3k now and thats in just 3 weeks.

    Just try to avoid peak times and holidays if possible.


    Keep an eye on bargain websites - I've seen lots of sales going up until April 2020.

    Etihad have had great deals under $1,000 to some European destinations.

    I've already booked my May/June flights out of panic lol for Europe - came to around $1,000 return with China Southern.

    Last year i booked much closer to my travel dates and still managed a similar price - booked in August for October/November travel with Qatar.

    I think you should book soon as the sales might start changing the travel periods to later in 2020, plus it is peace of mind to lock in a price you are happy with instead of just hoping for prices to get cheaper.