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Klook - 15% Cashback (Was up to 4%) @ ShopBack


Great cashback offer to stack with 2 Airport Transfers for The Price of 1.

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$10 for referrer and $10 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • +2 votes

    Now we are almost talking. Waiting for the 15% off jr pass from klook

    • I wonder if another deal like that will come up, was pretty amazing + Shopback 10% CB

      • I was so happy that day lol. JR passes rarely seem to go on sale, and with the 3 month booking limitation you can't really play the "long" game. Worked perfectly and saved ~$230 on 2a1c. Passes themselves turned up literally the next day express from China.

    • How often does this go on sale?

  • Thanks - ordered 2 x JR Rail passes from klook - any idea how long it should take for the cashback to show up in my shopback account? Cashrewards (from the other day) was almost instant…

    EDIT - oh shit looks like my honey extension applied the KLOOKPAYPAL coupon code which isnt a shopback code…does this mean my cashback is going to get rejected?

    • Dunno about your code thing but my jr pass claim from last sale says it pays out after travel. Because pass can be refunded up to 12 months if not used I imagine they are very cautious about it.

      • That's especially disappointing seeing as Cashrewards at least tracked (for me) from a Klook purchase within about half an hour…

        • Mine was tracked just fine, I imagine normal non-refundable tickets get paid normally, just jr passes have crazy refund terms. It'd be real easy otherwise to claim cashback and refund the tickets.

        • +1 vote

          Hi xyron,

          Unfortunately you won't be eligible for cashback as using the Honey extension will attribute the sale to them and not us. By applying a coupon with their extension, a link does open in the background/in a new tab to give them the sale.

          ShopBack must be the last link you clicked in order to get Cashback. If other website links are clicked after clicking through ShopBack, Cashback will not be tracked

          In general though, using a code we have not promoted will qualify you for 1% cashback.

          All Categories - Use of code not advertised by ShopBack 1% cashback

  • Nice, I have like 7-8 things I need to book from Klook. Thanks!

  • Sorry, what's Klook? Can someone please advise? Had a look at the website. Is it like an international Groupon kind of a thing?

  • Can only get JR up to the 21st of Jan but I need it for the 29th :(

  • Damnit just bought JR passes with the 12% cashback

  • Damn, can't book Universal Studios Osaka or JR pass for March 2020 yet :(

  • +2 votes

    Ah… I purchased 3days ago with CR 12% cb, now this is 15%!!!

  • 241AIRPORT not showing as a trackable promo code in SB?

  • Thanks OP and Shopback, been waiting for this.

  • How many cashback we can receive? Is it only for one transaction ?

  • @Rep any ideas when is this ending?

  • How long is the 15% cash back deal?

  • Thanks, I have been waiting to order a JR Pass for December!

  • Anyone bought suica card from Klook? Which one is cheaper? Klook or at train station?

  • how many times can i redeem this offer? is it 1 per account?

    • It has been said twice already in the comments section

      gotyourback 10 hours 11 min ago
      @AG1304x: Can be availed multiple times.

      gotyourback 10 hours 12 min ago
      No limit on cashback.

  • I'm also still waiting for my cashback for the 7 day JR pass and Kyoto-osaka sight seeing pass. I didn't use any coupons so hopefully everything goes fine

  • Thanks OP. Saved $270 buying 7 day JR passes. Now that I've ordered, Klook should come out with a better deal ;/ 15% back is pretty good though either way.

  • Damnnn, i used kLookpaypal code along with shopback tracking and seems like I didnt get any cashback 😭