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2 Airport Transfers for The Price of 1 @ Klook


Just received an email from Klook regarding 2 for the price of 1 for airport transfers advertised on their website if you use promo code 241AIRPORT. Airport transfers include those in Bali, Bangkok, Phuket, Tokyo, Hong Kong etc

For instance,
2 return Hong Kong Airport Express Tickets reduced from approx RRP of $76 on Octopus card to $26.55 after discount with the voucher code.

May also work for some lucky folks on Skybus tickets, with 1 return Melbourne Tullamarine ticket for only $18.25, the cheapest ever!

If you are a new customer, you may be able to stack with one of the referral links below to make the deal even sweeter.

ALSO, don't forget Shopback cashback of 4%.

Important note: paying by PayPal avoids any hidden foreign transaction fees that have sometimes been charged - see previous Klook deals.

Referral Links

Referral:  forrester or random (334)

Referrer receives $4 credit after referee's 1st completed activity. Referee gets $4 credit on signup.

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  • Booked KL Ekspress with them last week. Easy transaction and emailed the tickets straight away.

  • Just tried it on a One-Way Skybus from Tullamarine to Melb CBD for 2 people and got "This promo code is not applicable for your country/region".

    Anything I'm doing wrong that may be causing this?

  • What's the expiry for the Skybus tickets?

    • Also wondering this as the latest date you can select is 16 Jan 2020 however we require Skybus on 25 Jan and 27 Jan 2020. I can see in the "How to use" section it says ticket valid for 12 months from date of purchase, but then how come we have to select travel date?

      • i just purchased and selected next month as my travel dates. Received the voucher stating expiry is 10 Sept 2020. hope that helps

    • I booked Southbank express and got an expiry of Oct 3 2020

  • How do you add 2 way trips? When I put the details in, it seems to only take an airport drop off or pick up but not both.

  • I think they are still sorting out this coupon code. 10 minutes ago, it said my region was not applicable, and suddenly, it accepts the code, but rather than give me buy 2 for the price of 1, I was lucky enough the coupon code just give me 50% of my booking.

  • Capped at $50 …

  • Trying to use on Phuket airport transfers but it says the promo code has been used maximum amount of times (and I’ve definitely never used it before)

    Edit: all good, working now. Didn’t seem to like that I added a couple of SIM cards to the package

  • Just purchased the skybus tickets. Code definitely works. cheers OP!


    Just booked a car for transfer from Phuket Airport to Hotel in Mai Khao for trip there next Monday afternoon.

    Worked like a dream.

    Paid half price when it went through to checkout and paid only AUD$13.45 instead of AUD$26.89
    Used PayPal tor transaction…ALL went very well…

    Entered the code into my Account which I set up with Klook and where there is "Promo Code" tab.

    Make sure you say to "Leave Page" as there is a hic-up when transferring to PayPal site at final payment stage when I hit Pay Now button…Don't press "Stay on Page" when transaction is being processed.
    Got email after PayPal payment went through with verification of pickup and time, etc.

    ALSO see other Deals in Phuket for a cheap SIM to be picked up at Phuket Airport…(Was seen on Ozbargain before.)

    ..THANK-YOU VERY MUCH Forrester
    ALL GOOD :)

    • See my comment above. Seems to only work when you have the transfers only in the cart and won’t apply if you add any SIM cards.

  • Interested in booking Narita to Tokyo, but my arrival point is Urayasu and departure (from tokyo) is Shinjuku. Any Klook chat function? Also is the promo code field only in app? Can't find it in website. Thanks.

    • Promo field is when you go to pay.
      Can confirm this covers skyliner from narita to ueno, saving approx $30.
      You could then take another train to urayasu

      If you want to go "direct" yr looking at two trains and a subway, although it seems airport limousine cover the route by bus. There's no option for that route on the app.

      There is however a route for that option on yr return from shinjuku so if there's more than one of you, it might save some money.

      • Thanks for your reply. It's a bit confusing coz from pdf the bus seems to cover urayasu as well but no further info. Just entered promo code in app it says maximum number has been reached?. Thanks

  • Doesn't work for Taipei unfortunately.

  • Just booked Avalon -> Melbourne Skybus $11.40 each.
    Thanks @forrester

    • Goddamn it why is it still not working for me :(

      Just keeps giving me the error msg that it isn't applicable in my region. Tried Avalon and Tullamarine airports and no luck. Only have that in my cart as someone advised in a comment above so idk what i'm doing wrong. It would save me and my friend quite a bit of money since we're going to need each a transfer to Tullamarine in november and then a transfer from Avalon to city in january…

      • As someone else mentioned might be because your booking from inside Australia .
        I'm in Vietnam and it worked .
        Maybe try a VPN ?

  • Thanks. I was able to use this to buy a transfer in Barcelona and saved $36aud

  • I'm using nord VPN in oz, with the VPN based in oz. I've just used a second time, this time for bali. Using the app.

  • 2 for 1 Melbourne Skybus has been working for me. Bought one each in my wife and my accounts :)

    $72 savings! Thank you very much OP

  • Thanks op. Osaka airport express train works.

  • Worked for Melbourne Skybus. Expiry 18 Sept 2020.
    Thanks OP!

  • What country VPN did people use. I tried a few, and it still gave me the message that the promo code did not apply to the country/region. Thanks

    • Same here. Tried Singapore, London, France and Sydney after people recommended me to try a VPN above and it didn't change anything for me. Feelsbad

    • I use NZ, and it works

      • Thanks. Not sure what I am doing wrongly. But still not working.. lol.

        • Try with an AU phone number (per the comment below). I had no luck with all the different countries but using an AU phone number (which has to be able to accept a validation text message) worked.

          • @carmabella: Thanks. I have been trying the different VPNs and just entered the promo code without filling in the personal details, and it didn't work. Putting the AU phone number works. Thank you :)

  • Worked for me (approx 3pm Eastern DST) for 2x one-way Melbourne Tullamarine Skybus tickets. Good deal :)

  • For those with the 'code does not apply to your region' error, check that your mobile phone number at checkout is Australia +61.

    Mine was initially Singapore +65 (didn't work), but changed it to Australia +61 and it worked straight away. No VPN or other tricks.

  • Thanks OP. Saved $23 on my Bangkok transfers..

  • thanks a lot - just booked two phuket-hotel transfers for $30 :)

  • Thanks OP! Booked a Melbourne Skybus round trip saving me $18.
    Quick question to those who booked round trips - did you get 1 voucher or 2 vouchers?
    i.e. the 1 voucher can be scanned on both legs of the return trip?

    • I got 1 voucher as well.

      Also, I assume you input the participation date as the initial date you depart/arrive in Melbourne?

  • I booked 2 private transfers in CEBU a few weeks back for $13.49 each way.
    I thought, great I'll cancel them and get 2for1, but now the price is $22.49.
    I also booked during 15% cashback so even less difference.
    Oh well, good deal for those that didn't get price jumped.

  • Thanks OP, bought a Phuket Airport to hotel transfer for $15.49 for 2 people - wasn't able to purchase a return trip as the promo code wouldn't apply to both in the cart, only one trip.

  • Thanks OP. Booked Melbourne Skybus.

  • Thanks! Just booked some transfers. I found it wouldn’t work for orders over $100

  • Thanks OP, bought Hong Kong Airport Express round trip for about $13 and Bangkok airport one way transfer for 3 people for about $14.

  • Thanks OP, booked Melbourne Skybus return for $18.25!

    Note: I had to change my country to Australia. Also you can’t apply your Klook points when using the voucher.

  • Thanks for the post. FYI max number of use of coupon is 2 per account.

  • Do they have Narita Express tickets to Shinjuku?

    • No, but I did buy the Skyline + 3 day subway pass for $46.97.

      Cheaper than Narita express if you're not going to buy a JR pass/start your pass when you land

      You will need to transfer to another line if you're not staying in Ueno

    • They've got airport limousine buses to Shinjuku.

  • Also looking to buy airport transfer from Changi airport - the private limousine airport transfer services - do I just add 2 of them to my cart, add the code and it reduces the final amount to be paid? Cheers.

  • Remember to use Shopback for 4% cashback

    If you need more than 2 tickets you'll need to create another account. Refer your new account for a $5 referral bonus

  • Awesome deal forrester, the stuff about adding the phone number finally worked for me purchasing the skybus tickets! Amazing discount.

  • Thanks for the lovely comments and so happy that so many of you have been able to benefit after a bumpy start.

    Can anyone who is new to Klook confirm for us whether they can get an even better deal if they use a referral link? This could make Skybus <$9 a trip on average!

    • I was new to Klook but you can't stack the offers since on checkout it gives you an option to choose either the 241 code or the referral $5 bonus offer. So it's one or the other. Not complaining since the deal is still great :)

  • Tip: If you want to do it twice and only have 1 mobile number. type it in as +6104…, then on another Klook acc type the number in as +6140….both will get you the verify code without it tripping the system that it is the same number.

  • I just had an email from Cashrewards with upsized cashback on Klook - 12% until tomorrow.

  • Thanks! Saved me $50 on transfers in Hong Kong.

  • Coupon has been used maximum amount of times :(

  • Expired? Same redeemed max no. Of times….?

    • It seems they reset the number daily - didn't work for me day before, but worked the next day. Keep trying.

  • Code still works.

    Amazing find OP. Saved me almost $60. That's the true Ozbargain way.

  • Just managed to book return trip Southern Cross to Avalon, expires 4th September 2020, took a number of goes but worthwhile in the end, thanks OP

  • saved me $50 for Brisbane private transfers so $52 for BNE - CBD and CBD - BNE, had to update my phone number to +61 as mention in above comments. Thank you!!!

  • NAB charged me an international processing fee, whilst using PayPal….

    (55c, same as cash rewards cash back tracked at)

  • Great, thanks, saved $108 on transfer from Narita to Tokyo. BTW the coupon works not only for transfers, but for packages as well, e.g. skyliner return transfer + 3 days metro tickets for half price.

  • Perth airport transfer to CBD $90 ONE WAY!!! Is this in a Ferrari?

  • thanks just worked for skybus melb. bonus 15% cashback nice icing

  • Just thought I’d share my experience. My transfer in Barcelona was cancelled because the car company must be stupid. I asked if they could reset my account to allow use again somewhere else. The response was that they would not only give me a refund but would also give me klook credits for the amount of the coupon. So, about $35 aud free value in klook. I’m happy with that.

  • Thanks op.

    Book two airport limousine return tickets from Narita Airport, 2 suica cards, a 48 hour metro pass for tokyo and a 24 hour metro card.

    Saved me $117!!

  • still valid, grabbed another free return just now

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