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Google Pixel 4 XL 128GB $1285.20 Delivered @ MobileCiti eBay


Seems like a good deal compared to all the $150 gift card deals with a straight-up $142 discount off the top model.

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  • +15

    Good deal, shit phone.

    • +2

      Can you elaborate on that in a few points? Other than the soli gimmick, it looked like it would be a a nice upgrade over my p2xl. Better display, better camera, better battery. Once it comes down to sub $1k of course!

      • It's not that it is a bad phone (although people argue quality is not great), it is just way way way too expensive compared to what is available in the market. I personally compare with with tier Xiaomi and expect it to be priced as such.

        Back in the days they had the Nexus line where affordable met flagship! I miss those days..

        • +2

          Oh. Yeah it's not "affordable" that's for sure! At the end of the day google just wants your data. As you said xiaomi etc have the lower end covered. Google is really going after the Apple end where the price itself almost is there to prove it's a good device.

        • +4

          This is what happens when people buy specs and not experience. According to tests, it is as fast as the latest iPhone (somewhere faster, somewhere slower), a little faster than oneplus 7t pro (the fastest Android phone on the market), has battery life comparable to other flagships (XL version) and better than oneplus 7t pro with 4000 mAh, and, of course, the camera. The only significant miss is 6gb of RAM (which causes reloading apps if many apps are open) and no wide lens camera.

          So, you can buy Xiaomi and brag that you bought top specs phone for less money, but then another one will buy Pixel and in real life it will outperform your Xiaomi in almost all areas )

      • +2

        It is an upgrade from the 2, even the 3. The camera is said to be amazing, face unlock lightening fast and once you force 90 herts in dev options you're all good. Yes it's not much of an upgrade for the price you pay and I understand why lots of people are butthurt but it's still better than apple and Samsung in the camera department. Taking good quality photos is at the top of my priority list and I'll be going for this phone. My 2xl has been the most reliable phone I've ever had and after almost 2 years it's still as zippy as the day I got it and still takes a cracking photo. I'm also pretty sure it was a similar price as the 4.

      • +1

        this is just my opinion for the p4xl

        - Latest and greatest updates for Android
        - 3 years of software support
        - 90 hz display
        - Very accurate display
        - No display notch
        - IP68 rated
        - Best photo camera
        - Very fast face unlock

        - Display doesn't get very bright, not so good in direct sunlight
        - Battery size is average for 2019
        - Only 6 gb ram, though for most people this is fine for now
        - Removal of unlimited google photos storage, especially as the base model is 64gb of storage
        - Video camera not great
        - No headphone jack, getting much less of an issue as people move to wireless headphones
        - Asymmetrical front, quite large forehead for 2019 design
        - No fingerprint reader, what were they thinking?
        - Soli is pure gimmick

        • +1

          Apparently the 90hz thing is only over a certain brightness level.


          • @tugman: Weird huh. Another strange decision by Google.

          • +1

            @tugman: Yes it is but you can force 90 Hz in developer options as I said above

        • Apparently if you buy it from Google you still get unlimited HD storage for Australian residents

          • +1

            @MickyJ87: Are you sure? the Google store says Google Photos offers free unlimited online storage for all photos and videos uploaded in high quality. Photos and videos uploaded in high quality may be compressed or resized. Requires Google Account. Data rates may apply.

            • @molybtek: Ah so the problem is that they resize/shrink them? But still free and unlimited right?

        • +1

          @flagger I'm unsure why you would state that "Video camera not great" as DXOMark stated that;
          "With an overall video score 101 points, the Google Pixel 4 is the joint leader in our video ranking".
          I'm assuming you're only going by reviews and you don't own the phone.
          The battery of the 4XL has gone from 3430mAh (3XL) to 3700mAh (4XL). I have the 3XL and the battery life is great.
          "No fingerprint reader, what were they thinking?" Have you seen the video reviews of face unlock, it's pretty incredible, I think every reviewer that I've watched has been impressed by this security feature. The only complaint I heard was that you could unlock it with your eyes closed. This unlock system is so much more convenient than a finger print sensor. "Soli is pure gimmick" Soli is a feature/ technology that has huge potential, I'm interested to see how some creative developers take advantage of this feature, but yeah maybe it will turn out to be a gimmick. "No headphone jack" does any flagship still have a headphone jack??

          • +1

            @PukeyLuke: You just reminded me of something that happened yesterday. After watching heaps of reviews and being shitty about the lack of fingerprint scanner, I was trying to unlock my 2xl and no finger was working. I'm a fridgie so my hands get super dirty. It just clicked and I thought how good the face unlock will be. Yea it's been around for a while but not in a pixel. Can't wait for it!

            • @MickyJ87: It's funny you say that, I work in the health care industry and am constantly wearing gloves, it's really hard to unlock your phone in any way with gloves on, so face unlock could be a blessing. I was watching the Pixel 4XL Youtube review by MKBHD, he states one of the negatives of face unlock was that it was so good that if you have your phone on a table and go anywhere near the phone it will recognize you and face unlock, as I use a flip case this would not be an issue for me!!

        • You also forgot 128GB of storage and no option to expand.

          • @Tacooo: Free ☁️?

            • @whooah1979: Free cloud storage for photos. What about music, movies, TV shows etc?

              • @Tacooo: We use YouTube for music. iPad, pc and tv for films and tv shows.

      • +1

        I think it is valued at around $799. I wouldn't pay a hair over that. Battery is worse than your p2xl btw. Any phone has a better display than p2xl.

    • -2

      Tehehe. This comment so true. (profanity) google.

  • Hmmm, Google's pricing strategy… How dare you!

  • +3

    Lol shit phone

  • Imx363 great work google!!!

  • +1

    What better phones are there around the $1200-$1300 mark to consider instead of this phone?

    • +1

      Anything above $700.

      • -4

        Literally. The Pixel crowd is as deluded as the iPhone crowd these days.

        • +2

          I used to be a Google phone fan until they released the Pixel series. Had the Nexuss'.
          Also got pixel and pixel 2 xl. But now too heartbroken of what google is doing. I don't wanna switch phone because I like vanilla android. Also not a fan of these Chinese phones Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus etc. Samsung has lot of bloatware. Apple too expensive and iOS is meh for me.

          So I wouldn't say Pixel crowd is deluded. We're on Pixel and not on iPhone is a clear indication that we're a higher class of intelligent species. We're just disappointed!

        • -1

          They swapped, now iPhone is good value and good phone. You would be silly to compare the two and buy a pixel.

          • @onlinepred:

            I used to be a Google phone fan until they released the Pixel series. Had the Nexuss'.

            Same as me my friend.

            My Huawei is the closet thing to a NEXUS 6P successor as there is. It's utterly incredible and cheap as chips.

            • @KLoNe:

              keeping the 6p alive. On my third one.

              Hated what google has been done other than the camera. Shit specs for a flagship, huge price as a flagship, not even a flagship. I'm very close to leaving stock android for a Samsung or an Iphone. Never thought I'd say it.

    • After watching many comparison videos between note 10 and iPhone 11 there are no other flagship phones for this price that compared to the pixel.

  • Had pixel 1, using pixel 2. Now, considering upgrade to iphone. The battery life on p4 sucks. Video recording is not as great as iPhone. I am just waiting for good deal on iPhone 11 pro 256 gb.

    • Borrowed iPhone 11 pro at work for a day, really fantastic phone. Coming from pixel 3xl it's definitely my next phone, but I need a good discount.

    • Same. It's gonna be my first iPhone. So disappointed with Google and their pixel line. It's like they want it to fail.

  • do officeworks price match this?

    • +1

      Without the coupon

  • +1

    So standard 64GB Pixel 4 is $943.20. Maybe Op can put add that to the deal.
    I am definitely considering it. Love my Pixel 2 and time for upgrade. Shame about no Ultrawide camera and battery is disappointing but have seen a few new reviews inferring battery isn't as bad as some have made out.

    • +2

      That is only the 4XL with OK battery. The normal Pixel 4 battery WILL be disappointing because of smaller size. No matter how you spins it, it only has 100mAh more than the Pixel 2 but a bit more pixels on display to drive and not to mention 90Hz refresh rate. Then a whole lot of sensors for Face Unlock and Radar.

      • Refresh rate can be turned off, it's not always on anyway, and automatically reverts to 60hz if the screen brightness is lower than 75%.

    • Um, why buy a phone with only 'ok and disappointing' features?
      There's literally BRILLIANT phones out there but you won't look because of 'pure Android'.
      Hey, I know what you mean, I bought every Nexus phone there was and loved them but that is because they were GREAT value. The Pixels are literally SHIT value. They're the same 'cutting some corners' phones as the Nexus lineup but they charge double or TRIPLE.

      Huawei's phones with Nova Launcher is literally the best you can get in ANY phone.

      The Mate 20 is literally under 500 bucks and it does EVERYTHING (that anyone really wants in a phone) better than the Pixel 4.

  • Tempting! But I think I need to wait for more of a discount to upgrade from my 2XL. Maybe around 1k.

  • tempted to upgrade the P2XL, going away in a couple of weeks so can claim back on TRS. That'll bring the 64gb XL to 1022.4.. Just not sure if I should go for it now or wait for a better deal.. hmmmm

  • tempting.

    This or OnePlus 7t and install gcam 7.1 on it.

    • yes same, its either pixel 4xl or oneplus 7t
      But i think oneplus 7t will only have 2 years worth of software updates
      Can anyone confirm?

  • Did anyone who got an order in for a 128gb White XL actually receive a delivey notice or did Mobileciti just bait and switch people?

    I cancelled my order with Google after ordering one through this deal on Friday and today I am told the phone is on backorder

    Never dealing with these clowns again

    • bought the white 64gb on Friday, today it was still showing backorder on the Mobileciti website but received delivery email from Austpost with tracking number just under an hour ago. ETA by 31st so still well within the timeframe.

    • I'm thinking bait and switch. I ordered the same, and i haven't received shipping confirmation.

      When i initially paid for the phone, the ebay page said there were 2 available.

      Bit of a disappointment to be honest…

      • Ordered Friday 25th, received today (30th).

        • Yes, you ordered the 64gb. There is a big stock discrepancy between the 64gb and 128gb versions (128gb being much harder to find, especially in white).

          Essentially they have taken our money and not provided us with a product by the date they said they would.

          That's pretty dodgy.

          • @2zzpowa: Now the white 128GB XL are showing as in stock on their ebay page and website but my order is showing as "back order". Sent an order cancel request. Won;t be dealing with these guys again

  • +1

    I ditched iOS for the first time since my imported iphone2. Its a change, but I've had a nexus tablet and did some testing on an old HTC Desire. I wanted a decent camera and dual sim (work + personal number). The XL hit the right spots, and i actually think for $1250RRP its not a bad price. Apple is smoking crack with their pricing. Especially since I usually destroy a phone every 9-12 months (lifeproof cases aren't mylifeproof). It helps that I've slowly migrated the whole house to Google Assistant (Sonos Beam + Play:1; Philips Hue; 4 Google Minis and 2 Google Homes, security cameras and Google Home Hub). Work switched to Microsoft Surface, so I ditched my old iMac and got an i7 windows surface pro. I miss a few things, but happy to play around. My wife ended up getting my iPhone 8 Plus, which is only a few week old (refurb as I smashed mine)

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