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10% off Eligible Items (Min Spend $100) @ eBay Australia


Found this while browsing eBay, didn't see it posted here. Minimum spend $100, Max Discount $500.



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    Semi-on topic, stupid question.
    Ebay Plus and the whole "free shipping" thing - is that free shipping only on selected items, or ANY item?

    I had ebay Plus for a month and honestly, I didn't notice any difference at all (?!) - does this mean I was just looking at items which weren't supporting free shipping through plus, or is the new Ebay Plus 'flag' crap on your account and it's not smart enough to show shipping as "$0" instead of $8 etc?

    I skipped on several items, I would've bought, had the shipping been $0

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      Selected items. It’s silly as many items have free shipping anyway.

      • So to clarify, if you have ebay plus (I did for a month….)

        Will it then show shipping "$0" and make it clear you're getting the bonus rate?

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          It normally shows something like:

          AU $14.95 Standard Postage
          Free postage and returns with eBay Plus

          • @netsurfer: That's entirely terrible though, like it should identify that you're logged in with Ebay plus and clearly say

            $0 due to ebay plus.

        • And it's determined by ebay, not the seller.

          The main reason I ditched eBay plus as I had an item from Computer Alliance in my cart which was flagged as ebay plus free shipping. Then about 5 minutes later I went to pay and the free shipping was removed and it was $15. Essentially ebay said bad luck, the algorithm decides, wouldn't offer to credit the shipping back.

        • I've noticed free shipping displayed for items with my ebay plus account. When loaded again while logged out they have a shipping cost displayed.
          So having ebay plus doesn't let you see the standard shipping cost.

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          Bit of misinformation here. On the listing details page it will definitely show shipping as 0 if the item is eligible and you have plus, there's nothing ambiguous about it at all. Likewise if there's a discount code available it will show that, so long as the item meets the full code conditions. What can happen though is there might be a code with a minimum spend and by adding multiple items you can become eligible for the code, at which point you need to go to the checkout to test it, that's the only nuisance side of things that I've found. I thought plus was a a bit of a rip off so have only just taken it up with the $1 for a year promotion, no brainer really for that price.

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      Free shipping on eBay Plus items (so not any item).
      Some eBay Plus items have free shipping anyway (i.e. both Plus and non-Plus members get free shipping) while some do actually have a shipping cost and is removed for Plus memebers.
      If signed in, you can't tell the difference between the two i.e. there's no indication that there was a postage cost.

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        Easiest (which is actually not as easy as it should be) way I’ve found is that when looking at items in my watchlist in list view, it displays a postage cost. When I click onto the product, it’ll display free shipping with eBay Plus rather than a postage cost

        • I just open the listing up in an incognito window

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      You won't notice it if you're signed in but I've saved the cost of eBay plus in shipping fees at least.

      • but that's the dumb thing, like if I look at an item, which has 0$ shipping "with ebay plus" AND I have the ebay plus flag on my account, it should actually update the shipping total to 0$

        It's kind of confusing

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      I found if you have ebay plus you dont know that you have saved any postage.
      If it's an ebay plus item I open the listing in incognito and see if it has postage.

      • Exactly, it's not clear to me "HEY, YOU GOT EBAY PLUS, THIS IS CHEAPER DUE TO IT - YAY, consider buying!!!" - they didn't surface my benefits, so I basically didn't use it.

  • Any bargains? 37 votes and no one mentioned any item that would be worth buying with this code…

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      This is standard for most eBay deals these days. A % off of a select list of sellers without any specific deals listed. To me this is advertising for eBay and not a legitimate bargain as it is not backed up by a specific bargain. Listing bargains is the fundamental purpose of this site, listing sales without specific bargains isn't.

      • Yep, Ebay are the Rugs-a-Million of the online shopping world.

        Constantly having sales, which basically makes the 'sale price' the new RRP.

    • If you can find items sold by Appliances Online, this stacks with their current birthday sale

    • Its still good to know about the code rather than just one thing. If its in ur watch list and the code works i guess its a bargain

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      The vote system is a POPULARITY METER. Not a quality of bargain meter. Not if the deal is legitimate or not. Popularity.

      At least, that's the way I view it.

      • Just like our elections…

        • lol. yes, correct.

  • no more bother to check.

  • Not working for me? Keeps saying I haven't reached the minimum order total even though I have over $150 of items in my cart…

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      Probably not eligible items

  • Any junks that worth buying?

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    literally tried ever seller in my watch list and code didn't work for any of them :(

    • The code is not working for my wanted phone.

  • am I missing something - whats the bargain here ????

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    Perfect - I scored 10% off a "I detest ebay" club lifetime membership.

  • On ebay site they say I can use PATRON20 code for 20% odd. In the Photo of the product PATRON20 sign is attached…. but it is not working…. Anyone knows what is wrong?

  • Keep getting this "We can't apply this code until you reach the minimum order total."

    Same items sometime works sometime doesn't