Sony WH1000MX3 $250 - Deal or No Deal

I bought Sony WH1000XM3 for $250 from a guy on gumtree. He delivered them to me and it turned out they're still sealed. The retail box's plastic had never even been opened. I can't decide whether to keep them or not though. On the one hand, they're very nice things. On the other hand, I'm struggling to justify having bought them. Someone help.

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  • FWP, you already have them, so enjoy. I don't see how them being brand new and sealed changes anything.

    • New and sealed means I can resell them.

      • Put it up on classifieds then, but delete this post because people might balk at paying you more than you paid for them.

      • Does it even come with a invoice? if not, no deal!

        • No invoice

          • @freakatronic: No way anyone should pay more than 250 for these without a receipt. Even 250 is a bit much since they have been around that price before.

            • @hypie: I’ve only seen them at that price when you get a special deal with someone like TGG corporate special.

              • @try2bhelpful: Not much of a corporate special when almost anyone can log in. GG would have still made a marginal profit at that price.

                P.s. it could also just be someone who made an insurance claim (/fraudulant) and they don't want the headphones anymore. They may have a receipt or not. Also staff incentives and winning them at trade conferences.

                I wouldn't jump to the stolen conclusion.

                Also previously $289 on Amazon w/ cash back.

                OP: I think you should keep them. If you have had good NC headphones before. Travel on planes semi regularly. These are amazing.

                • @hypie: Even with the Amazon cash back you are still talking $289 not $250 and when we got our headphones from TGG they were OK to buy online but made us prove we were eligible before pickup. $250 is still a low price to buy these at. I do agree they are great headphones but, personally, when I travel I prefer blockout ear buds. They allow me a better chance at sleeping.

  • I hate to say this, but there's a solid chance they're stolen.

    I see it all the time with power tools. Advertised as used so as to not draw suspicion to the price and then they provide you with brand new sealed in a box.

    Sometimes they even use a photo of an old power tool they nicked off someone else's listing.

    You think you've lucked out, but really they've palmed off stolen goods to you.

    And of course, they delete the listing afterwards to reduce the chance police see it and follow up with gumtree etc.

  • Get rid of them, you sound like you have no use for them.

    You could probably make a few tens of profit since you got a good price.

  • You can do a google to compare real headphones to fake ones; to get a feel for them. I would also opt for they are probably stolen, given the description you have given of the seller and the price. The thing to, also, keep in mind is that there are ways of resealing boxes. You have no guarantee that you even have headphones inside the boxes. Do you really want to sell something you suspect is stolen? How many did you buy? Do you have friends/family you could give one to.

    • Only bought one and the guy seems suuuuuper sketchy. You're right that I don't know what's in the box. They're Schrodinger's Headphones at this point, existing in a state of quantum superposition in which they're are both genuine and fake, stolen and bought. Man this is way too deep for me.

      • Take out the headphones, check out if they are fake, plug them in, tune in some zen music and then let the universe wash over you. Then reflect on what possessed you to buy headphones from Gumtree (presumably for cash). If there is an issue with this deal, you have nearly no chance of getting it resolved. Peace out.

        • It was for cash! I'm gonna have to do the same to someone else! The Greater Fool Theory is all I have to work with at this point.

          • @freakatronic: Yeah, but you need to find someone who won't ask for a receipt to show they have been legitimately obtained. I think the price is too close to new discount prices for you to make it attractive.

            • @try2bhelpful: That's true huh. I've kinda put myself in a bad position to resell. It might surprise you to hear that this is my first time buying headphones on gumtree and maaaaaaybe I didn't really think it through so well.

              • @freakatronic: Not as expensive as it might be. Life is about learning lessons.

              • @freakatronic: If you think they might be stolen don’t palm them off to another unsuspecting buyer like yourself. The Golden Rule for all things in life: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
                It always saddens me when people (including Ozbargainers) sell dodgy stuff to unsuspecting fellow human beings so that it becomes their problem.
                If you suspect they might be stolen and do sell them on, you are no different to the person who sold them to you, and just perpetuating such behavior.

                • @Ozpit: So in your opinion then, is the best course to keep them? I mean, in order to not sell suspect goods yeah?

                  • @freakatronic: Yes, open the box and use them. For all you know, the seller/sale may have been completely above board. Hopefully they are genuine and you really enjoy them. If not, maybe you’ve learnt a lesson and need to be a little more cautious in future.

                    • @Ozpit: I used them this morning while the neighbours were using some sorts rock crusher. The ANC is amazing. Sent me to a quiet place of stillness and calm. They're pretty nice things.

                      • @freakatronic: Excellent outcome. Moreover, headphones generally improve over time as they 'burn in' and the speakers loosen up.

                        This can take 10-100 hours of use; sometimes longer. This means you will almost certainly get to enjoy them even more.

                        So, you were worrying for nothing. There's a lesson there.

  • Everyone saying they are stolen, did we forget recently that there was a massive sale on the Sony site where they could be purchased for about $250, or $350 for 2? This stuff isn't hard to come by at lower prices.

    There'e also been a pretty solid amount of sub $300 deals on these popping up at other stores.

  • I had this FWP after I got mine for well below cost.
    Could have sold them for around $80 profit but ended up opening and using them.
    No regrets whatsoever, they exceeded my expectations. Keep and use them!

    • Where do you find enough situations to use nice headphones in your day-to-day? I kinda bought them for an upcoming flight but now I'm totally chickening out. Even at $250 how much better could they be? To be honest, even my little earbuds that come included with mobile phones these days, are awesome. Earphones have taken such incredible strides since I was a kid in th 90s.

      • They're pretty good. I have the MX2 but you don't realise how much sound they block out until you take it off in the middle of a flight. It's probably a luxury in that you don't realise you need it until you use them. A bit like how good phones have gotten.

  • Look, if we are generalising a long term meth user that appears 'dodgy' enough for as to form the assumption that they are probably stolen… wouldn't it be more likely that what ever inside is actually an inferior substitute?

    why are we not wondering if it's sealed with some fake item inside (like clay when some poor factory worker decided to pocket them for example who knows). I'd have opened it up on the spot rather than get greedy with resale.

    Often if something is too good to be true more on the balance of probabilities eventually in all likelihood it will be so why risk it?

    Use and enjoy if you're winning!

    • I don't think $250 for WH1000XM3 is too good to be true. That'd be like <$100. These could legit be stolen. Or I could just be paranoid and generalising about a random stranger's appearance. The guy who sold to me could have a trade account and just be fencing these things for a quick $30 profit. All I know is I don't know. I guess I'm just asking people to sell me on these headphones that I already own.

      • Sorry. I just assumed that when you originally posted up about reselling it'd be more than just a quick $10-$20 profit with the hassle of meeting up with someone and risks etc.

        That's where I formed the impression that maybe it's too good to be true in the sense that there'd be a worthwhile profit in there like at least a 30%+ mark up or over $50 gain on a $250 item.

        There's heaps of reviews about the X1000M3, especially when you search it vs. QC35II.

        Most people seem to prefer the sony for comfort over the bose from memory.

        It sounds like a great buy either way, more so once you start to enjoy it. Or sell it with the funds whichever you choose at the end of the day!

  • Keep em they are an awesome bit of gear great for music, movies, noise cancellation worth every cent for mine.

  • Hmmm this sounds to me like a really bad position for anyone to be in and with time not on your side it could potentially even be a fatal position you’ve landed yourself…
    The problem you face immediately is with all this information you now know and given that as of the moment you purchased the headphones you pretty much put your hand up to be the ring leader of that particular criminal gumtree organisation (to which I’m going to assume is more than likely the notorious “UnderGround Sony HeadPhones Syndicate”) leaving you in extreme and very serious danger as now all parties linked within the activity will be starting to wonder who you actually are in all of this. Depending on their involvement there will be some wondering whether or not you’re from a rival syndicate, maybe an undercover cop, a member within the USHS itself OR even worse, an informant…
    If I’m right about this and as a fellow OzBargainer I have no doubt that I am (with of course OzBargains ultimately being a community comprised mostly of customers and we all know the customers always right) I would suggest promptly making one of these suggestions your next move and no matter what, DO NOT OPEN THE BOX!

    (A) Delete absolutely all and every bit of online activity that you have ever engaged in including any information about yourself, this is crucial (including anything the government has that identifies you as a person). Put some heavy duty gloves on (Bunnings has them at 70% off this weeked) but make sure they are pink (this is also crucial) now along with the headphones gather up all and any electronic devices you own, as in things that contain some form of current, even an electric toothbrush and finally some clothing that would fit a toddler.
    Next thing is to throw everything collected Into an old weather balloon (if you have floating around) otherwise something of a similar material as won’t allow for any bugs that have been placed in the devices to send out an accurate signal) then start heading towards Uluru.
    Now If you need a phone make sure it’s on the Vodafone network otherwise you risk having reception and therefor being tracked… Once you arrive there dress the weather balloon in the babys outfit, place it buy a tree along with anything you can find nearby that you think might catch the sent of some dingos scattered around it… From there from what I’m less to believe nature will take its course and then all that is left is for you to adapt to the ways of the people in the surrounding communities and hope that someday one of the tribes might take you in as one of there own.

    (B) I’ll reluctantly relieve you of this burden by giving you $50 for the headphones essentially heroically volunteering as tribute which would then leave me no other option but to embark on that same journey outlined in option A to Alice Springs but instead now in order to save my own life.

    (C) Just open the box


  • What is the point of this post?

    You struggle this much with a simple decision, wonder how you ever make any decisions in your life?

  • You are having buyer's doubt… they are about $50 cheaper than ticket price.

    But now you have no warranty.

    Remember… the item could be "hot"!

  • You already bought your Sony "whatever it is"
    We cant decide for you.
    Thats your problem and yours only.
    Now leave us alone please.
    We have better things to do than make up your mind about nothing.

  • I don't understand the point of this thread post. You bought them so keep them. Are you a person who has buyer regret. Question everything you buy after the fact. That price is fantastic. Just use them and move on. Conversely sell put them on Ebay auction for $1. I'm sure you will sell them for more than you bought them for.

    • I have buyers remorse for everything I buy. I beat myself up over getting myself nice things, even though I work a decent job and can afford things like this from time to time. It's from being dirt poor for the first half of my life. The same way as hoarders can't bring themselves to throw anything away, I take struggle to get myself things.

      • I think you’ve covered many of us here. Enjoy the nice things, you could get hit by the proverbial bus tomorrow.

        • Really? I thought ozb'ers are always buying too much stuff. It's a kinda paradoxical online community in which to find myself, cause ozb spending and consumption seems so carefree.

          • @freakatronic: Agree with try2bhelpful. I might have been a bit direct with my response. Now that you have them enjoy them. The Mx3 and even the previous Mk2 are OZB favourites. I have both and they are great NC headphone for plane, train, office anywhere where you want to cut out noise and just listen to music.

            One way to not have buyer regret is maybe try and save up for things like these even if they are random present to yourself.

            Or only purchase items after thinking you really want it more then once. Ie if you go past the same shop and that same item you look at you still want it. That may stop impulse buying. Online shopping is bad for saving as it is mostly a consumer site. OZB site is a bit more of getting into spending rather than saving a lot for those impulse buyers as the bargains seem so good. Hope that makes sense.

            At the end of the day you can always sell it if your totally kicking yourself for buying something. Give them to me ill have another pair.