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Crucial MX500 1TB $160 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Make sure you apply the current 12% Shopback cash back!

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Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • OzB should have rules about bargains that are only bargains with a Cashback offer.

    If the item is not a deal before the cashback it should not be able to be posted as a deal.
    technically i could just post anything and go .. oh don't forget the 12% cashback so this becomes a deal
    This is literally how the feed gets full of non deal-deals

    I mean this product
    $160.00 down from $169 so yeah you save $9
    But it can be bought for $159 at Umart
    you need prime for free shipping
    and you need ShopBack for the "deal"

    let the Negging commence

    • Don't see any point negging you. Welcome any comment.

      You don't need prime for free shipping on this one because it is over $49. It's showing free delivery for me (I don't have Amazon Prime).

      Posting only bargains with a cashback offer - Unfortunately, that is the norm with SSDs. A lot of Samsung SSDs posted were due to Samsung running a promotion and we know Samsung cashback or voucher promotions take ages to actually get the actual cashback or voucher.

      It's quite normal when there is a special cashback offer, people will hunt for deals to take advantage of the sudden increase of cashback. I still have an annoying Macca's $20 off Amazon AU with lots of restrictions.

      To what extent do you think your proposed change need to go? What if it is a 50% cashback promotion? Still no good?

      It comes down to actual saving. A lot of feeBay deals are in a way a form of cashback (half by feeBay and half by the seller). If the actual cashback is 25% or more, it will attract a lot of +ve votes.

      • All good to post to something that has a cashback deal, but as per the forum rules; it mustn't be the main post (in brackets is fine).

      • I am kinda torn and in some ways a hypocrite in my opinion
        I think a manufacturers cashback is a valid deal, there are no pesky click here first requirements, no need to wait 100 or so days to get paid etc, you send the invoice to the manufacturer they send you the money, these are also usually quite substantial and rare.

        I think with the advent of cashback sites like Cashrewards and Shopback pretty much everything could become a deal when they are involved.

        i just do not think a deal is a deal when the only thing that reduces the price is Cashrewards/Shopback etc

        • It's all relative. Samsung's cashback can be quite frustrating:

          • You need to open the package, take photo of the SSD with serial number clearly.
          • Take a photo of your invoice.
          • Submit the claim and wait for initial approval.
          • Wait close to the maximum number of business days Samsung is allowed to send you the cashback based on the TandC.

          So, it actually can be more time consuming. Also, you have to open up the SSD right away (you cannot buy it and store it for a little while or use it as a gift).

      • In saying that though, i think cashbacks in general should not be deals, you pay full RRP and are beholden to someone else / third party to get your delayed discount.

        • Um… to be fair, the delay is partially due to the merchant needs to ensure the deal is fully finalised - i.e. there is no cancellation, change of mind return, credit card charge back.

          Also, have some faith, OZBers are smart. We DO factor in the cashback delay in deal voting.

    • Agree - I suppose most post people won't + the deal, and that's okay.

    • There are rules, and this will be removed when the mods look at it……the system works

  • Well, have learnt a bit today. Thanks for your thoughts guys, I'll know better next time. :)

  • I see no harm in posting these types of deals. At the very least it allows others to become aware of some decent deals (post SB) they otherwise may not have seen.

  • if you need to click through from cash back websites it can be hit and miss for some people if they clicked through correctly or not, if it’s a manufacturer cash back, there is no such risk , send them the receipt, and if it’s a code, you know straight away the cost of your transaction.

    yeah these cash back, cash pay, back cash with click through things shouldn’t count towards final price in listings, more a bonus for people that actively use those accounts.

    • Shopback has report option and they track every session. Also, you don't have to open the SSD packaging whereas with Samsung or manufacturer cashback, you have to open the package and take a photo of the serial number on the actual SSD - Samsung has to ensure you actually purchased the SSD, not just seeing a package on a store shelf and took a photo of the box with a product label.

      Game voucher - the delay from Samsung can be frustrating as the game value does drop as time goes on. For a latest game, you really don't want to wait 20+ business days for a code to be e-mailed to you.

      Shopback takes a cut so Shopback wants their share of the cashback too. It's simply. Is the annoying cashback sufficient to entice a potential customer to purchase? If yes, Amazon will pay Shopback. If not, Amazon won't pay.

  • I've gotten a lot of good deals in the past from these cashback dependent deals. It's better than no deal posted at all.

    Thanks OP

  • 'you save 5%' sale

    • That's SSHD…. quite different to SSD

      • You are correct they are both products for comparison sake are not comparable as they use different technology.
        Although as an alternative should you be looking for the extra space and still want a better performance (over a fully 2.5" mechanical drive) this would be the compromise.

        Although the Cruical MX500 would leaps ahead in terms of read/write speeds.

  • Been waiting for an ssd deal for ages since I missed the last few.
    Didn't think amazon would come through with the deal.

    Thanks OP, now lets hope it tracked.

    • I have been waiting nearly a year for the 500gb to go back down in price ($68), but this was a good deal with cashback for the 1tb model. Got myself one!

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