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Free Random Loot Reward for Fortnite @ Epic Games


Free random loot, you have to redeem on the website and then go in-game.

EDIT: For those saying nothing has shown up in-game its will on the 6th of November

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    Don't play fortnite and never will, still redeemed

  • I take this is for Save the World and not Battle Royale?

    • Actually is battle royale


  • Thanks OP!

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    So does this count as gambling or not?

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      No, cause you didn’t pay for it

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    Can also redeem just in the Epic Games launcher, by clicking on your profile name (bottom left) then hitting Redeem Code.

    It said redeemed successfully, but I am unsure what it gave me.

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      Same, nothing shows up in-game.

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    I think this is related to another freebie: Free Mushroom in Super Mario Bros!

    I’m not sure if already posted but in Super Mario Bros and I think some of the sequels too if you jump into the bricks early in the first level a mushroom comes out and you can collect it and it changes the appearance of your character and lets you smash the bricks and take an additional hit from the enemies without dying.

    I’m not sure if this loot box is a one off or an ongoing special or not I’ve done it a few times now and seems to be ongoing!!

    I was thinking about buying mushrooms from Woolies but these mushrooms are much bigger and seem to have more of an effect on me, plus they’re free so who can complain, a freebie is a freebie !

    • Lay off the shrooms

    • Made me laugh, thanks mate

  • how do you redeem ingame after redeeming on the site?

  • Nothing shows up in the game after redeeming?

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    how do you know what you've redeemed?

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    Doesn't come up with anything in-game.

  • Also V463BAFCJQ47ZTZQNNBN guys for "Rose and Shaka", whatever that is.

    • I get "This redemption code has already been used".

      • Yes, I didn't realise you need to click the button twice. Ignore my code. I still don't know what the OP's code does, Google results have given me three different names for what it gives you so far.

  • Fortnite fans might also want to look at that bright green sippy cup available now at BigW for 3.95
    That was a joke i love you guys

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    Anyone work out what this gives you?

    • Anyone work out

      Not Fortnite players

  • According to this post it gives you the Batman game on Epic Games store https://www.reddit.com/r/FortNiteBR/comments/dn7jry/how_to_r...

    • Yeah not true, the Batman games (six of them) were free back when there was a Batman x Epic thing back in September

      • Apparently it's for the Minty Pickaxe which is not available in game yet.

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    83 upvotes for a fortnite loot reward? I didn't realise that many people actually still cared about it.

    • it is still pretty big, especially considering chapter 2 just came out…

    • I believe it had a large revamp recently as a part of an update that probably caused an uptick, while it may not be the massive social trend it was a year back constant updates and the addictiveness of this style of games seems to have kept plenty of players around if you look at the reports from Epic. Plenty of my coworkers play it regularly still, as well as younger kids at the school my mum works at

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        I understand all I'm going to do is get negged, but honestly the oldest person I know that plays fortnite is 14.

        The "new season" or "major revamp" or whatever can't change the style it is.

        And yes, the "addictiveness" I can agree to. My brother spends hours just yelling at the TV every day and getting pissed. Doesn't seem like something I'd enjoy personally.

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          I'm 29 and I play.

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            @The Wololo Wombat: I play with a rolling roster of around 10 guys, all over 35. Good, social fun. Unsure where all the hate comes from.

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          People are still getting rich playing the game. You have to be one of the top players on the planet to make that kind of money though.

          Biggest appeal for me is that it's cartoon not realistic violence. Think war in a looney tunes cartoon. So the kids play and don't have nightmares. Good family fun and my 11yo son is actually not bad. (Certainly not anywhere near world class or likely to earn a living at it, but can hand me my backside every time).

          If you're playing a game, you should be doing it for your own pleasure, not worrying about what some random on a message board says the age group should be.

          Plenty of other games that are more cerebral too. This one's just for fun for me, even though you can get into stategy and tactics with the building/editing, movement etc.

        • Adults definitely do play this game. Fornite's style is what makes it fun and different. It's not trying to be CSGO or PUBG, it's not trying to be realistic or serious. You can hide as a snowman or bush, face palm, go fishing, troll people, be stupid and have fun solo or with friends.
          Ive been teamed up with random adults in squads a number of times.

        • My husband is 34, currently playing right now 😂

  • Is fortnite still going? It was a no show at PAX

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      Nobody cares about PAX

    • It was at PAX. They had a dedicated arena/stage for it.

  • redeeming it prior to 6th November will yield no items.

    Soo…. Nothing?

    • Sounds like you get the stuff at a later date

  • I get an error saying "This type of code cannot be redeemed on this website. Please visit" Im on my account in epic games

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    This may not be real guys. First the pickaxe is going released on the 31st of October. Secondly the code is fake.

    • The code redeems on the Epic website. Surely it wouldn't just accept any random letters and numbers

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        The code op wrote is for the epic store and not for the fortnite pickaxe. If you want to test this try this code (BAC6JPSKYEG2NWWB28JW), it will say minty (minty).

        • tried but the code does not exist for the minty pick axe

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    There is 0 information to back your claims and you have edited the information you provided multiple times.

    I contacted epic support to find out what this and other codes really are

    This gives you nothing of value. Even epic support have no idea why the codes exist.
    OP lies and claims its the "minty pickaxe"
    But minty pickaxe is redeemed via fortnite.com/redeem, not the place that this code is redeemed.
    Also the minty pickaxe redeems as "Minty (minty)" not "random loot reward"and Minty pickaxe also uses one time use codes. Not infinite, so there is no "leaking this code by retailers"

    There is about 6-7 codes floating around which have no use limit and give you nothing.

    There is zero proof backing OPs, only proof saying they are wrong.

  • Doesn't seem to work.

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    I’m getting “The code has expired.”

    • I emailed epic support and they have no idea why the codes even existed. They give you nothing.

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  • So anyone got anything free?

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