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Remitly - Increased Referral Bonus - $15 for Both Parties - Plus Bonus Rate for Some Countries


I have found Remitly to be very good. They seem to specialise in quick money transfers to non-first world countries for small to medium amounts. They support some of the smaller currencies which the major online transfer websites don't. And they get the money to the recipient's account very quickly at a low cost.

They have just increased their referral commission to $15 for both parties. The new customer will get an additional $15 to send with their first transfer. This is in addition to a special one time rate for some countries for your first transfer. The referrer will also get $15.


  1. Use the referral link below to get the bonus $15. Note the main link at the top of this page.
  2. If the landing page shows you a bonus rate for a currency that your not interested in, goto the bottom of the page where there is a "Send money to" drop down box and change the country.

Referral Links

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The new customer will get an additional $15-$30 to send with their first transfer. The referrer will also get $15.

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  • For comparison purposes, here are some of the money transfer companies:

    • Instarem
    • CurrencyFair
    • TransferWise
    • Xe.com
    • Revolut
    • OFX

    I don't know what's best - I'm just sharing a few more options so people can do their own comparisons!

    • It's a good list. And a couple of other suggestions:
      - If making smallish transfers, it can be beneficial to try out different companies as they often have referral bonuses or first transfer free or increased rate for first transfer type promotions.
      - If making large transfers, it can be beneficial to call them and tell them you are comparing rates and ask for their best rate for $x amount.

    • Add OrbitRemit to the list.

      I've done large transfers with them and haven't had an issue.

      Competitive rates and nominal fees.

    • InstaRem has better rates than what most people have access to. Look there first.

      Although their registration process is also a bit more involved.

    • I was using Instarem but recently find Skrill much better with $40 referral benefit, better exchange rate with no fees and pretty quick transfer.

      • Add Western Union as well . Transfer through their mobile app using Poli . Rates were better than Transferwise and Instarem.

        • Wow, I always thought Western Union were one of the worst, I will have to check them out again….

          • @PotPlant: Tried to send 2000USD via Western union to HK and it was going to be $250 more than Instarem. Maybe I was doing something wrong?

  • I regularly used to use Transferwise to move fairly small amounts of money to Thailand, from Oz. I found them to be great, very transparent on the fees and rates, unlike some of the other companies.

    Now however, I use Instarem, found their rates to be even better, and fees even lower, only by a very small margin,but every bit helps. I just did a small transfer with Remitly (using the bonus) and its only better than Instarem BECAUSE of this $15 deal. Otherwise, they are way off the mark….higher fees, and worse exchange rate. But for a one time deal, thanks for posting!

  • Skrill has a referral bonus of $40 going on at the moment. No fees and really good exchange rate. Check them out here in Ozbargain from an Ozbargainer who posted.

  • My account states the bonus is $20 so the rate may vary depending on the referrer:


    When your friend uses Remitly for the first time you earn a $20 discount when they complete their first transaction. As an added bonus, we will also give your friend a $20 discount when they send $100 or more on their first transfer. The more you share, the more you earn. It’s that easy.

  • I tried to use Reveens for Thailand but kept coming up $15 after Registration.
    I sent to Thailand and mine shows as $20 to Thailand so the discounts are diffrent for each code and the recieving country.

  • My referral is showing $20 too? Maybe different account has different referral bonus?