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[Pre Order, Switch] Pokemon Sword or Shield $61.20 + Delivery @ Harvey Norman Online


New low for this first-party Switch pre-order (but HN, eewwww)

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Should probably say "$61.20 each" in the title (given there is a double pack with both).

  • Hoping for Amazon price match on this

  • hmm.. rather have the digital copy to save carrying around carts. Hope they do a good deal on that instead..

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      but you can resell the physcial copy

      • Yeah.. but I don't resell just like I can't resell PC games. lol.

        • But you can't resell PC games, so I don't get why you would say you don't resell switch games and then give an example with you can't.

          • @azngamer: I'm a PC gamer normally so I don't normally go reselling games. Hence why it's not a big thing for me to resell. I'd rather save the convenience than to try resell a $60 game back to EBGames for 10 bucks.

            • @bchliu: Fair.

              Have you considered that with digital, you are paying to get a license to use, rather than own like a physical copy? Switch eShop isn't going to be around as long as shops like Steam. You might not be able to redownload when switch is 1 or 2 generations ago. e.g. Wii eShop closed earlier this year.

              This can of course be mitigated with a large SD card but yeh

              • @azngamer: Legally in Australia when purchasing a digital game, you are entitled to a copy and can resell it if you want. Apparently anyway.

                Wii eShop has closed but apparently you can also download copies of things you purchased previously.

              • @azngamer: Well.. EShops are pretty much the future for game delivery pretty much on every platform. Unless Nintendo goes down, then I doubt the Nintendo eShop will go down. Not to mention they make it available on future platforms (though not guaranteed, I know). Nintendo does have a good track record of producing consoles which plays previous generation of games.
                Worst case scenario - who is to say that the Switch will be emulated at some point in the future? You can legally play the game on an emulator at that particular point in time (assuming you can find the ROM for it).

                • @bchliu: The switch is already emulated. You can play Pokemon Let's Go all the way though with the yuzu emulator.

                  If you have a hacked switch, you can dump your roms too.

                  As for playing it on a new console later, well they made us rebuy breath of the wild if we owned it on wiiU. If anything, Nintendo love to sell you the same games over and over again.

                • @bchliu: Nintendo has already sunsetted the wii store, so my purchased there are now forever gone.

                  • @twig: lol.. Just grab the ISOs from somewhere else.. you are legally entitled to it as long as you got the receipt. Play it again in Dolphin Emulator

            • @bchliu: Plenty of other mediums to resell games. Ebay, FB and gumtree to name a few. From my experience a big game like this would easily resell for 50-60

            • @bchliu: Then why are you on this site?

              It is easy to sell used switch games on eBay at close to their new price

            • @bchliu: switch game resell value are pretty high(around 40-60 depends on how long it has been out and how popular/rarity the game is).

              I manage to sell my bomberman R for the price i brought it for.

      • and you actually OWN the physical copy.

        and you can insure it

        and you can lend it

        and you can legally back it up

    • They almost certainly won’t. Best bet is gift cards purchased at a discount. EShop will be RRP, maybe with double Nintendo Club coin earn rate.

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    i'm new to pokemon game, not sure why two versions Sword and Shield, which version should i get?

    • It's probably, arguably, one of the worst features of Pokemon games.

      Each version will have a few version exclusive Pokemon and each has a single one of exclusive legendary.

      People who want to complete their Pokedex (catch every Pokemon possible in these games) will either need to buy both versions or trade with a friend who owns a different version.

      If you're not a completionist it won't affect you at all, just pick the one that has the legendary you like better, or the version specific Pokemon you like better.

      Edit: just checked Google and their are slight differences in the characters between the games. If you're not worried about spoilers definitely Google "sword and shield version differences".

      • There used to come in trios - where the third one would have the best of both worlds (so perfect for you solo completionist) and even more….such as Platinum that did it with Diamond and Pearl or Emerald with Ruby and Sapphire.

        • My favourite was Crystal!

          • @SiliconBased: Pokemon crystal is my favorite gameboy color game!

            Controversial opinion but silver was better than Gold because of Lugia.

            This was definitely the best Pokemon generation with 16 gyms and it was great to see how the Kanto region had changed.

            Note: I never played any after the gba.

  • After the dual pack, I think Amazon is out.

  • I can't see the merit in buying into the franchise. When it was on gameboy it was groundbreaking (at least in the Western world). Nearly all the pokemon designs had some effort in them. The TV show had a variety of storylines.

    By the time the second game series came around (after red/green/blue), the pokemon were somewhat contrived and the TV show was the exact same storyline every episode.

    The newer you get, the more contrived the pokemon are. It's horrific. I wonder if the TV/movies improved but I doubt it. And going by a screenshot I saw the other day now the games are 3d worlds? Is it just me or does anyone else feel that 3d worlds with bland textures are literally the most boring worlds to be forced to traverse?

    I loved it when it was fresh. Now I just don't get it.

    • Yeah it’s definitely not the fact you’re now 23 years older than you were when it first came out.

      • :p

        I still play games 23 years old if they're good. Kiddie games too, again if good

        • Anime(tv/movie) has been improved depending on the series, which directs to a different audience.

          sun and moon are made for kids (really didn't bother watching it)
          X and Y would suit people like our age. (got me hooked for a bit)
          there's 2 YouTube series as well, have a look at the pokemon offical youtube channel.

  • Secured mine for $63 Delivered + Cash Rewards 10%. Feels Good - Amazon

  • Those who prefer digital copies, Sword/Shield will be redeemable with a Nintendo Switch Online voucher. Which works out to be $67.50 for the game. And if you stocked up during the 10% off eShop cards special then it's even cheaper at $60.75 for the game.

  • Support your local retail ay.


  • I'm definitely happier giving a couple of bucks more to Amazon than buying stuff from Hardly Normal.

  • Anyone got their email to pick it up yet?

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