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Telstra Essentials Tablet $99 + 15GB Data (10GB + 5GB Bonus) @ Telstra


4G Enabled Tablet with Voice calling
Quad-Core processor with Android GO
8” HD screen 16M colours
Parental centre with Dedicated Kids Mode
Powered By Alcatel
4080 mAh Battery

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  • Telstra Essentials Tablet $99

    How much is it normally?

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      It's displayed on the site next to the sale price - $129.

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  • is it worth getting as a book and magazine reader? Maybe a Netflix as well?

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    MediaTek mt8765 processor,
    1GB of RAM

    In case anyone wondering.

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      Good for one app at a time, but switching apps will be painful. e.g. trying to use for both spotify and an eReader.

      Warning: No GPS!


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        People hate on 1GB. While sub-standard, it's fine most of the time.
        Also, this tablet is alcatel. My experience is: poor build quality, sometime backlight flicker, quickly degrading battery.
        Conc: low priced tablet that's worth less.

        • Dunno about this brand's Tablets, but i once spent too much time trying to make a friend's Alcatel phone share its data with a 2nd device… without success

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      They never mention the ram when it's below 2GB

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    good for toddler

    • People always say slow or old hardware is good for beginner computer users or students but I think they get even more frustrated than normal people when everything's freezing, touch inputs are delayed because the processors are at full capacity and not all of the apps work/are supported. I could imagine a toddler launching this tablet in frustration and because it's a budget Alcatel there's no heavy duty rubber cases to protect it.

      • But you have to admit. It teaches students the virtue of patience.

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    Good for HA dashboard/floorplan?

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      Better off getting a new Google Home hub on gumtree for this price and use Home Assistant cast.

      • Thank you. I will check.

        • people go on about better this or better that,….blah, blah blah.

          They are really not focusing on the benefits and value that a cheap tablet like this DOES Have.

          1/ Affordable, especially for younger kids or families with many kids.
          2/ Has 4G modem build in so easy to not need wifi/hotspot when travelling and can limit daily data.
          3/ Has Android GO, so 1GB ram will be ok for price and expectations
          4/ Many kids or adults will prefer a 8" screen over a 7" one.
          5/ Dedicated Kids Mode
          6/ Comes with 15GB/30 days calls/sms and data.
          7/ Fairly up to date 8.1 Oreo with Android Go
          8/ 16GB internal storage ( many cheaper tablets still only have 8GB, so only a few GB free to use.
          9/ Local stock with all it's benefits
          10/ Alcatel is an OK brand, for cheap tablets you could do worse

          Sure, many more expensive tablets can/will be better, but this is good enough for many.

      • Does using it on a google hub allow touch interaction?

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