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Eufy T8801CD2 HD 2 Camera & Home Base Security Kit for $399.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Just noticed that Good Guys have dropped the price of this 2 camera kit by $100 to match JB - but with the 20% off code P20GG it saves a further $100 bringing the price down to $399.20.

The Eufy cameras are similar to the Netgear Arlo, and in most reviews from the past year the Eufy have come out on top.

eufyCam is designed from the ground up to offer wireless freedom. No power cables, no wall outlets, and no need to drill holes, you have the freedom to install eufyCam practically anywhere. With facial recognition technology, birds, dogs, and falling leaves won't trigger your security alarm, so false alarms will stay at a minimum. While it's powerful battery life allows it to run for 365 days, or 3 years in standby. Also, the 140 degree wide-angle lens provides a panoramic view, spanning from your driveway to the front door so you can see almost everything.

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  • Cheers OP. Pulled the pin. Reviews both good and bad but they are for the Arlo range too. A lot of disgruntled users mention they should have gone for the swann.

  • Bought it. Thanks

    • Would recommend Reolink anytime over eufy and arlo pro2. first of all , value for money and single unit work alone capability, no need for base station, they got argus 2, Eco,PT etc all battery cameras. Secondly, app user friendly, I prefer reolink app as it is way easier and got more features.I own arlo pro2 too and played around eufy system from friends place who happened to have one, overall battery life would roughly be the same with arlo and eufy, but little less towards reolink probably due to battery size installed.thirdly, you have the ability to extend More pro setup to use with reolinks system, they also have NVR system for entire home if needed later on, and your existing battery power camera will also work perfectly with these too. so overall I am currently pretty happy with reolink and installed a 4k system for parents home, works great from all aspect.

  • Bought this in Sept for $450 using 10% Paypal giftcard deal, very good price for ~$400 sub. Excellent daylight quality, night is okay, not too blurry…Battery in front door camera is down one bar due to exposed lots of movement but the other camera is still full bar since 26/9.

  • Has anyone tried this and the arlo pro2? You can get the arlo for not much more. Thanks.

    • The only problem with Arlo pro2 for me is the upload to cloud first approach. If you are in rural or where internet is bad (700kbps adsl2+ upload) you might have an issue.

      • hi bnh

        another option you may consider (without cloud first) that costs a lot less, which I've found good is Wyze. It's not battery operated however, so if you need that, you'd need to add a powerbank or similar.. their app seems quite good…they seem to be updating firmware regularly (every 1-2 months)… they've got person detection which is "free" (unlike Arlo and some of the others). People seem to recommend buying through AmazonUS as there's lot of imitations on AmazonAU (apparently)

        hope it helps

        • Thanks for that. Currently looking for a friend with acreage property. They were looking for a solution to monitor their 13ha land.

      • Can always save locally into any hard drive < 2TB.

    • Copped the Arlo Pro 2 recently, its more of an indoor camera. Need to buy some security mounts for it to be used outdoors without being easily stolen…

      Other than that, it's pretty good…

      • Same - I grabbed the Arlo Pro 2 (three camera deal from Amazon via that $479 deal posted here a few months back. They're good.

        Don't have the tech issues some post about - to be honest I think most of the issues people have with their wireless cams relate to their home networks. If you've got a fast and reliable setup, the cameras should work as advertised.

    • Here is the video comparison (from youtube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rfu32i0OAh4

      Eufycam e is just the US version of the eufycam. It has the exact same specs (besides the physical design). Not sure why they changed the design.

      • As far as I know the US version Eufycam E doesn't have the same feature set and that's why it is cheaper.

        I have been advised by the Eufy customer support that they are going to be releasing the same Eufycam E version for the Australian market something in early 2020 which will be cheaper than this model.

        Hope this helps.

      • Eufy e doesn't have battery backup or AI.

  • Looks like there's a Eufycam 2 on it's way… fyi (I was just looking for reviews/technical details of it and found this article):


    • Eufycam 2c is already here. Not sure what the difference is between Eufycam 2 and 1 is besides the Apple Homekit Support.

      The Eufycam 2c seems to be a smaller version of the eufycam 1, with half the battery size (6 months charge). Here is the JB Hi-Fi Link:

      • Interesting, thanks for the tip - I'm pretty keen for the Homekit support actually. Looks like those ones are the shorter ones (the longer ones should be available too at some stage hopefully).

  • Bought 2 units. Cheeper to buy it this way for the extra cameras vs the 4 pack. Thanks for post.

  • Looks like only local storage of recorded video from the review. So not sure if you can check in in real time or watch recorded clips on your phone etc from elsewhere ?

    Better image recognition than the Arlo is good but if you're only buying it for the battery life id stick with the Arlo. I paid $600 odd for the pro2 3 cam pack which makes it the same price as this. I'm charging every 6 weeks which is much more often than advertised but it really is no biggy, to me anyway

    • Battery life is suppose to be 1 year normal use and 3 on standby. Maybe a bit exaggerated I know but even if I get half of that it's not bad.

    • Had mine for about 8 months.

      Recordings: Records based on motion sensing and records to the base SD card or an external drive if you plug one in. Sensitivity can be adjusted, and there's a beta thing only motion sense portions of the camera's field (doesn't work that great imo). Can watch live feed and recorded clips from your phone, talk from your phone, get alerts, save clips to you phone, etc. What I don't like is that if you go to the live feed on your phone (form an alert that it is recording due to activity), it will stop the recording. So i tend not to click on the notifications for alerts until 30 sec or so has passed, to ensure i have a recording.

      Batt: It's only gone down 1 bar for the cameras that have little activity, so batt wise it's good.

      Image: Haven't seen Arlo's image, but I felt my old Swann cam had a better image than my eufy. Would be nice to have a 4k eufy, but I couldn't wait with dodgy neighbors.

      Overall not a bad buy, mostly at current price.

  • Bit the bullet and bought at this price. Was tempted at JBs pricing but could not pass this price down. Thanks OP

    • No worries. I ordered one as well.. its awaiting pickup at my local store.. took less than 1 hour for them to process the order.

  • Does anyone have thoughts on how this would go if being exposed to the sun on a daily basis? Thinking of pulling the plug, but can't imagine this would be good for the battery in the long run?

    • May overheat. Customer from JB had one that did.

    • It seems like the only downside of this camera is the non-replaceable battery. The arlo pro 2 has a replaceable battery. But the specs on their website indicate that it can work in conditions up to 50 degrees celsius. I recently bought the 4pk version for $799 from the last Good Guys Sale. They seem to work fine for now. Only time will tell how much the battery wears due to weather conditions.

  • Does this work with Google home display? Ie, viewing the footage on the Google screen?

    • Yes. I have google home and chromecast. I can easily ask google 'show me the front door' and it will pull it up fairly quickly on my TV. Same procedure for google displays (might be even faster).

  • Yay. Price match @ JB Hi-Fi :)

  • Great deal! Too bad I bought the Arlo pack for $545 a day prior!

  • Great deal! got mine for $580 earlier this year with eBay Plus 15% off

  • Deciding whether to pull the trigger or wait for more 4K options in 2020

  • thanks OP!
    ordered 2 for click and collect. Better than buying the individual cam separately. TGG already sent me an email that it's ready for pickup.

    Now to find out how to sell the additional home base unit! 🤪

  • Can't change the battery

  • all sold out now

  • Still available - I just got one. No click and collect - Delivery $5.20 (Also used 5% shopback as well)

  • Sold out for delivery as well - only tells you that when you press the payment button

  • Thanks OP, managed to get JB HIFI to price match earlier today.

  • If anyone needs a third camera, let me know. I got the 4 pack and an only using 3