Nvidia Shield 2019 (TV Pro) Where The Hell Is It and Why Can't I Buy It in Australia?

nvidia shield 2019 (tv pro) where the hell is it and why can't i buy it in australia?

what are we, back to the 1990s where stuff gets released to australia months after america? what the hell is going on?


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    You mean the devices that were only just announced 3 days ago?

    Lol calm down sunshine

    • But Veruca Salt Oliver wants it now! Maybe he/she can play dress up in the meantime.

      • Please sir, I want some more an Nvidia Shield

    • They can't, they just chugged a bottle of mountain dew and need to get their game on.

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    Because australia sucks balls when it comes to tech 99% of the time?

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    Dunno but when we get it, expect it to be double the price here …

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    Yet we're a day ahead too!

  • Will it be able to output the correct frame rate automatically depending on the media like my WDTV?

    50p 24p other p?

    • Yes I think there's a match frame rate option now.

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    You can buy it on Amazon.com. The tube version is currently in stock. I believe you'll need to select a residential address during the checkout process (not Parcel Locker etc), otherwise Amazon.com may tell you it doesn't ship to Australia.

  • Will it allow my amp to play full stereo, surround etc from YouTube?

    My new Sony Android TV will not via optical to my amp. Apparentlt a Sony thing.

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      This is the 2017 version. It might have launched officially in June 2018, but that's the older model. Still good, but it doesn't have the newer HDR support as it has an older HDMI chipset.

      The New 2019 Shield has a different "toblerone" triangular bluetooth remote (and has the IR Blaster inbuilt for CEC/Volume/Channel control) with a red power/netflix button, this time with AAA batteries and a lost remote feature.

      There's also a "tube" version which has everything built in, even a 3cm fan. The difference is that the Tube has 2gb RAM, 32-bit Android, and an SD card for storage, while the 2019 Pro has the same shape, layout and features as the 2017 Shield TV.

      Both 2019 Shield TV's have the Tegra X1+, with AI Upscaling, and a very slight bump in performance over the 2015/2017 Shield, and HDMI 2.0b for Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos compatibility.

      The game controller is the same as the 2017 refresh.


      Australian/NZ distributors likely can't stock it until the power adapter is A-Tick/C-Tick and/or RCM certified and the wifi is approved.

      There might also be delays with RCM approvals too, as it's a new standard for power & radio emissions testing.

      As for AU compatibility, If one were to discover a US/UK model or bring one home from overseas… The "Tube" has a standard IEC-C7 "figure 8" plug, and the PSU is a Liteon Liteon PA-1120-02NV that delivers 5v 2.1a (USB voltage) from 110v-240v, 50/60hz

      And the 2019 Shield Pro uses the same FSP power supply as the 2017 Shield, and the same 19v proprietary plug, which you can replace for ~$30 from eBay.

      Or, just get the relevant plastic shim for the AU plug that goes on top of the US's power brick, as it can be replaced with different country plugs like other international adaptors.

      You can check ETA Prime's Unboxing & Teardown video(s) for confirmation, and the model numbers if needed.

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    I didn't go through full check out but this may work?

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      It does work - US$25 to ship. Not too bad. I'm waiting to see if the price drops at all over Black Friday.

      • Same here keeping keen eye on it as shipping to Aus is $13usd only.

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      bought the SHIELD Pro using BH, so there's no worries.
      I can chase up the total if needed. Black Friday specials might apply.

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        Best Shield Pro 2019 price out there, if one doesn't wish to wait for the Australian launch?

      • Does the power adapter work in Australia?, seems to be dual voltage but does it have Australian plug? or will I need an adapter of some sort?


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          You'd need a travel adapter then all good …

  • I was looking to downsize my steam link / intel nuc, kodi/ raspberry pi (android tv) / wii u (emulation). Into this one.

    Just wondering does the 2017 model do everything I need? Will installing Kodi on it (via play store) , be able to play my hidef mkv's from my nas wirelessly like my intel nuc does?

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      Spectacularly, IMO. The 2015/2017 version has been 4k ready before 4k was even available on TV sets (which is why there's a 2017 and 2019 version with upgraded HDMI chipsets so that 4K with HDR works).

      ( Arguably there's a few 4k 2014/2015 Samsung/Philips/LG TV's, but they have an impossible time playing 4k content, because the apps are outdated and the DRM has changed, so they can't load Amazon/YouTube/Netflix/Disney+, you have to 'cast' or load USB drives with 4k content, sic.)

      I have both, technically my dad has the 2017 model as a Quasi-Christmas present, I now have the 2019 version.

      The internal CPU is akin to the Nintendo Switch's Tegra X1 SoC/GPU, so it's 1080p gaming capable, despite there being only a handful of Android TV games (sigh) All 3 Shields can handle 4k MKV with no issues, even playback from a 3.5" 4tb USB enclosure on a 720p TV while travelling around and acting as a Plex Server for 4k movies and Game of Thrones (back when GoT was good) with phone tethering as WiFi/internet.

      I use SPMC and Kodi, but I had to adjust the Kodi/SPMC Advanced Settings to use more RAM as a playback buffer when on WiFi and watching 4k content. It's a relatively easy fix, but you need a kodi plugin to access AdvancedSettings.XML (or have another way to edit the XML file)

      By default, Kodi will use 60mb for a playback buffer, which is enough for 5-30 seconds, but not for 4k which can hit 100mb/minute peaks and not be able to pull enough data over WiFi to fill the buffer. If you're not playing 4k off USB, you will likely need enough data to buffer ahead a few minutes. You can change this to 500mb RAM (4-5 minutes of 4k), and read-ahead of 10-12x for 5ghz WiFi, and 7x to 10x read-ahead for 2.4ghz, etc.

      The only thing it doesn't handle well is Plex if you need encoding or format changes; Plex often has the worst compatibility with Subtitles and requires re-encoding as well as decent WiFi, if not cabled. But I kind of expected that when trying to browse plex via an Apple TV (the horror…)

      Having said all of that, don't pay too much for the 2017 version, it was under $200 when I bought mine.

      • @toliman

        Regarding this….

        And the 2019 Shield Pro uses the same FSP power supply as the 2017 Shield, and the same 19v proprietary plug, which you can replace for ~$30 from eBay.
        Or, just get the relevant plastic shim for the AU plug that goes on top of the US's power brick, as it can be replaced with different country plugs like other international adaptors.

        Any idea where I can pickup the plastic shim in a physical store, or will I have no choice but to buy online?
        Much rather duck down to Jaycar, or similar…


      • @toliman

        Did you see this post directed at you…

        I ended-up getting one of those stupidly bulky adapter thingies from Jaycar.
        Don't suppose you know if there's a way to get a much more elegant "shim"?

        Thanks again,

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          Sorry I missed this, but you could try nvidia themselves…

          They had an EU plug recall for the shield where the plastic adapter was made badly and would crack under temperature during use. It can happen, especially 'soft' plastics.

          Ask if you can get a replacement adapter "plug head" that's cracked? socket. I really have no idea of the part number, but it's likely an nvidia CS rep that could send it.

          I still recommend the $2 adapter to raise the plug up as it's far too bulky to be practical. Also helps with cooling long term.

          • @toliman: @toliman

            These adapters/shims you've been referring to the whole time, do you just mean something like this
            Got that from JB HiFi a while back IIRC….

            Thanks again!

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    My 2019 pro version arrived from AMAZON US 2 days ago, Cost $356 inc freight landed. Haven't had a chance to connect it yet.


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      Ugh, wish I knew about this one, at a superficial glance;
      Looks like it may be quite a bit cheaper than where I got mine (B&H).
      Mine is currently winging its way here….

    • Hi, just wondering how did you go with the Amazon US version. Thanks

    • I have it all going, Had a few issues. I am using it as a stand alone media server. The menu for PLEX is a lot smaller and with less options than on the PC. I have the HDD library plugged into the USB socket on the shield but it was impossible to tell the shield where the library was.

      Pulled my hair out for a few hours. Then I logged onto PLEX using the PC and redirected Shield to the library location on the Shield USB socket and off it went. Shield showed up OK as a media server first try.

      It is WAY WAY faster than the PS3. I am pretty happy with it.

      I have had to restart it a few times when it locked up. The remote has a tendency to stay lit up draining the batteries. Also the NEtflix switch is really easy to accidentally press taking you away from what you are doing. Youtube is great on the Shield.

      Still learning what it can do and whats available on the Android store.

  • Hi everyone,
    Stumbled on this post when googled.
    can anyone confirm the US/UK models working in Aus.

    Thinking about buying one from B&H/Amazon. Also how much did you incur in import taxes?

    Thanks in advance!

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      paid AUD $336.50 with B&H, from USD $225 total via PayPal.

      (Pro tip, never buy anything with USPS, pay the extra to avoid the US government postal service. There's no tracking past the airport(s), so they can often disappear. This has improved, its also faster to avoid USPS, as US freight gets prohibitive. Having had to chase up lost phones, you don't want to harass people over 17 weeks etc because someone clumsy "lost" the phone.)

      Subtotal $199.99
      Shipping $25.01
      Sales Tax $0.00
      Total $225.00

      If you order the 'tube', it doesn't need an adapter, just a figure 8 plug/cable, which you might have spare lying around.

      If you order the Pro, and… you should, because you can watch 4k movies from a USB HDD instead of streaming, etc. you can either get an AU shim (as the transformer/adapter plug has replaceable prongs), or a $3 travel adaptor, which helps raise the Brick it comes with.

      i'd recommend the adaptor. It's cheaper, and the size of the transformer is a problem. Even with the regular SHIELD and the australian plug, you will probably need a travel adaptor to raise the plug level out of the way, as it's a bit "thick", and can take up power board room/space it doesn't need to.

      • Thank you so much for the detailed reply. Honestly I didn't expect someone to give me such a response (may be as I am new to the community) You are awesome and so is OZ bargain community.

        BTW, I am looking at the Pro model. Thanks for the Pro tip..
        Thought about Amazon, but it is charging Tax about $20.

        B&H seems to be out of stock. Will wait to be back in stock.

        Thanks again

      • Hi there,Hope you are well. I was trying to place the order in B&H. It's giving me $22.50 as Duties and taxes and need to paid along with the order. Any thoughts?
        Thanks a lot.

        • I have a feeling it’s going to be tough to order anyway, Because of Christmas and later on, Chinese New Years, but it took um, 16 days or so ?

          I might have skipped on the duty with the choice of shipping company, DHL, not 100% sure How. Amazon would be the same with paying duty/GST, but give the shipping change a go. I also dithered a bit between amazon and B&H, so no drama there.

          It’s a lot to spend over the price of a console or amazon fire stick 4K, or the xiaomi mi tv, etc.

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    For those have bought one

    What apps have you installed and are some of the apps only available in America

    I have pureVPN and wondering if I can install it on the shield tv so I can use the us apps and streaming service

    • I use expressVPN, which is super easy to use on the Shield. Occasionally I use Pluto, which has a looooot of B-Grad stuff, and a looooot of ads. US Crackle has a bit more content than the AU one, and it's super easy to switch between regions for Netflix.

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    im looking to grab 1 as having sound issues with atmos and xbox
    these still only avail for us from B&H currently?

  • Great post and a lot of detailed info , thanks for sharing guys. Is there any limitation to the US version in Australia (besides the plug)? I’m guessing the price isn’t too bad as I imagine in Australia it will be more expensive when released.

  • looks like its available now on amazon.com.au but not the pro version
    for the pricely sum of $425 and snail shipping speed

    can get the pro version off bhphoto inc faster shipping 363 aud
    going to grab mine there

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    From Scorptec:

    After checking this for you, the Australia version of the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is set to February - March 2020 at the moment, we will start listing them once pricing and ETA are more clear.

  • Is there any disadvantage from buying through the US if it's most likely going to be cheaper anyway? Would love to hear back from previous posters who bought through BHPhoto

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    I bit the bullet and ordered a 2019 pro tv
    From Amazon (it was about $21 cheaper than B&H)

    It takes a bit longer to get here though but with the money I saved will pay for traval adaptor

    Those who have imported the US version what adaptor do you recommend?

    • How are you able to ship the Pro version to Australia cheaper than B&H?
      I can see the non-pro version available, but not seeing the option for the Pro on Amazon US

    • With a 2020 Feb (store rep told me anyway, so not 100%) release for the Australian version, it might of been better to wait.

      • Well, we have past mid Feb and I still can't see the Nvidia in the shops….

  • Just saw a seller based in the USA who has listed a nvidea shield Tv pro 2019 model on ebay aus and he wants $384.21 plus $95.38 standard delivery and to top it all off that doesn't include the GST which the buyer has to pay

    So all up it would cost whoever bought it from him a total of $510.86 AU$

    When I just bought one from amazon US for a grand total (Which includes the 10% GST) of $340.78 AUS

    So he is making a nice little profit of $170.08 AU$ before his ebay fees and the sad thing is prople here in australia have paid that price

    I just wish there was some way of warning people

    P.S and what if there was something wrong with the unit he sold I bet you would have to pay for return postage

  • The Pro costs 199.99 USD with free shipping if bought directly from Nvidia. Equates to about 295 AUD.


    • I looked at that before but couldn't find the option to send to australia

      • Yeah, you're right. No free shipping then but you could use something like ShopMate or Shipito

        • By the time you do that though you would pay about the same

          at least with buying from amaozon you would have less hassle with any warranty issues

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    • Not much of an mark up compared to buying from the US after shipping etc. So think ill wait for AU release now and buy it with the credit card in case of future price drops here in AUS.

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        …or if I can hold off for a 20% off eBay deal, the tube will be $199 and the Pro $279.

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    Just bought a pro from Centre Com in Richmond. They have about 7 left in stock. They also had it at $369 but priced matched with Scorptec which have it at $349.

  • https://eftm.com/2020/03/the-new-nvidia-shield-tv-arrives-in...

    Apparently available now….. :)

    Can't see it on Harvey Normans Page but Scorptec are listing them…


    • Pricks are price gouging.

  • damn sold out everywhere ya bloody hoarders ! :)
    i want 1 dammit been waiting ages

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    I thank god that I got one from amazon US in Jan this year

    It set me back $340.00 Au$ which is cheaper than the local release

  • So i just picked this up. Missed day 1 when they were $50 cheeper for pro but couldn't be stuffed waiting with the impending lockdown. So far Touchwood running well. Better audio to my Atmos soundbar and no buffering of 4k HDR movies which had been my biggest issue on lg OLED app and also Xbox app so already money worth it. And God damn it's so small barely bigger than a phone

  • As posted on whirlpool
    Looks like Harvey Norman now have stock at the original RRP of $249 and $349 respectively for the Shield & Pro

    (free pickup or $8 delivered):