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Tokyo Economy Return Airfare (1 April - 15 July 2020 Departure): Sydney from $677.86, Melbourne from $660.40 @ Japan Airlines


Travel period: 1 April - 15 July 2020

This is a direct booking with JAL, so more appealing for those who take the time to read reviews for online travel agents. No credit card fee or international transaction fees, so useful to meet that minimum spend for your credit card churning needs.

These are class O fares and accumulate 50% mileage - you should receive 4800 Qantas Frequent Flyer points in total for a return booking.

Sample dates:
Sydney - Tokyo
$677.86 28th April ~ 12th May
$677.86 12th May ~ 26th May
$677.86 19th May ~ 2nd June

Melbourne - Tokyo
$660.40 21st April - 5th May
$660.40 28th April - 12th May
$660.40 12th May - 26th May

They also have return fares from $1650 for premium economy and $3291 for business.

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  • No deal over Easter (10th to 18th April)

  • Travelled on JL to Japan back in July.
    Top airline, friendly staff, 8 abreast in Y on their 787 fleet (lots of airlines have 9 abreast), decent meals.
    Would love to fly JL again.

  • That seems like a steal if you are going for the Olympics

    • Olympics starts end of July though.

      • Maybe a great way to experience the hype and all the brand new facilities/infrastructure without the crowds.

    • Yeah, theres been absolutely no sale flights around Olympic time. i've been looking. hence all the japan sale flights for the times surrounding it.

  • What is the usual price?

    • I paid $1650 flying Qantas direct from Mel to Tokyo, back in Sept/Oct this year, school holiday though.

  • Note also that Class O fares do NOT have advance seat selection available…

  • Never to the slopes. Such a tease.

  • If it's class 0 and no advance seat selection, does that mean you have to wait until a few days before the flight to select rather than at the time of booking? Or does this mean you don't get to choose at all?

  • Brilliant! July NSW school holidays, departing from Melbourne, for $783.

    Thanks for that!

  • I wish they go to Haneda airport. Unfortunately, the search indicates only to Nartia.
    In my case, Narita airport is not an option :(

    • IIRC only QAL and ANA fly direct into HND.
      ANA currently have a sale for a similar time period, unfortunately not as cheap as JAL but still reasonable.

      • @Shakotan
        I also thought QAL, ANA fly to HND until JAL website when you try to book a ticket that has HND and a third option for either!
        Every time I/we been to Japan we fly SING to HND.
        I could not get a good deal outta ANA, but may have to try more dates and see what I get.

    • Why? whats wrong with narita?
      I can get preferring haneda i suppose but what difference is there thats so big as to kill the deal?

      • Everyone's circumstance is different.
        The inlaws live west of Tokyo and they like to wait for us at the airport. That is almost 3 hours travel by car one way. At their age, 6 hours by car…….
        They also like to give us a lift back to the airport. Even a shuttle bus would take more than 3 hours…..
        add that to the 2 hours you have to be at the airport before take off…..

        • I was just curious really. I guess I was thinking about the 'problem' from solely a tourist perspective and why it would make a difference.
          So with those circumstances you describe i fully understand you now.

          Well i hope you do find some good flights into Haneda

          • @thearbiter117: Thanks mate.
            from a tourist perspective, Narita is probably the equivalent to Avalon airport when your destination is Melbourne.
            Before Haneda became an international airport, there was only Narita. I took public transport and the shuttle bus.
            When you have a good deal like this, and if i were you, i would probably take the shuttle bus that takes you to major hotels in Tokyo

  • fantastic, july school holiday only $660 each. holiday sorted