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Nikon D7500 DSLR + 18-55mm AF-P (Non-VR) Lens $1299 (Save $445) + $9.95 Postage @ Digital Camera Warehouse


Fantastic deal… the guy at the counter was practically speechless.

This is an Australian version with Australian Nikon warranty. The body alone is still listed as $1650, so they're paying you $350 to take the lens instead!

Currently this works out to probably cheaper than buying a grey import once you pay GST, and don't have warranty issues.

Cheapest price on this kit that I could find was a few weeks ago when JB Hi-Fi had it in the catalogue for $1499 - it's now back to $1899, and after I asked yesterday the cheapest they would do was $1710.

Just $9.95 delivery too.

Full D7500 deals/no-deals for comparison:

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    Another good deal from DCW! Two in two days! Keep up the great work!!

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    Great deal! Too bad DLSR system will be slowly phasing out replaced by mirrorless.

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      hard to beat DSLR vs pixels on screen for resolution when framing shots or adjusting depth of field.

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        Disagree, pretty sure its negligible these days. Screens are pretty high resolution and refresh rate for the size. Also APSC DSLRs aren't known to have great OVFs. Many people would tell you to use the back screen if shooting is critical for framing (<100% viewfinder) and DOF (thin DOF, no magnification).

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      You are probably right, but we are nowhere near the point where DSLRs are obsolete and mirrorless are better in every way. Most cars will be electric in the future, that doesn’t mean people buying a new car today shouldn’t consider an internal combustion car.


      The best thing in DSLR is the battery lifetime per charge.
      I’m not sure if mirrorless can beat DSLR in this part atm