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128 Piece Magnetic Block Set $39 Delivered @ Kogan


This fantastic set of magnetic blocks provides children with endless hours of fun – while learning in the process!

Boosts your child’s concentration and fine motor skill development
Endless hours of fun and joy for your kids
Develops your children’s creativity from an early age
128 assorted pieces creating a world of possibility
Magnetic nature for easy building
Durable and easy to assemble

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    Great price - Kmart have a similar 50 piece set which is $27. This works out $15.23 per 50 blocks AND you don’t have to battle the Kmart queues leading up to Christmas, or overspend on other junk you don’t really need at Kmart

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      This one has 35 white pieces in the 128 presumably to write the alphabet and numbers on; not sure if they are magnetic (most probably cardboard/plastic); they do have the wheels and windmill parts

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      I'd rather buy the kmarts one. Easy to extend with more pieces of the same type. And they have a few different sets to choose from.

      Also as mentioned, the 128 pieces in this set is highly exaggerated. Looks like it's about 90 actual pieces.

  • Well it says 100+ user reviews but seems to show only 25. So I suspect it be that the other 75+ reviews are negative reviews and censored.

    • There's not much bad that can be said about them, it's a very simple idea. Regardless of brand, I have no doubt that they are all pretty much exactly the same. So no, it's unlikely that there's a bunch of hidden negative reviews.

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        Some brands have weak magnets where the pieces don't stay together well.

  • I personally buy the Innomags brand from Amazon. Other brands aren't made as well leaving them to crack and magnets falling out.

  • FYI they are very small. Square ones about an inch.