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$200 off Return Flights to 20 Destinations in NZ @ Air New Zealand ($100 for Christmas Season)


This deal is back again, this time with seemingly no restriction on departure city within Aus.

Travel Period: 25 Nov - 13 Dec 2019, 14 Jan - 7 Apr, 28 Apr - 30 Aug 2020
$200 off economy, premium, and business

Travel Period: 14 Dec 2019 - 13 Jan 2019
$100 off economy

e.g. Syd to Auckland return in mid-May $320

Might stack with spend $1500 get $200 back on Amex if you were lucky enough to get targeted :(

Ends tomorrow at midnight

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Air New Zealand

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    Did a sample search.

    With code $340
    Without code $379

    So where's the $200 discount?

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      Similar to me. Says $400 saved (2 people) but the price remains the same


        Same issues even during previous deals. Seems like a scam. For that price I would rather fly virgin, at least they provide bags and meals for the same price!


          Hahaha might not be a real discount tho, after checking it's still quite a bit cheaper than Virgin (to Queenstown at least) - I'd rather VA too but 🤷‍♀️

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          hmm after digging some more, booking without the code books you into L tickets, with the code gets you into T - maybe it's not a specific dollar amount off then? either way, pretty deceptive :(


    Should say 0$+ discount 😅


    Another Air NZ publicity stunt.. just find the Jetstar deals. Got one for around $200 return to Auckland. Not bad for 2.5 hour ride..


    A pity they blocked out easter period.

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