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Men's Chino Shorts $19.90 @ UNIQLO


Perfect for summer. 100% cotton

Free shipping over $60

Rugged texture with minimal stitch work creates a casual look.
- Densely-woven cotton twill chino material.
- Classic shorts, brushed, garment-dyed and pre-washed to produce a distinctive texture.
- In a range of pastel colors for a breezy style.
- Design details include a coin pocket and chambray piping inside the waist.
- Knee-length with a relaxed 9.5 inch inseam to go with the feel of the material.
- Invisible stitch work for a subtle, casual style.

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  • +9 votes

    Too long and baggy compared to previous years models

    • +2 votes

      Obviously, a taller guy with longer shorts will look better than a shorter guy with the same long shorts. 5-inch, 7-inch, 9-inch are the common ones on the market. and you can always hem them yourself :)

      since these pants only come in M,L,XL without an elastic band or more sizing, of course they are going to make it like one-size-fits-all. So guys with slimmer builds may not appreciate the bagginess here but it will fit well for guys with larger thighs.


      I must be way to chonk cause I'm wearing them right now and they are perfect.

  • +2 votes

    I've been told I have a breezy style and it's not the pastel colors.


    The ultra light down seem less jackets are on sale for $59.99 , down from $120 .

    These are worth getting .

  • +34 votes

    I can't wait until it's culturally okay for men to wear shorts in the workplace. There's no difference to women wearing a skirt. I think we're heading there, but not quite yet. (unless you work in IT MAYBE)

    • +1 vote

      Check out the bermudas :)

    • -20 votes

      I don't want to see another mans knees thanks

    • +3 votes

      Teachers do it all the time. Makes perfect sense when you're doing an outdoor activity or chasing after a kid who jumped the school gates.

    • +5 votes

      Just do it man. I started this year and no-one batted an eyelid. As long as you still look professional-ish.

    • +2 votes

      we wear shorts at our workplace ;) its awesome on 30+ degrees days. +1 for workplace equality. #me..too?

    • -5 votes

      yeah.. but no, it just makes me think the person is unprofessional - maybe in warmer climates like queensland (because i grew up watching aussie tourism bureau clips and steve irwin).

    • +1 vote

      Tailored shorts look great, however I find the barrier to work shorts is other MEN! Such a shame since if can wear a skirt why can't men? Since that's a step too far for most people surely shorts should be ok…
      (A previous boss I had is known for wearing kilts a lot including presenting at IT conventions so maybe other industries are not so advanced…)


      I actually got banned wearing shorts (on a 38 degree day) but it was only due to a toxic manager (just me, everyone else in the office were allowed). He also banned me from wearing suits and blazers since "it made others look bad". Other workplaces don't care but I don't wear them in meetings and meeting clients, etc.

      …if only we were all news presenters that only had the top half displayed LOL


      I work in tech company (not a big corporate) where casual clothes is the norm and shorts are fine. I used to work for a company where you could come wearing shorts and thongs on hot days. (This is in Melbourne by the way)


    Anyone know how long this sale will be on? wondering if i should bother my friend who works there for the staff discount


    Do they come with a soy latte?


    They will go swell with my burberry cardy. I will look very spiffy.


    Anybody else find that the back pockets of these tend to rip at the ends of the entrance?


    Expires 6th Nov according to email.

  • -1 vote

    Still shows $19.90 so hopefully it's still going.