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[VIC] Mirabella Solar Garden Light $1 (Was $2) @ Coles, Sandringham


Saw at Coles Sandringham 3161.
Looks cheap for $1 each.

Mirabella Stainless Steel Solar Light

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  • I just find it so amazing with LED products like this have come down so far. Like $1 each, how much are coles buying and landing them for? Sub 25c? Pretty sure the labour involved Australia side to unpack pallet, set up display and restock as it sells through is way more than the whole stand is worth.

    Anyway - ill keep an eye out for these on my next shop and get some for my garden path haha

    • all comes pre setup , just open a box and the display is ready to go

    • For sure, that is super cheap. I wouldnt expect much from them though, no doubt they give off a tiny glow, last half of summer and break easy after a few months in the summer sun. I have that problem with the cheap Bunnings ones and these are way cheaper.

      • Then it just ends up an environmental disaster. Materials procured, constructed, shipped and then junked. These are likely to have batteries inside too so it'll definitely not be good as landfill.

  • Bought some at Coles Clayton (the smaller one) today

  • I have thieves around here. They nicked me mum's cool-as solar Rainbow lights out the front yard few years ago.