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Free Cup of Pho at Roll'd (via App)


We Roll'd them so you get Roll'd! 🙌🏼
Download the Roll'd Vietnamese Food app, order a Cup of Pho, enter the coupon code united2 & it'll be FREE!!!

Valid until Wednesday 9.30pm!

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Roll'd Vietnamese Food
Roll'd Vietnamese Food

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  • -2

    Melbourne United. A name for a basketball team, dafuq.

    • They were the tigers for 30 years prior. I guess they thought that was unoriginal, so they went for something even less original?

  • how is their pho?

    i'm a huge fan of the supermarket pho soup pouches by hart and soul even though they have konjac noodles (i also add my own beef since it's pretty much absent).

    • +20

      Their food is a travesty to Vietnamese cuisine.

    • +3

      It’s Vietnamese food for people who have no idea what Vietnamese food should taste like.

      • Sounds good then

    • +4

      It's poor but it's free so average cos food tastes better when it's free

  • Do I need to bring my keep cup with me?

    • +1

      Everyone should always bring their keep cup with them.

  • Whats the portion size? Filling for lunch?

    • +2

      tiny! It's like those maggi noodle cup sizes

    • -1

      the cup is enough to fill a regular soup bowl

  • +2

    Pho kun amazing!
    Cheers OP

  • got a cup..cheers OP

  • I am getting error "Coupon is not available", ordering from Met Centre, still working for anyone else?

    • Cup size too big. Select the smaller cup size. ;)

      • How to select the size?

  • Kitchen is just rejecting the order!

    • what do you mean? they won't make the order?

  • Working for me now at Sydney Central Westfield

    • When did you order it? Westfield Sydney shown closed on my apps, have to change store.

    • Weird I don’t even see the cup pho in the app for syd central

      I see it for westfield but it’s closed

  • -3

    Placed an order for 30 mins later, annoying that the app wanted CC details even though the price is free..

    Anyway immediately after placing the order, it says it's ready and the order has now been completed. Clearly just been rejected.

    I need to stop wasting my time trying to get anything 'free'.

    • +7

      You should go to the store to pickup.. it gets marked completed once they have prepared the order and kept it ready for pickup

      • It really doesn't take them long to pop a handful of noodles and two slices of beef into a cup of soup

        • +1

          it does actually. i had to wait 30 minutes in their last BBH offer

          • @Kambo_Rambo: Wow.. I just ordered mine just a moment ago and got it within about 5 minutes

    • It didnt ask me for cc details. Just clicked the members points section

  • Anyone got it working? On the facebook page, it says from 26th October till the 28th :/

  • I've ordered but it's sitting in pending…


    Edit: it has been accepted but I had to go to the store for them to do that. This is Gateway Sydney CBD.

  • cup's not even available on my menu anymore.
    when it was, it said the coupon was not available for the items in my cart

    • Still available on mine

    • yup I cant find cup in the menu as well

    • +1

      Sydney Central marked their Cups as sold out, hence why you can't see them on the app anymore for that store.

  • -1

    Just ordered 2 soups from 2 different accounts. No questions asked

  • its sold out at some venues, check others

  • +1

    Rejected at Rouse Hill 2155 even though I could order it through the app. Stood around for 15 mins waiting. They claimed they weren’t taking any online orders and then when pressed basically said they were not accepting that promotion.

  • +1

    just redeemed at melbourne central - bland as hell

  • Tried in Perth, app said "coupon not available"….turns out it's case sensitive so don't use "UNITED2" :p

  • Just got one from Adelaide City Cross store.
    Doesn't taste quite authentic, but its free :)

    Had trouble ordering as the app said the store was shut, but reset the app and all good.

  • +7

    FYI you can add as much extra meat, etc as you want and it still comes up as free.

    Just had one very meaty pho. 😊

    • +1

      damnit I should have done that!

      The only problem is you select stuff u don't want (eg no bean sprout, coriander, etc) and they still put it in!

  • +3

    Freebie and people still complain lol
    Talk about having high expectations.

    Claimed at Edward St store in Brisbane without any issues and certainly not complaining for $0.00.
    The normal price of $6.50 is crazy given that it's such a small portion size. Barely enough for snack.

  • I had a mixed beef and chicken. Not a lot of flavour so glad I didn't pay for it. Ok for free though, thanks OP.

  • +1

    Was told by a store member that this was meant to be a victoria only deal, but somehow the word got out nationally.
    Hmmmm… I wonder how…

    All Sydney stores advised (via app) that the cups were SOLD OUT.
    I had processed a third order at a separate store and it went through but when i arrived they advised it wasnt received.
    I tried to re-order in front of the girl at the counter but advised her the Cup wasnt available anymore, she re-enabled it from her end and they honoured it, before proceeding to tell me about the Victoria promo debacle…

  • I just used the code at Roll'd Woden (Canberra). Thanks, OP!

  • Coded at Lonsdale Street CBD / VIC. I was a lonely customer in the store only.

    Beef - overcooked, noodle and soup are okay.

  • Drinking my soup from Macquarie Park. Cheers OP

  • Both Chadstone stores opened as I'm sitting in front of it but they mark closed and reject my order. Edit : called in and fixed.

  • Got my free pho. Pho-ken beauty!

  • Just be careful when ordering the Pho at Chadstone Roll'd due to 2 stores there

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