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Ring Stick up Cam Battery Powered (White or Black) $199 @ Bunnings


Was going to bunnies to pick this up at $294 this evening but by the time I got there it has dropped to $199. I first thought one of us had f'ked up but it's definitely correct.

So far it's only the battery versions, not sure of the wired ones will also drop

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    • Funny thing is that was my original plan when it was $294, went to Officeworks but was told it's a special order item and they don't keep it in stock. Figured I'd bite the bullet and pay $294 at Bunnings only to find out it had suddenly dropped to $199 go figure

      • Yeah it’s saying out of stock for my local stores. Not sure if you can ring up the 1300OFFICE hotline, get the special order and the price beat. Probably not worth that mucking around for $10.

      • Easy you go to office works and ask for them to order it in then you hit them with price match that's what I do with the hue stuff they don't stock in store.. The staff usually huff and puff for a few Min like its coming out of their money you just calmly remind them their policy

  • Considered getting these for the longest time but then settled on the xiaomi 360 cameras. Got 5 around the house and havent skipped a beat. If you dont have access to power then this is possibly one of the best and only solutions…

  • I have two of these set up. I have to call out that their performance is inconsistent. Night vision doesn't seem to work properly on one (pitch black when I use live view) and sometimes the notifications are really delayed during the day.

    I used to think it was internet related, but I've recently changed to a better provider and also tethered them to 4g. Still the same result.

    They'll mostly do the job, but even at $199 I would recommend looking into cheaper alternatives.

    • It sounds like you have a faulty unit. I would get it replaced under warranty if you can. I've setup several of these and RING doorbells and their performance has been exceptional even on slow internet connections. The motion detection is highly configurable (sensitivity, zones, time based schedules). As long as you don't mind paying the subscription fees they are a great device.

    • any suggestion for cheaper alternatives?

  • I have gen 1 ones they work well

  • Wow big price drop. I just picked up a Ring Doorbell yesterday from TGG with the 20% off, seriously considering this to add on

  • Can this be used as a baby monitor?

    • I see no reason why not. You can view it live with audio. Apart from that it will notify you of any motion. I believe only the cabled one gives you the option to designate the motion detection zone.

    • It might not be the case with the Ring camera, but this video saved me from making the mistake of buying the Nest Camera as a baby monitor.(i.e background audio)

    • Try a Xiaomi Xiaofang or Xiaomi IP camera. I am using them since last 2 years. dirty cheap + great quality.

  • Price is as scary as the movie was.

  • I have a collection of different generations of mobile phones (iOS & Andriod) and I am using an app called "Athome" and some IP camera app - cheap man DIY job. Not as fancy as the one here but seems to be doing the job and it is free for a simplistic application. Any comment on that?