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Canon EOS R (Body Only) $2159.20 in-Store, Pickup or + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Believe this is the cheapest it's been?
Down from $2699.

Not the best when comparing specs, but having shot with this for over 6 months now I can highly recommend.

The EVF, touch and tilty screen + dual pixel autofocus are class leading. New firmware update for eye autofocus is great for portraiture, it just locks on and makes it really hard to miss focus with the ability to easily switch eyes as well.

Produces really lovely shots straight out of camera.

Shame about the 4k crop and codec for video but if you dont need an ultra wide fov the clog is beautiful for grading and if you're not into video and only stills this is a fantastic well built, reliable and easy to use camera with full compatibility with all EF lenses via the adapter.

Also comes in a kit with 24-105 f/4 $3519.20

Canon EOS RP also on sale for those wanting to step into full frame for $1439.20 (Body + EF adapter)

or $2159.20 (with 24-105 RF lens)

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  • This or Sony A7III?

    • A7III

    • Really depends on what you plan on using it for.

      Spec wise, a7III > EOS R but there is just something more to a camera that feels good in the hand, works flawlessly, is easy to use and produces great images straight out of camera.
      It's actually a real joy to use the EOS R, especially with the recent firmware upgrade for eye autofocus.

      The video specs of the a7iii are much better, but for photography though, i prefer the feel of the EOS R in hand, the weight balance, size and grip are arguably the best currently available.
      Pop into a shop and hold them both and you'll see what i mean, the sony just feels a bit clunky. I use the R for professional work (real estate photog) and it's my daily workhorse.

      The back catalogue of available lenses for the EF mount which you can adapt to the EOS R is fantastic and because over the past few years many people have been switching systems like never before so you can pick up some quality used glass on gumtree, ebay etc. cheaply.

      If you don't need weather sealing and you don't have big hands (quite a bit shorter than the R), the RP is also great value and worth looking into.

  • Good find OP, I don't think I've seen it that low before.

    Tempted to jump to this at some stage from my 80D.

  • The eye focus is good, but I wish they'd bring back eye controlled focus like I had in the mid 90's on my Canon gear, where the camera detected what you were looking at in the viewfinder and focussed on that. It worked awesomely well.


    canon mirrorless offerings are undercooked. I would skip it altogether. they should have done a mirrorless EF mount body, period.

    I am waiting for JBHF to drop prices on something more usable like 5Dmk4 or 6Dmk2.

    I just imagine an R body.. attached to an EF mount adaptor.. attached to a 1.4 extender.. attached to a decent tele prime currently absent in RF lineup.. I don't want to find out which one will break first, or starts letting in dust and moisture.

  • Where is the best place to get the EF/RF Control Ring Adapter (the one with the extra control ring)? JB has it for $349: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/canon-ef-eos-r-control-ri... Having trouble finding it at a discount. RRP is US$199, and it is almost an empty tube, so it ought to be available somewhere at a good discount.

    For those wanting ultra-wide 4K video, the EFS 10-18mm offers stabilised ultra-wide 4K footage and is very cheap.