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Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black or Silver) - $325 Delivered @ The Real Deal


$325 + FREE Shipping (expires Sunday 10th November 2019)

Brand new - not refurb.

Genuine Australian stock, not grey import.

Order will be shipped with full Tax Invoice.

NOTE: Orders cannot be sent to Parcel Lockers as we require signature on delivery.

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  • I just bought a set of these about a week ago. They produce a weird static noise in the right hand side whenever ANC is enabled for more than a few minutes.
    After googling the issue, it seems quite common.
    Trying to organise replacement now.
    Wish I'd bought the BOSE instead.

    • Mine have been perfect straight from the box. Would highly recommend. However my gf has the bose and the form factor for those seems a little smaller. So if you're a small person the bose may be a better option on your noggin.

    • That's really strange! I purchased the Bose instead of the sony at first and had the exact same issue! Took them back and swapped them for the sony instead. Loving these

    • Got a pair from Catch deal a few weeks ago, same issue with the left ear on ANC. In the middle of trying to get a replacement pair fingers crossed with no issues. Strange that it seems like a wide spread issue on a premium product?

  • Here's my 2 cents after I got a pair from the Goodguys deal a week ago. Aesthetically it looks good and it's comfortable on the ears. Build is good as well. It's got some nice features: it's got NFC in the left cup. If your phone is NFC enabled, you can turn on/off the headphone by placing the phone close to the left cup. The right cup is touch enabled. You can move your finger up/down the cup to increase/decrease the volume. Swiping forward/backward skips tracks. However, I can only rate the sound OK. It lacks dynamics and depth. The bass is not clean, sounds a bit boomy. Overall I would give 3.5 out of 5 stars. If you absolutely need a pair of Bluetooth headphone, consider other cheaper brands as well. Otherwise, stick to wired headphones. They sound heaps better, for a lot less.

    • No idea why you got downvoted. This is a pretty good description for these headphones. Good for NC, not the best sound quality. Can find a lot better if you want good closed headphones.

  • Coming from Beats Solo 3 I really love these Sonys. My only gripe is that the Sonys bluetooth doesn't travel well through walls. The beats never lost its signal. However soundwise these kill the beats by a country mile.

  • Just ordered 2x pairs, looking forward to receiving them!

  • Nice. Negged for giving a honest review.

  • I'll start off by saying im a complete headphone / sound quality novice.
    I always liked the idea of good wireless headphones, but wasn't sure if I would use them enough to justify the price. I saw a deal for the Sony WH-CH700N for $149.95 and pulled the trigger. I find I use them quite a bit, so my question is how much better is the sound quality on the WH-1000XM3 over my WH-CH700N ? Is it worth the upgrade ?

    • Novice here too, but Audio is entirely subjective. so best bet, waltz into your local JB hifi and try them out, take em for a spin, play some music, see what you think. can always come back to the deal as 320 is their average deal price. :)

  • Although I love the fact this vendor has responded to complaints about the $20 delivery fee and taken it away, what I'm not happy with is the fact I LITERALLY bought them from these guys the day before and I got to pay the extra.

    Very disappointed.

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      In response to your frustration, and in our defense, as soon as we received your complaint about being charged the $20 delivery fee, we immediately (literally within 5 minutes) refunded the $20 delivery fee to you even though your headphones were bought before the promo began.
      I understand the customer is always correct, and we have done our best to accommodate your grievance.
      We do appreciate your business.

      • I received your email this morning and thank you so much for doing that.

        Love the service and will keep an eye on your store for future purchases. A store that cares about it's customers is really hard to find these days so full appreciation on my part and will recommend you to others.

        Sorry for being so outspoken before - definitely should have been more tactful. My apologies.


    • Haha bad luck. We've all been there. You're lucky they bothered to even refund your delivery fee. Stop being so entitled and ungrateful. We have enough of that to go around a few continents.