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OnePlus 7 Pro GM1910 (CN Version) 8GB/256GB Dual Sim - Nebula Blue - $863.55 Delivered (HK) @ TobyDeals


Cheapest available at the moment compared to eBay. Tobydeals provides a 12 month warranty. ~$851 with Shopback

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    Using one right now, but the 7T pro version. Like the silky smooth 90Hz screen refresh rate.

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      +1. Great phone all round. Have had my 7 Pro for 4-5 months and loving it.

      • I'm still waiting for eBay 10 or 15% off so I can snag it at a lower price 😁

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    Excellent phone, just upgraded from my OP6. Volte and Vowifi calls working as well with a 2 minute computer mod.

    • Could you link me to the mod? I'm planning on getting the CN version soon and want to make sure it works.

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        I followed these instructions on xda to get it working on the OP7 pro https://www.google.com/amp/s/forum.xda-developers.com/oneplu...
        Tested working as my mobile reception at home is dodgy but works super clear on Vowifi, and volte when out in good reception.

        • Thanks!

        • Hi Just wondering, under which profile did you use to get it working? I tried both India-VoLTE-Vodafone or Telefonica_UK_Commercial profiles and couldn't register my Telstra for VoLTE. When I plug my Telstra into my Note 9, it registered VoLTE straight away. Please advice.

          Edit: So far, I got my Vodafone prepaid worked under the Telefonica_UK_Commercial profile. Still struggling to find out a compatible profile for Telstra, unless it is carrier controlled?

          • @cloudie9: @cloudie9: I used the H3G_Denmark_Commercial profile

            • @ThanksOzB: Which network are you on? Telstra or Optus? I will try again when I go back later this evening. Cheers.

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                @cloudie9: Optus. Once you change the profile, it only takes a few seconds before you see the volte/Vowifi on the status bar, no reboot needed.

                • @ThanksOzB: I've tried all the profiles and I conclude that none of the profiles support Telstra VoLTE. So for those looking to have VoLTE, and if you are Telstra account holder, you are out of luck.

                • @ThanksOzB: Looking to get one plus 7 Pro. I'm with Optus but worried that volte won't is your phone rooted? Or you going by the dialler method?

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    Rocking the 7Pro and the build quality and Oxygen OS are great. Very powerful phone.

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    Is there anything to be aware of with buying the CN version?

    • It's basically the same thing, they flash it with the international rom, so software wise its the same. volte may not work, if that's something you care about. Also you lose warranty when you flash, so you're relying on the reseller if something goes wrong.

  • Hmm jump on it now or wait for singles day…

    • Oh wait it is the singles day sale, I wonder if anyone else is doing sales

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    Eh, tobydeals, had 2\2 bad experiences with them. Be aware they advertise as in stock when in fact they may not. They don't track inventory and just dropped ship after you have paid. Buyer beware

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    I'd advise buying from elsewhere.
    Here's my experience buying a phone (Note 9) from these guys.

    • Zero contact for over a week until I chased them up. They were sourcing a phone. So they're advertising a product they don't stock. Whatever. It's about to get worse.

    • Phone arrives and it's been flashed. Uses a non-factory recovery tool and the ROM they've flashed cannot receive OTA updates, instead telling you to immediately contact Samsung.

    There was a reputable eBay seller for OnePlus phones posted the other week. They could not possibly be any worse than TobyDeals + you have eBay buyer protections.

    • Yea I would personally buy through eBay as well it's less than a $20 difference anyway.

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