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Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Snapdragon 855 6GB/128GB US $177 (AU $257), 8GB/128GB US $210 (AU $306) + Delivery @ Lenovo AliExpress


Not quite sure how Aliexpress sale works but hopefully I got this right.

First 500 order will get Free Smart Watch X. Choose Bundle: Gift Set.

How it works thanks to adr8

11.11 Sale Starts 12:00am PT - 7:00pm AEDT

To get the price in title follow these steps:

1) Apply coupon BIGSALE11 to get $30 off US $120 or BERUBY30 or FRMUST30 to get $30 of US $150 Credit Original Deal

2) Apply Select Coupon $6 off per US $65

3) Apply Seller Coupon $3 off US $99

Specs: No band 28, network compatibility in Australia

CPU ————- Snapdragon 855 Octa Core
Screen ———- 6.39-Inch Super AMOLED, 2340x1080 FHD Display
OS ————— ZUI 10 (Android P)
Camera ——— 24.0+16.0MP Rear Camera , Front Camera 16.0MP+8.0MP
Battery ———- 3350mAh(typ)
​NFC ————- Support
Insceen Fingerprint ——-Support
Network —- Dual SIM Dual Standby (3 choose 2 card tray)
Please visit this website to check it https://www.frequencycheck.com
2G: GSM:B2/B3/B5/B8 ; CDMA:BC0
3G: WCDMA:B1/B2/B5/B8 ; TD-SCDMA:B34/B39
4G: FDD-LTE:B1/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8 ;

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This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2019.

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  • Insane 😵

  • You might get it by Feb

  • +1 vote

    No b28 no deal!
    Jokes, cheap phone nah?

  • OMG!Snapdragon 855 6GB/128GB only $234,just can't believe this.

  • Damn. Was going to jump on it until I saw that there isn't a lot of development for this device :(

  • 6.4" screen and a tiny 3350mAh battery. No thanks.

  • Shipping kills it, and have you forgot to add GST?

  • It says Global Rom not the Global Version. Careful guys.

  • Very good cpu, but terrible battery.

  • Cheap high end hand held console..

  • Got a Zuk Z2 and never again will i buy a lenovo handphone. ZUI is terrible and having to find and flash other ROMs was a nightmare.

    • Loved my Z2. Along with the Aquos S2 and now the Samsung A20, it was one of those phones which defied its price range. Ended up flashing some great ROMs for it including Pixel Experience.

      • Okay, good for you but every single third-party ROM has something that doesnt work properly or isnt quite right. If you can live with that, then fine. But i like my phones with everything working perfectly straight out of the box.

        • yep had the same phone, got sick of them stopping dev of one or the other and some crap or other not working (3rd party rom wise) the actual software that it came with was just a joke… as long as your ok with little to no software support then these types of phones are fine, i'm not new to flashing roms and 3rd party roms, but at some point its just no worth the hassle… (to me anyway but i can see the fun and attraction)

          definitely impressive specs though :) but with low prices like this usually the flip side is crud software and/or no development for it

          • @scud70: What was not working in your ROMs? my mum has been using the phone for the past year and half since I was done with it and it's not skipped a beat. ZUI I'll admit was awful and even my mum who had an iPhone before that found it very confusing. Been using Jaguar since.

            • @chriaj2689: Mainly LinageOs or cyanogen if your old school, at the beginning it was volte or camera or just general bugs then they stopped dev for it, well cuz I assume the guy/s had jobs and lives. Anyway got sick of it all… I think I got a decent stable build in the end and left it as a travel phone that I gave to my mum… I'll stick to main brands… I lack the time for the looking around finding a safe firmware to use etc etc… Been on note 8 for 2 years now. To be honest zuk z2 was after htc went down the drain and I was taking my time choosing who's phone to stick with next… I loved my M7 and found it hard to justify the prices the phones had gone up to Hahaha I got my note 8 when hardly normal dropped it to $987 and I had 100 amex cash back… I don't know what I'll do next, the prices now are crazy…

              • @scud70: Hahah my M7 is still going strong (it's mainly used for YouTube Vanced and now 7-11 fuel deals). Tbh I did not have VoLTE for a while and when I passed my phone over it wasn't usable. But since my mum got it she reckons it was better than her iPhone 5 and with gcam she's got some fantastic pictures (I've taken some panaroma views as mine) if you've still got it worth giving jaguar a run.

                • @chriaj2689: it's somwhere hahaha it's working well enough for my mum to use overseas, if my note dies and im not ready to spash over 1k on a phone (which to be honest i doubt i'll ever be ready fo) i'll probably use that for a while until there's a fire sale or something on a big name brand hahahaha

    • I have two Zuk Z2's, still going strong. Running pixel experience on both. Soon enough they'll be on Android 10. Best value phone I've ever had. All they need is a new battery every 18 months and it's like you've got a new phone again.

  • Jesus! Those specs are super tempting at that price. Holy Shyte Batman?! They make good PCs, not worth trying a phone? I guess the Asus ZenFone 2 I tried 2 yrs ago was a fizzer… But different Co.

  • I have a Lenovo Vibe Z2. And for $150, it's pretty much trash.
    Anyways, was considering this, BUT, it's got no headphone jack, no expandable storage among other problems. So. IDK.

  • +2 votes

    Found another coupon that should work for this deal FRMUST30 to get $30 off US $150

  • Small battery, no B28. Pass

    • Umidigi Power 3

      • Phone looks good but when will they actually ship them??

        • When Umidigi have a retail presence in Australia they are going to smoke the competition. I'd hate to be in the smartphone business.

          I'd say it'll arrive within 2 months. Official release is/was the 11th of November. No doubt it'll be on the Umidigi Australia eBay store before Christmas.

  • Caution from review:

    "Lenovo uses pulse-width modulation to control the display brightness. The frequency of this flickering is very low at 123 Hz. We personally did not notice any effects of this PWM. However, it can cause headaches and dizziness among more sensitive users - particularly when the frequencies are very low."

  • Coupons do not work. Tried it at 7:01pm. Select coupons just won't apply and there's no way to manually add them.

  • None of the coupons work