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Masterplug 20m 10A 4 Socket Extension Lead Reel $36.50 (Was $69.90) & HPM Heavy Duty 10m 15A Extension Lead $19.96 @ Bunnings


This popular deal is back for those that missed out last time

Masterplug 20m 10A 4 Socket Extension Lead Reel $36.50 (Was $69.90) Pricehipster

Masterplug offers a lightweight and sturdy reel, this portable solution delivers for most garden and home improvement situations. It has been designed and engineered for longevity. The plastic drum provides reliable protection when in use, transported or stored. Using 20m 1.0mm highly visible Heavy Duty green cable, this range of extension reels provides 4 x 125V 10amp sockets, power switch and has a built-it overload and reset button for extra safety.

4 Sockets
20m Heavy Duty Cable with SAA plug
Thermal cutout
Over current protector
On/Off switch

HPM 10m 15A Heavy Duty Construction Extension Lead $19.96 (Was $31.93) Pricehipster
Historic low price for the 10m

The HPM Construction Lead has a 15A extra heavy duty, designed for building, industrial and construction sites.

Thanks again to Pricehipster

Product page doesn't seem to show for stores in WA and QLD. Try Bartley69's method if having issues:

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    Thanks OP, Just because they are on sale, bought regardless of any immediate need

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      The OzBargain way

      • I bought it today, can confirm they're actually $39 instead.

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    Is the first link working?
    (4 socket extension cord reel)

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      Both links and the thumbnail link work fine for me. You could also try this and look at the third result.

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    Link goes to Bunnings homepage…even if you Google the product. Taken down?

    • Just tried and it works for me.

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      It appears if you have your local store set as "your store" on the bunnings page and it's not available there, it will default to the bunnings homepage. If you paste the link into an incognito window it loads fine.

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    Working fine here. Just purchased.

  • Link goes to Bunnings homepage…even if you Google the product. Taken down?
    Is the first link working?
    (4 socket extension cord reel)

    Having the same issue all links going to https://www.bunnings.com.au/our-range

    but kahn's link does take me to a bunnings reels page, although the picture shown here is not on the list at that link? Could it be location specific?

    • I don't think it takes you to the reel if your store doesn't have stock.

      My store is set to Mornington TAS and I can see the reel.

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    The product description of the reel is a bit of a worry… 4 x 125V 10amp sockets. And, if you have to unreel the full cable to use it, I think it's safer to go with the shorter HPM one.

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      That's a mistake.
      Most of Australia has a nominal voltage of 230v.

      125v is a mistake because they have used the description for another country.

      However 10a is the number you need to be concerned about, the voltage doesn't matter.

      All reels need to be unreeled to use them depending on the load.

      If you have 4 layers of cable then it can only carry 40% of the rated load.
      3 layers is about 50%
      2 layers is about 60%
      1 layer is about 75%

      • Can I be educated on the rationale behind unreeling?

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          See here: https://i.stack.imgur.com/P7nzb.jpg

          …inability to dissipate heat is bad.

        • Tightly wound/packed cable cannot dissipate the heat generated by current flowing through it.

          When that happens the insulation can melt causing a short circuit.

        • Thanks guys. I am running a 3.8A battery charger to my car plus a laptop. I think it would still be way under 10A though.

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            @ymmf: 4A battery charger and 2A laptop charger is going to give you 6A (60% load) so you will need to unroll the cord so you have 2 layers or less.

        • We use 1700W on an unreeled extension lead and may confirm that it hasn’t burned down.

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        Well it depends if its rated for 10 amps at 125v or 10 amps at 240v as 10amps at 125v is only 1200 watts while 10 amps at 240v is 2400 watts.

        • Well firstly most of Australia has a nominal voltage of 230v. 125v is a mistake because they have used the description for another country.

          Secondly relative resistance (Ohms) goes down as voltage increases (which is why long-distance power cables are run at several thousand Volts). Which means that at higher voltages, cables can be thinner.

          Thus, a cable rated for 10A 125V has a resistance of 12.5 ohms; (125V/10A), while a cable rated for 10A 250V has a resistance of 25 ohms. Thus, running that cable at half voltage (125V) also halves the current it can handle, as resistance is a physical property of the cable. A cable rated at 250V 10A thus is only rated to handle 5A at 125V (125 V/25ohms = 5A).
          So if this cable was really only rated at 125V 10A then it can carry 20A at 250V

          As a general rule, you can run a cable at a higher voltage than its rating at the same amperage safely, but not at a lower voltage.

          Thirdly, you are looking at Watts which is only ever a calculated number derived from Volts and Amps. It is the maximum work that an appliance could do. Amps tell you how much can flow through the cord.

          If this was carrying water
          Amps is the maximum volume the cable can carry.
          Volts is how much water pressure is in the cable.
          Watts is how much power (or work) the water can provide.

  • But I only have cordless Ryobi tools :P

  • Out of stock has been the case for weeks since the first round here, wonder if they'll be bringing them back at any stage.

    • Not all stores have stock

      • 4 of 5 stores unavailable *Sydney

        • Not all stores have stock

        • Its always best effort with limited supplies but would be improved having clarity around stocks levels imo

  • Just bought one, plenty of stores in Victoria with stock

  • Not seeing it either, even with search

  • cord needs to be fully unreeled before using. I can ignore this right? No surge protection sounds pretty bad

    • +1

      No, you must unroll it fully before using or among other things you risk burning the insulation which may lead to a short circuit or worse an electrical shock. This is because the wire may not be able to dissipate heat effectively due to it being wound up together while you operate it under high loads.

    • +1

      You can ignore it depending on the current draw running through it.

      If you have 4 layers of cable then it can only carry 40% of the rated load.
      3 layers is about 50%
      2 layers is about 60%
      1 layer is about 75%

    • Electric current generates heat, which needs to go somewhere. If the only place heat can go is the same cord in the tightly packed reel, then heat might accumulate rather than dissipate, leading to melting cord, short circuit, fire, death etc.

  • Just for those of you who don't need the reel and the sockets, the arlec 25m 250volts 10A heavy duty extension lead is $17.98 regular price: https://www.bunnings.com.au/arlec-25m-250v-10a-heavy-duty-ex...

    That's a 5m longer lead cable at just under half the price if you can do without the reel and the additional sockets.

  • Often with reels and cables of many kinds (especially the cheap ones) the cables loop and tangle on unwinding. How do these go on unwinding?

  • Good product and price. I got 2 fron the last deal. I think it has been this price for a while https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/483451

  • They are a suspended item

    • What do you mean?

  • Can anybody recommend a reel that has the outlet on the end of the cord rather than the plug?

    To be used with an electric hedge trimmer with one of those super short cords

  • Costco selling 25m for 39.99$ Cord Tech Heavy duty Trade Reel 25m 4 outlet Ip44 rated.

  • Having to unreel 20m each time of use…..hmmmm….best to make sure if you need 20m or not. Better to buy a shorter length if not needed even bypassing this deal just on use case alone.

  • +1

    Just a heads up that the heavy duty HPM lead has a 15amp plug.

  • Did any other stores have 25M reels for the same price? (NOT 20M) Because mine did, whole pallet load of them.