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Original/Zinger Chicken Fillet, Bacon & Cheese Combo, with Bonus Side $8.45 (Normally $9.95, Save between $4.45 to $5.25) @ KFC


As per numerous posts, this is based on a previous special, which is listed under Colonels offers. Not only, do you save $1.50, but you also receive an extra food side. ie Chips or small potato & gravy (valued up to $3.75).
All you have to do is :-
1. Use the KFC 'Order on the go App'
2. Goto Colonels Offers and select the Burger combo Deluxe listed at $7.45
3. Choose Original or Zinger
4. Goto Extras, choose Bacon x 1, and Cheese x 1. An extra cost of $1. Add the appropriate sauce (Pepper Mayo for the Original/ Supercharged for the Zinger), as well as extra Lettuce which is no charge.
5. Enjoy.

I didn't see an option to add an extra chicken fillet, however I recall they were $2.95 extra, thus saving $1 on the BBQ Bacon stacker combo.

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