(2019) What are you planning to buy this Click Frenzy, Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Boxing Day?

Oh or Singles Day… and Green Monday..?!

Provide links of your items if bored enough.


My shopping list (gifts and replacements) for family that I've put off too long:

Wrist watch

Outdoor security cameras

Powerbank (10,000mAh minimum)
Overwatch PC game.
Air Purifier
Eye glasses
Snow Cone maker

Cheap TV with DVD player built-in
FHD or UHD4K 120Hz TV…
AA and AAA batteries
HDD Caddy (to convert old to portable)

15" Laptop with at least 3x USB-A ports.
Lenovo T420 Thinkpad with Windows 7 to be my daily driver.
Tablet or 2in1 for Drawing / Samsung Tab S6 / Surface / WACOM Cintiq? (or Apple stylus for iPad)
New Clothes.

Gaming Keyboard (MX Browns over Reds/Blues)
Gaming Mouse with 2 thumb buttons
Gaming Headset splitter cable, or to USB.
Deeper computer Desk.

Skateboard and Kneepads
Polaroid Camera/INSTAX
Piano/musical Keyboard or Guitar/Violin

Tape Measure
Dashcam with parking mode.
12v Car Adapter and triple charging cable (USB C-MicroUSB-Lightning)
Sunshade Windshield
Steering Wheel cloth cover
Car Visor extension.
Used Car (Hatchback or small sedan)
Smoke Detector
Cheap water-resistant IP68 rated Smartphone for Dad
Cheap Mobile Plan for Dad
Product to clean oven grease??

If anybody can share their buying experiences for above products would be great!


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    An $80k high-yield investment V8 that doesn't go above 4,000rpm, with a dashcam aimed at the dash of the car. I won't buy it until I've checked under the bonut.

    I'll take it to maccas for some burgars, making sure I do the right methmatics. I'll refuse to wait in the waiting bay for my coffee.

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      I wonder what a non-ozbargainer would think about this comment.

      • That once he gets his boffee he can dunk his bonut in it?

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      Remember to check the V8 for the sex appeal before buying it.

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      That’s disgusting

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      Sounds like, the most OzBargain Car AKA absolutely best fuel economy and cost to maintain over 15 Years, ever.

    • Hahaha 😂

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    Too much on AliExpress as usual. Up to $200 at least, but I'll keep the real good deals under wrap for now :)

    Tablet, SSD and camera mostly though 😉

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    The missus was supposed to be working on a christmas list while I was dealing with a work emergency the last couple of days but she got sidetracked. Only the toddler has sent his requests in so far: he wants a "big boy" bike, a yellow truck ,a blue car and a baby sister. When do baby sisters go on sales?

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      do baby sisters go on sales?

      Normally after dark!

      • My wife's trying to convince him that he wants a "babysitter", not a "baby sister"🤣

        • How old's ya boy? The baby sister could as well become a babysitter when a bit older!
          At least he didn't ask for a baby shitter !

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            @capslock janitor: Not quite 3 and he has an older sister and brother , who begged for years for a little bro and then complained for the first 6 months of his life that all he did was cry, sleep and do "stinky poos".

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      When you’ve been nice you get to be naughty.

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    I hope to get a good deal on a monitor/TV for gaming.

  • Pixel 4 128GB Black to replace my Pixel 2

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    Just a couple of prostate massagers to replace the worn-out ones from last year.

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      just use the ol' thumb up the bum - works wonders

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      Make sure you share the links to any deals you find ;)

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    hopefully some 'True Wireless earbuds', still trying to figure out which ones though. currently thinking the Jabra elite 65t, but also depends on which go on sale.

  • Nothing. Just bought a pair of bose 700.

  • Nintendo switch console but I just bought from amazon deal
    with the free game and I had a 20 dollar off code to use with it so got it for 379
    maybe I should of waited ? idk

  • Ryzen Ryzen Ryzen! - Hopefully some good PC sales!

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    [A] BOOK
    of IVI

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    Apple Watch 5

    • im looking for 1 as well!

    • Do you reckon there will be any offers for them?

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    I'm getting a seriously upgraded sim rig because I finally broke my Logitech G920 and sitting in an office chair playing sim games is … shit.

  • As a Bonus question(s), I updated the post with what I'm in the market for!

    If you could Reply with recommendations or msg would be appreciated.

    Hopefully some people can help me knock out at least half of them before End of the Year!!

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      I'd recommend the iPad, Apple Pencil and Procreate app combo if you're looking for something to do drawings and illustrations on. It's what a lot of illustrators use nowadays.

      • Sis currently has iPad Air 2 does Pencil work with that?
        Also sometimes she prefers "textured surface" when drawing so it feels like paper, is there a solution for that? Thanks

        • The iPad Air 2 doesn't support the Apple Pencil. Either use a third-party stylus or get a newer iPad.

          She can either use a matte screen protector or there are screen protectors specifically marketed towards drawing. YMMV, check reviews.

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    I'm hoping for the Oculus Rift S to go on special.. I won $500 from a Birthday Cash Draw so hoping I can find one as close to that as possible :P

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      Rumoured to be going for $499 on Amazon. Fingers crossed.

      • I hope so!!

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    Samsung Galaxy Active or Gear S3 Frontier.
    I'm still a bit undecided. The Galaxy Active 2 is outta my price range.

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    I don't want to sound like a party-pooper but after buying 10 tennis racquets, 6 tennis shoes that I haven't even worn once, many pieces of clothing that are sitting in the wardrobe, I've come to realise I don't need anything more really.

    The only thing on my wish list is Pokemon Shield :)

    I've set up $15 Kris Kringle at work so that makes giving out Christmas presents easy at work.

    Just going to buy items/clothes that I really need and spend time grocery shopping and trying new recipes, sharing food around Christmas and New year.

    • I looked in the wardrobe yesterday to find multiple jeans, jackets, and shirts I've never worn. I was actually wondering where those jeans went, I was starting to think I imagined buying them.

      • The secret is rearrange your wardrobe to force yourself to wear something new. It’s too easy to reach for the old stuff. I rearranged my wine fridge the other day to find a stack of 2011, 2012, 2013 red wines that have been well cellared all those years. So far they are drinking very well.

    • Regift ur racquets lol

  • I'm looking for a Motorola Moto G7 - just the default one. Probably not such a sought after item, but not finding many places that have stock left.

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    Upgrading to a new place in time for Christmas so I'm going crazy on Boxing Day.

    Washing machine
    Lounge room rug
    Garden stuff now we actually have a garden that's not just the weedy patch of dirt out front
    Buffet/sideboard with roll up bar section on top (I made this up, not sure I'll find what I want)
    Vacuum cleaner (Dyson V something that doesn't require sticking fingers up the barrel to get the dirt out)
    Mixer taps
    Black sneakers because the two pairs of new balance that I bought hurt my feet if I wear them too long :( Nike is fine, Skechers are fine but bloody NB…
    Phone case and popsocket as well! ALthough I do like the ohsnap.. check it out.

    • Nice!

      Super interesting, how does he spin the Ohsnap on one finger with that tiny hook? 🤯
      What will it cost?

      And good luck with ya crazies!

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    New macbook air for work
    Gaming Laptop
    xbox one

    Mostly hubby and kids except for the mac air :)

    for Myself get my hair and makeup done and a holiday would be nice

  • Hoping to see a samsung UA55RU8000WXXY on sale.

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    Honestly probably a 20,000mah or larger power bank and some wireless headphones but my current taotronics BH22's are pretty excellent so maybe slip on shoes as I am grinding through some cheap barefoot rivers ones I bought on a 50% off sale I am basically on my feet 24/7 at work so shoes and shoe soles help a lot plus I public transport everywhere.

    My phone barely makes it through the day now and when it dies while out and about you realised how much you rely on it and feel almost naked no matter where you are.

    I don't need a tv or monitor anymore and I doubt the RTX 2080 Ti and equivalent cpu to power it will hit a price I am happy to buy at for some time so yeah just a power bank mostly.. I had an idea about a bag that was basically half power bank and held like a months worth of battery but then I realized how heavy and probably dangerous that would be especially if it got knocked around a lot.

    I wonder if there will be anything to broden this year.

  • Just finished a mini Reno including new TV, sound etc, so looking for a few things to finish that off

    Apple TV 4
    Xbox One X
    Borderlands 3
    Floor lamp
    MR16 bulbs

  • CR2035 batteries.

  • One day TO GO!

  • 30min to go, send in your Wishlists so i may broden them all

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