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Circles.Life $28 Cashback (Was $10) @ ShopBack


Enjoy :)

Combine with ongoing offer for $28 - Thanks to Smogul
+ Bonus $2 - thanks to dealbot & gotyourback

$28 for 100GB of Data Per Month for 12 Months + $28 Upsized Cashback

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Referral: random (1719)

$5 for referrer and $5 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • For a second I thought that is a killer deal. You pay 336$ for the year … it's not free for the year! It is $28 per month!

  • Basically free for first month with ongoing offer for $28 per month.

    • And can cancel after 1st month as no lock-in.

      • NOTES
        Cashback is only available to new Circles.Life customers
        You must remain a Circles.Life customer for a minimum of 60 days from date of activation
        SIM must be activated within 30 days of purchase
        Excludes taxes, fees or additional extras

        Tips to ensure Cashback
        To ensure your Cashback is successful:
        Use only promo codes listed on ShopBack
        Please note the use of Adblock software may affect your Cashback claim. If installed, please disable your ad blocking software entirely during your shopping sessions
        Read Other Terms and Conditions below
        Cashback is not qualified for:
        Cashback is not available to existing Circles.Life customers
        Customer who cancels the plan before 60 days since activation
        SIM activated after 30 days of purchase
        Cashback is not payable on usage of codes not listed on ShopBack as well as returns, exchanges & cancellations.
        Cashback is not payable on purchases through Circles.Life App

  • So that's a 1o0gb of data per month allowance? That's a good deal

    • I believe it's 100GB of data per month.

    • I just joined circles $18 + $10 last friday for 40gb.
      would have join this 100gb offer.. anyone tried calling circle to ask them to give 100gb offer for new client?

  • Don't forget the $2 bonus cashback.

  • been using it for 3 wks, so far so good

  • can this be used as home wireless network if i plug the sim to the wireless router?

  • Can I use this ShopBack deal for the $18/month plan?

  • What does the referral bonus mean?

  • Can I purchase more than one sim? Or is it one per customer

  • Damn waste of time is shopback I went through the link on shopback and made the purchase but shopback won't pay up **** them. My activity shows I visited circleslife I sent the invoice to shopback but they won't pay up I'm now cancellation the sim plan.

    • So you signed up for the cash back and not the deal? It sucks, but enjoy the main part of the deal. Don't stress about it mate. I got stung by Cashrewards for a lot of hotel bookings that they didnt honour and they basically ignored my emails after they told me they didnt care. I haven't put one thing through them since. Bunch of flogs if you ask me, but 100GB for $28 is pretty sweet!

    • I'm after another sim if you are able to transfer.

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