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Sunset Alcohol Flush Support $36.81 USD (~$54 AUD) Delivered @ Sunset


First post here, thought this might benefit some fellow ozbargainers who suffer from alcohol flushing and want to give this a try while it's cheap.

Sunset is currently offering 30% off for 11.11 singles day. I randomly stumbled upon a code that offered an additional 15% off which brings the sale price from $33.59 US to $28.56 US.

For those that are skeptical, they offer a "Flush Free or Your Money Back Guarantee" on your first bottle purchased.

How does Sunset Alcohol Flush Support work?

Sunset works to stop the Asian Flush reaction by utilizing multiple layers of defence. Firstly, via glutathione synthesis, it assists the deficient ALDH2 enzyme break down acetaldehyde before it causes facial flushing. Secondly, via a histamine blockade, it prevents the body from reacting to whatever flush-provoking toxins are left behind. These two flush defence mechanisms are held in place by a synergy of compounds balanced precisely for optimum flush fighting effect.

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This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2019.

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Sunset Alcohol Flush Support
Sunset Alcohol Flush Support

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