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Samsung Galaxy S2, $573.95 + $49.95 Shipping on ShoppingSquare


The best deal on the market at the moment but I really want this phone at their old promo price they had which was $473…

However, if you guys can't wait for it to drop still the best price for a direct shipping offer!

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  • I think the last expired deal is better but already expired anyway.


  • don't go with them….we still waitng for our orders to be finished.

  • Actually I bought a HTC DESIRE HD last year and it arrived within 2 weeks! So if the last offer of $473 comes around again I will be sure to buy.

  • re last SS deal so did anyone actually get their S2 for $473 or have all orders been put on hold/refunded?

    • None of us have received anything. Waiting to be shipped start of August which will likely be over a month till we actually receive our orders!

      • yeah but if anyone buys this for $573 and receives it b4 those who paid less i would be royally pissed off!

        • But no one would be surprised.

        • if they do that, I vote for a mass SS complaint to the ACCC. Taking our money and not shipping stock, intentionally waiting over a month till value drops I'm sure is a serious offense. If they do, we will at least have proof from all the users on here!

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    • Nah, the one above was ended a while ago. The same link activate at a different time so not really a dupe in my opnion.

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    Also looking for this phone but you can get it for $630 from handtec (1 week to deliver according to my friend).
    Alternatively I can get it off eBay/gumtree for $600 but I'm waiting til it gets cheaper… ;)

    • I would do this rather than buy from Shopping Square at this price!

  • Its time for a new phone for me but not sure if I should get this or the iPhone 4

    • iphone 4 is going EOL in a few months.

      • yes, iphone5 or iphone4gs is on the way

  • wts this?
    they said its out of stock for the previous deals.. but they have stock to sell them now??
    wheres my phone!!!

    • It says on the site: Due to Popular Demand: Order will be shipped by the 1st week of Aug 2011.

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    i would recommend buying from TopBuy. I got mine delivered for $640 last week from Hong Kong. It was shipped priority FedEx and arrived within 2 business days to my door. Loving the phone. CBF waiting 1 month for a phone to save a bit of cash. Spend the extra $30 people!!

  • Pretty cheap. I'm thinking about getting this with a $40 p/m Telstra prepaid, cheaper than buying it on their $59 plan with the handset repayments.
    Also shipping I think it $49.00, not $49.95 - for me anyway.

  • -3

    i'll sell mine for 575 pick up!
    if i will rec mine next month.

    • Why was this negged? He's selling it cheaper than any current deal.

      • profiteering is not part of the the ozbargainer's code

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    it's a joke, they are selling now but don't even have any in stock!!
    you pay and you gotta wait for a month to start shipping from oversea + a week to get delivered in Australia!!
    (and you never know they will actually have stock in a month or maybe another delay!)

    I've cancelled mine order anyway!!
    I won't regret!! the price will fall in time!!!

    voting -NEG coz of stock issue, not voting against the OP!! thanks OP for sharing anyway!!

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    Stock issues, very stupid for a site to put on another 2 deal (same deal like a week or two back) of the same item when people who purchased from their previous deal haven't even gotten their order yet IMHO.

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    LOL… they shoul've actually waited till they had some more units in stock, -ve for me.

  • i decided to just get the phone on the virgin $59 fair go deal. They pay the handset off for you during the contract. 1 week wait.

    • Yeah but the network is a joke. Anything other than Telstra is 2nd rate. Their customer service may be rubbish but the network is a country mile better than the rest.

  • royally dodgy

  • Doddy seller.

    http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/48636 previous post
    People who ordered the phone on their ebay site way after our order already received the phone because the price is a bit higher on ebay. At the meantime, they claim they do NOT have any stock and we are going to wait another 2 weeks for some bullshit…

    I would neg all their deals from now on.. unworthy seller, shame on you

    • If it was a cheap deal, you'd still buy it though.
      It's not the first time they've been dodgy. In fact, far from it.