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Up to 70% off Blu-Rays & DVDs @ ZAVVI


34 results. Blu-Ray & DVD titles such as:
Alien Anthology Blu-Ray $17.99
Planet of the Apes 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray $28.99
X-Men 4K Ultra HD (Inc Blu-Ray) $47.99
Friends - The Complete Collection Blu-Ray $100.99
Hobbit Trilogy (Middle Earth Collection - Extended Edition) Blu-Ray $100.99
Hobbit Trilogy (Middle Earth Collection) Blu-Ray $37.99
Venom - 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray $20.99
The Amazing Spiderman 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray $20.99

Not saying you cannot get cheaper elsewhere, but they seemed pretty good pricing for comparisons.
Hope link is useful for others.

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Zavvi AU

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    some of this stuff is cheaper at JB, and that even before the usual JB 20% off


      I have not been looking but good for comparison purposes.
      I just thought they sounded rather good pricing.

  • +4 votes

    Blade Runner 2049 - 4K Ultra HD
    RRP: A$70.99
    NOW A$20.99

    You know, I think they might be a little bit full of shit here, and just ever so slightly inflating the RRP


      I don’t tend to look at RRPs from anyone actually.
      I have quite a few blu-rays myself but trying not to buy more as nowhere near watching what we have already, but some of those sounded pretty decent prices. We usually buy at JB HiFi but I have been trying not to look.


    How are these guys in regards to packaging? The reviews don't make for pleasant reading…


      I buy Funko Pops collectables from them and never had any packaging issues.

    • +1 vote

      No offence to OP who I gave an up vote for anyway but Zavvi are terrible in regards to packaging. I can't find my big rant about my last order I placed with them in 2017 but it looked like the parcel had been used as an office football. That's on top of all the usual delays on orders or them even forgetting to post orders out.

      I had been a regular customer up until the 2017 incident but I'll never order anything through Zavvi ever again.

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