Campervan Hire from $1 a Day across Australia (Nov/Dec) @ Apollo


There's a range of relocation vehicles for a ridiculously low cost of from $1 per day for multiple routes across Australia - and all you need to do is drive an Apollo vehicle to and from a collection of drop-off points.

There's a variety of collection points and drop-offs on offer for rentals during the below dates. Here are some of our favourites:

Brisbane to Cairns - 1 Dec to 5 Dec - from $1 per day
Melbourne to Hobart - 14 Nov to 20 Nov - from $1 per day
Sydney to Cairns - 28 Nov to 4 Dec - from $1 per day
Adelaide to Cairns - 30 Nov to 6 Dec - from $5 per day
The offer is only available on the specific dates and trips are only one way. Please note these specific routes highlighted are one-off relocations. Each rental has an allocated number of days within which the relocation needs to be completed. Select routes also include fuel. The vehicles sleep from two to six people.

  • Apollo will provide you with a set number of days to get from A to B. Please note on some longer journeys the $1 a day will only be applicable for part of the duration of your hire. If availability permits you can increase the number of days for an additional fee. To make a booking they require a $250 deposit and a $1000 bond - both are refundable. The driver has to be 21 years of age or older. All vehicles come with 24-hour roadside assistance. Due to the nature of this deal, dates may changes daily so lock in your desired travel dates early to avoid disappointment

(found on travelzoo)

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    This has been going for years.

    They still find ways to try and sting you extra fees - IE when I drove one from Brisbane to Sydney we were forced to pre-pay tolls as a batch.


      I've used a NZ-based service twice (transfercar) - the second time just this month!. There was $2 a day for extra drivers, but all fuel was included, no problems at all with the vehicles. One was basically brand new.

      Not many tolls in the South Island though…


        Wow that's a sweet deal.


        Yeah it still saved us a fortune as we were driving down for a last minute booked NRL grand final trip. I absolutely paid a lot more than just the $2, but it really depends on each individual trip as they all have their own Ts & Cs. Some Tasmania moves include the ferry, some trips include fuel, some have really generous time ranges.

        I've just clicked through to roughly 10 random bookings from this, and only 3 actually had $1 a day with most being $15/$20 per day. OP you might want to update.

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    The vehicles sleep from two to six people.

    So you are saying I can't go alone?

  • +4 votes

    Several Melbourne to Cairns in 5 days…..that's not going to be much fun.


      At least 6 hours of driving a day via inland roads…..boring AF.

      By the coast it would be 8 a day.

      Fuel required at least 200 litres.


        In a larger motorhome, especially if your going to go above a cruise speed, multiply your expected fuel use by 2.


      Same as Alice Spring to Cairns. Easy 6hrs driving per day


    Melbourne to Hobart… Own expense crossing the bight?

    • +7 votes

      It would be SUPER expensive to go melb to hobart via the bight… you're far better off going via bass strait. :)


    Melbourne to Hobart doesn't include ferry, so that's $400, not that there's even many days available for the ferry, could end up stuck.

  • +2 votes

    Yeah devil is in the detail with these deals.
    If you need to simply get somewhere cheaper than a bus, plane, train, car… it could be ok…. but the included fuel and time restrictions mean that it isn't really suitable as a roadtrip holiday in itself.

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    None of the Melbourne ones which claim to be $1 are even close to that

    Melbourne Cairns 26-Nov-2019 02-Dec-2019 2 $1/day Actual Cost $106
    Melbourne Hobart 14-Nov-2019 20-Nov-2019 2 $1/day Actual Cost $304
    Melbourne Hobart from now 19-Nov-2019 2 $1/day Actual Cost $204
    Melbourne Cairns 23-Nov-2019 29-Nov-2019 2 $1/day Actual Cost $106
    Melbourne Hobart from now 19-Nov-2019 6 $1/day Actual Cost $204

    So very misleading


      I wonder if they'll pay for the ferry to Tasmania?


      That is because as an example with the Melbourne Cairns 23-Nov-2019 29-Nov-2019 you can only have the cheaper rate for 6 days not the 7 days that the link automatically quotes and the listing implies. It should state available between not pickuup dropoff as that implies all the dates are available at that price. If you reduce the dates by one day the rate will drop back to $1 per day.

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    Also last time i looked into these kind of deals it said they can change the vehicle class at any time including after you rock up to collect. So good luck fitting your family of 6 into a hiace.

    Make sure you check the fine print.

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    Takes two months and a couple of phone calls for Apollo to refund a deposit.


    another option for those looking is imoova

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