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[QLD] Bacon & Egg Burger, Hashbrown + Juice $5 @ Oporto Myer Centre


I went to Oporto yesterday morning and Myer Centre Oporto and they are STILL running the breakfast deal from May https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/456537 ! They don't always have the sign up but if you ask them to order the "$5 Bacon and Egg burger meal" they'll do it!

$5 brekky in Brisbane is hard to beat

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  • Great if this is still going.
    Gonna try at Castle Towers NSW, will report back if any luck :D

    Update: well apparently they never had coffee and the bacon and egg roll is $8 by itself. "Other Oportos might"

    • yeah i copy and pasted the title from the other deal, but edited and removed the "coffee" bit because i don't remember seeing coffee on the sign.

      so maybe the deal is slightly different from last time or maybe coffee was a mistake?

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    How much for shipping to VIC?

  • Anybody know whether they would serve me this deal at lunch time? Would be a killer deal for lunch if they are still making breakfast items

  • Never had their breakfast, how's it compared to McDonald's?

    • Depends on the store, but the burger has bbq sauce here so that has a big impact on flavour. Hash brown in my experience is generally more consistent(-ly good) good at Oporto, wheres Maccas is hit and miss for me.

  • They also have this deal at the North Sydney store!

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