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Audio Technica ATH-AD900X $169.48 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Nice clean sound, good for music or gaming. These are large and tend to slip down your head however easily fixed with a rubber band connecting the 'wings' making them extremely comfortable. These have been around for a while so no detachable cable unfortunately.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Excellent headphones, sound great and are super durable. Mine has been going for 6 years being dropped and cable being pulled, still no signs of wear or damage.

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      You are looking at the price history of Amazon. This is only a 7 day period,not months or years in other instances.

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    Miss my ATH AD700 :(

    These cans are troopers and really good for gaming, quite happy with my cloud revolver S though

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      I've still got the 700s on xbox duty after like a decade. Still going strong, even after being stepped on.

      • Same here haha!

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      The original purple ath-ad700 is what got me into audiophile stuff.

      Now I have much more expensive high end gear, but still miss my old AD700 and kinda regret selling it (sold it for $20).

      • Yeah still using mine on my PC with a Modmic and just can't bring myself to buy a more convenient single cable or wireless headset as i'm certain they won't sound as good, no matter how much i spend.

        • same combo, the 700s have been dropped plenty of times and haven't missed a beat.

      • +2

        whoever bought that got a bargain

    • Me also :( just a phenomenal set of phones.

      The ATH-AD900X are good value, just don't quite top the 700s for me.

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    Absolute bargain for the 900x.

    Usually around the $230-250 mark. I use mine with a modmic on my PC as a gaming headset, works extremely well.

    Only gripe is the non detachable, very long 3m cable. Definitely not made to be taken on the go.

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    Wow what a bargain. I've owned these since 2012/2013, they cost almost double the price then, and still are usually around $250 mark. I own other headphones, I have used other more expensive headphones too. But honestly at this price, these are probably the best bang for buck.

    Points to consider:

    These are not to be used outdoors. They are open and airy headphones, people around you can hear what you're listening to, people next room can probably hear what you're listening to lol

    They have a 3 meter non-detachable wire as pointed out by another comment.

    They are not bass heavy if you're into bass.

    • Thanks for sharing. How easy are they to drive? I would be using them with a Sony Walkman (NW-A50 series).

      • +1

        Very easy to drive. 38 Ohm impedance.

        But on the PC I have them plugged into a Soundcard
        Portability wise I've tested them with a Fiio Q1 Mark II and a BTR1K and can't max the volume on either, so yeah they should be walk in the park for a Walkman A50 series (pun intended) lol.

        • Awesome, thanks…bought one!

  • Have used and reviewed many headphones, I stand by AT as the best value on the market. From 700's-1000's would recommend to anyone. Great buy at this price.

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    I've got ATH-A900X's and again can vouch. Had them since June 2014 and no issues. Contacted Audio Technica and bought new pads so they are almost brand new.

    Good morning. We do have stock for the D900X head pad and head top, please check the details below,

    Head Top A900X — $11.85 / each

    Head Pad A900X — $15.29 / each

    Delivery fee $10

    • +1

      Just FYI, for the actual headphone pads too, these are even better than the original ones that come with it:


      And I have not tested these below, but apparently they're even better than the ones above:


      And Brainwavz also have these below which are gel cooled, but I don't think they're worth it for the AD900X, maybe if I had the AD2000X, then spending this much on pads might be worth it:


    • same i have the A900X as well which is the closed version of these, really like them and i replaced the original pads with velour style cushy soft pads instead of the leather type ones they come with

      the only thing is, if you have a pet don't buy the veolour ones pet hair sticks to them like crazy i have to use a sticky roller brush once a week on the pads to removed fur

  • Argh - i have to pass. I know I will regret it. My only audio technica at the M50x and I am no longer listening to them after the pads deteriorated.

    • +1

      These are very different from the M50X. They are a lot clearer in the mids and highs, but do not pack the same punch in the bass. Although I would argue the M50X has too much bass and it muddies the mids. However these are OPEN headphones, not closed, so people around you can hear whatever you're listening to. The imaging and soundstage is also far superior on these than on the M50X.

      • Yeah I know, I wasn't comparing them. I meant to say that i want to try more AT headphones but will pass because I just got some new IEMs but I realllllly want these.

  • Still rocking my AD700's but always wanted to give the AD900's a go.. so excited.

    Thanks OP

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      I had the AD700's between 2007 and 2012, due to unfortunate circumstances, they died. I upgraded to the AD900, then a month or so after they released the AD900X and the store I purchased the AD900 was kind enough to replace it for me with the AD900X. I have not looked back since, enjoy the difference you will notice between the AD900X and the AD700.

      Cleaner bass response & punchier
      Better in the mids and the highs
      Better imaging

      The only thing at the time that I thought the AD700 might have been better at was Soundstage. But after I changed the pads to the ones I linked above (the ebay ones), which are thicker pads than the ones that come with it, the soundstage of the AD900X sounded even wider.

    • I love the ad700. better htan the mx50

  • +1

    Considering our piss poor dollar this is a steal. I got these for around this price back when our dollar was on parity with USD.

    Incredible headphones for the price, can easily be driven from a phone/tablet.

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    How would these compare to the open back Sennheiser HD 598 headphones?

  • What is better, this or the M50xs?

    • -1

      I haven't heard these, but i do have the M50x - and I will confidently say these will be better than M50x.

      I like the M50x but they are very overrated. They're a monitor headphone, so everything is flat and neutral, but even then, they aren't clear and can sound very muddied. Just my thoughts.

      I've never found them to be too bass heavy as stated above.

    • M50x are a muddy mess,i don't get the hype about them. These or dt880

  • Tell me more about the rubber band?

    Does it need to be the thick red/brown type or just ur run-of-the-mill rubber band?

    off to post office for rubber bands

    • +1

      It may not be necessary but just a regular thin one works, some pics here

  • +7

    I have perfectly operational 2 x sets of AD700's and a set of Beyer Dynamic DT770 Pros. Yet I find myself wanting….no….needing these.

    When what I really need is:
    a) more self control
    b) more ears

    • +2

      I already have the DT880 and DT770, yet bought these. I don't recommend it.

      • Care to chime in on the flavour difference? I went from dt880 to T1 and I don't recommend them. I want something a little less hot on the treble though

        • I haven't tried the AT yet. I'm saying that I don't recommend that g452 impulsively buys this the same way I did.

          Or if you meant the DT880 vs DT770, the former is open back, more neutral and has forward treble. The latter has more of a V shape.

          You prefer the DT880's to the T1?

          • @idonotknowwhy: I was hoping to get you opinion on the 880 vs this.

            I don't recommend the price gap between the 880 and the T1 lol. The T1s are better but marginally. The pads are comfier and the headphones no longer touched my ear. Soundstage is slightly better since they're angled and the sibilance is less drastic. It's still present but usually only on brass instruments and not every singer saying a word with s on it. Other than that it's got the same sound signature.

  • +1

    I really dodn't need this, already have the DT880 60Ohms.
    Bought it anyway :(

  • Purchased this and the AD700 so many years ago. Still going strong. Very tempted to get these as a backup but I think I'll refrain.

  • -1

    Sorry but I can’t be the only one that thinks these look absolutely horrendous lol

    • +8

      You can't see them when they're on your head.

  • +1

    How would these compare sound quality wise to the Sony WH1000XM3? I realise they have very different features, purely wondering about audio fidelity.

    • +1

      I own these, friend owns the WH1000XM3, so I have tested both. Taking the obvious out of the way that these are open, and those are closed, and these have the opposite of noise-cancelling features lol

      I would say the imaging is better on the AD900X, soundstage definitely wider too on the AD900X. Bass is tighter on the WH1000XM3, overall the XM3 sound warmer. Clarity in the vocals the Audio Technica ATH-series are just brilliant, especially with female vocals.

      I have the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over-ears for portable, so they are a different sound signature to these headphones. I would say the XM3's are similar in that regard, that they're different sounding, not better, not worse. Which makes them great if you want to pair them, for example, these for home use, and the XM3's for portable outside use.

      • Thanks for the detailed response, I already have the Sony and always felt it was not quite there across the spectrum. The AD900X could be a good fit for my musical tastes.

  • +4

    A few points from a long time (5 years or so?) user that I haven't seen mentioned much / at all:

    • The wing design of the X-series has a little nub in the middle of each headpad which is exposed (unpadded, unlike in the wings of the previous wing design), and this can press onto your head. I don't recall this causing pain or any particular discomfort even during prolonged use in one sitting, but I do notice there are small temporary dents in my head where the nubs make contact if I use them for a while lol. If you have very little / no hair it's something you might want to be wary of depending on the size and shape of your head. I think the vast majority of users would be okay though.

    • The outer sleeve of my cable has shrunk and gone brittle in the middle 1/3 or so because it was exposed to some incidental airflow from a heater ~1.5M away over the course of a few months or more. The inner cable is fine and everything still works, just something to keep in mind if you're flicking on a nearby heater when you get cold in winter.

    • I find them adequately comfortable with glasses that aren't too thick and don't terminate with a large bend outwards (away from the head) at the end. I found pairs that did not fall into that category caused enough discomfort that I avoided using them with these headphones.

    • Modmic users / potential modmic users: I had issues with my modmic's (4.0) clasp staying attached over extended periods of time over regular use if I left the mic attached while it wasn't in use. It was fine for quite a while (at least a year?) and then became a recurring problem. I think this might be a downside of the mesh sides, as the adhesive has less surface area to attach to. After getting into the habit of detaching the mic after each use, my fallen-off-and-reattached-clasp has managed to stay on without issue.

    • that aren't too thick and don't terminate with a large bend outwards

      Is this a consideration when buying glasses?

      • +1

        It was for me, honestly. I got a new pair a couple of years ago that was simply too uncomfortable to use with the headphones so I ended up just using the previous pair of glasses for a while due to that fact alone. The next frame I got I was sure to be careful about thickness and the termination at the ends (SO MANY pairs flair out really aggressively -__-).

  • These are amazing with gaming. Use them with a fiio e10k for extra volume and bass boost and windows virtual surround and it blows any high end gaming headset out of the water. ( I've tried them all).

    Hyper X cloud are really good too.

  • Yesterday I returned my AD700X. I picked them up after reading all the recommendations online about how they’re the best for FPS, I wish I had a chance to listen to them before I bought them. I was using them for console gaming, might be a different story on PC but man do these suck. I couldn’t hear footsteps like I do with my Astro’s in modern warfare, I gave up after losing count how many times people ran up behind me without me hearing a peep. Maybe the soundstage is too large and footsteps sound too far away? I had to turn it up to the point the highs felt like they’d make my ears bleed to be able to hear footsteps. They were very bass light and the 900x are considered to have a little more bass but still be on the light side, something to consider if you’re looking for something that sounds fun/feel immersion with explosions etc in FPS gaming.

    • I was surprised to see people recommend open headphones for gaming as well.
      I've had the same issue with imaging and hearing footsteps with my DT880's (openback). Some sounds you simply couldn't hear over the noise from the GPU fans, etc.
      The DT770's (closed back) are so much better for this. I could hear if enemies were in front, behind, left, right and a lot more of the subtle sounds.

      I recommend the Bayer DT770's for gaming, you might want one of those clip-on microphones though. Better than several "gaming headsets" I've tried.

      • I’ve been eyeing the 990 pro but they’re open back so I’m guessing they’ll have less bass than the 770?

        I’ll look into the 770, thanks for the recommendation. I just ordered the creative soundblasterx g6, should I be getting the lower ohm version or one of the higher ones? I’ll only be using them for gaming on ps4

        • If you're just gaming get the 80 Ohm version of the DT770, the SoundblasterX G6 should drive it fine. The 250 Ohm version is hard to drive and won't get as loud as the 80 Ohm version.

          For gaming, turn on scout mode on the SoundblasterX G6, but only for FPS games, not really necessary to use it for other games. Scout mode in FPS games brings up the sound of footsteps and shots and makes them very easy to locate.

          EDIT: And yes, the closed back DT770 has great bass for a headphone that goes under $200 sometimes. It has better bass response, and goes lower too into the sub-bass. But it has a smaller soundstage and not as accurate in imaging when compared to the AD900X above for example. For FPS games, better imaging and wider soundstage are more important, but the DT770 is more "FUN" to listen to definitely and warmer and a lot better at doing bass.

          • @ThatsCheap: Thanks for the info! Doesn’t scout mode only work with the VSS off? I like to game with surround on in FPS, I tried using the AD700X in stereo as people have suggested and had to switch back to surround - I just couldn’t get used to not being able to hear everything happening around me.

            Would you say there’s any difference between the d770 32 vs 80 ohm apart from being easier to drive? I think I can pick up the 32 ohm a lot cheaper.

            • +1

              @johnnytran: I've used 80 Ohm and 250 Ohm versions and tested the 32 ohm version.
              I ended up selling the 80ohm version because I found the clamping force too tight and the bass too heavy for my liking.

              To my ears, the 32 ohm version sounded a lot more like the 250ohm version than it did the 80ohm version.

              Less bass and a lighter clamping force at the biggest differences. I personally preferred the 32ohm vs the 80ohm.

              You'd be able to drive them both and I don't think you could go wrong with either of them really.

        • I’ll look into the 770, thanks for the recommendation. I just ordered the creative soundblasterx g6, should I be getting the lower ohm version or one of the higher ones? I’ll only be using them for gaming on ps4

          I'd go with either the 32ohm or 80ohm version for this. The 250Ohm version — not sure how well the PS4 would drive it, the g6 would be okay.
          Note though that it has a coiled cable which feels quite heavy. To my ears it sounded pretty similar to the 32ohm variant.

        • +2

          I own a few headphones, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Limited Edition, Sennheiser Urbanite XL, Sennheiser HD599, Philips SHP9500, Sony WH1000XM3, and three other cheaper headphones. If soundstage, clarity and dynamics are important to you, get open backs. They're also more comfortable for long sessions esp in summer. This is not to say closed backs are not good. The Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro is a gem. It's accurate in terms of sound reproduction and the bass is just right for me (some people may find the bass is a little bit subdued). I find it extremely good with classical music. The Sony WH1000XM3 has good features but the sound is a bit lacking. The bass is not quite clean.

  • have a pair of the closed A900X and they are fantastic

    i deliberately looked for the the A900x over the AD900X because i prefer the closed but iv listen to both and they are both fantastic headphones

  • How do these compare with the DT 880s?

    • +1

      I have the DT880's and can let you know once I receive these if you're still interested.

      • That would be lovely, thanks!

  • Did anyone get theirs yet? Fastway keep failing to deliver mine and marking it "Undeliverable".
    I've got $20 credit in my amazon account from complaining about this, but I'm going to close it and hide amazon deals on ozbargain from now on.

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