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Macquarie Marketplace eGift Cards (New Retailers Added): eBay 2%, Jetstar/Virgin 3%, Harvey Norman 5% + More


Just received an email announcing that new retailers have been added to Macquarie Marketplace

Haven't seen anywhere offering eBay eGift cards - not a huge discount, but better than nothing (especially using in conjunction with discount codes)

You can also put in custom amounts between $20-$1000 so you can use it up straight away if need be!

Free to open an account ;)


Adrenaline 5%
Amart Furniture 7%
Angus & Coote 4%
Barbeques Galore 4%
BCF 5%
Betta Home Living 5%
Big W 3%
Bonds 5%
Boost Juice 5%
Bunnings 1%
BWS 3%
Caltex Woolworths 3%
City Beach 7%
Country Road 5%
Dan Murphys 3%
Dymocks 6%
EB Games 6%
eBay 2%
Endota Spa 5%
Flight Centre 1%
Footlocker 5%
Freedom 5%
Goldmark Jeweller 4%
Google Play - Australia 1%
Harris Scarfe 5%
Harvey Norman 5%
iSubscribe 10%
Jetstar 3%
Kathmandu 5%
Kikki K 5%
Laubman & Pank 7%
Lorna Jane 5%
Myer 5%
OMF - 5%
Pandora - 4%
Plush 5%
Priceline 3%
Prouds the Jewellers 4%
Rebel 5%
RedBalloon 5%
Sephora 5%
Sheridan 5%
SPA Collective 4%
Sunglass Hut 7%
Super Cheap Auto 5%
The Good Guys 3%
Trenery 5%
Uber 2%
Uber Eats 2%
Virgin Australia 3%
WebJet 3%
Witchery 5%
Woolworths 4%

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  • 2% gift card?!! I choose to buy directly with credit card. With gift card I may forget to use or can't find it. And 2% off is lower than my mortgage 3.XX% annual interest rate. Only 2% off is too risky to keep gift card.

    • You can do a custom amount - ie you're about to buy something for $359 on eBay - go to Macquarie Marketplace and buy the eGift card for $351.82 - use it straight away for the full amount and you've saved yourself $7 or so bucks!

      • For $7 you may also be stuck with $359 in giftvouchers if you need to return it for a refund. Also you cant use complementary extended warranty or 90 day protection insurance from most credit and some debit cards. I can just never see it being worth it for these low percentages particularly with electronics.

    • True, but the main advantage of egift cards like this is the instantaneous nature. You could be about to buy something for $1000, pause and think 'hang on, isn't there a gift card for this', log in to this service, buy $1000 worth of giftcards, and save yourself $20 in the process.

      • Exactly - especially seeing that you can do custom amounts between $20-$1000

      • unless you can buy and received it imminently. I haven't used this website before but for some website it may take days for the card to be delivered by email. Then you may miss the deal.

        • You can buy in the internet banking app on your phone and scan the barcode immediately - e.g. put your groceries through the checkout at Woolies, put the exact amount into the Marketplace tab on the app, receive barcode, scan and pay. Done.

          • @justdigi: this is pretty cool like cash back

            • @RichardF89: The only issue I have with it is that you can only pay from your transaction/savings account, you can't pay on credit card. So no double dipping on a discount and rewards points.

              • @justdigi: Damn. So not as good as the Suncorp benefits which you can link to other bank CC for points.

                But I’m still impressed they have eBay even if the discount is small. Like others mentioned you just buy when you need to use.

                Pity most of the rates aren’t great vs Suncorp or even RACQ.

        • It's instant and for some gift cards they even track the balance for you (e.g. Supercheap auto gift cards)

  • Looks like you can only pay out of your Macquarie account? If so would be annoying for me.

    Surprised to see Bunnings gift card but at 1% and $20 only no one is getting excited.

    • Just open a Macquarie account mate and put some money in it just in case. I always leave a couple of. Hundred in there just in case

    • The Bunnings rate is super low yes and would most likely be more rewarding to use your credit card at that rate.

      • Buy Bunnings ones with Coles eGC at self-checkout easily and no staff approval needed.

        • Didn't Coles/Woolworths crack down on buying gift cards with gift cards even via self-checkout some time ago?

          • @rysith: Yes. Most details won’t allow it.

            Exception I’ve found is some places let you buy Steam cards with other gift cards so that’s a potential saving.

          • @rysith: You cannot buy giftcards using egiftcards at Woolworths. But at Coles u can buy them at the manned checkouts for sure. (Source: have bought some myself) but of course there is always the risk that they show u the t&c's of the egiftcard which states no buying giftcards using giftcards.

            • @Tems: Yes some allow you to do so but others refuse.

            • @Tems: You can buy giftcards at Coles in self service kiosks as well - not just manned checkouts.

              I don't know if it's applicable to all giftcards but it worked with the Bunnings ones I purchased yesterday..

              • @jason andrade: Someone has posted before that if you do self service you must have the full value on 1 GC whereas I know that at manual checkout you can use more than 1.

  • Does Macquarie do OSKO? This could be handy for eBay

  • I've been putting off an ebay purchase until I could find a way to get a discount, but… is this all there is, just 2% ?

    I haven't been paying much attention to ebay. Are there other ways to save? (It's just a private seller, not one of the 'approved sellers' that price jack before a sale to cancel out any 'discount'.)

  • Sucks that Macquarie Marketplace isnt available in their regular app

  • Some of these discounts are simply redundant - you can get 5% off with wish via cash rewards and you can use that for big w and caltex woolworths already - I’m not sure why you would need specific amounts for any of these anyway.

  • Buy Woolworth Egiftcard online and use it to purchase gift card at 5% off :)

  • be careful with virgin giftcards - you can online apply one card on a transaction/booking at a time. Dont get stuck with a second one thinking you can apply both to pay for flights.