Best Value for Money Protein Source?

Hey all.

Looking into starting a whole gym routine sort of thing for next year. Just wondering if any of you have a go to source of protein? What are some good cheap protein powders? What about general food sources?

Cheapest thing I've found is nutmeat, which has 110g of protein in one can (for around $4).Thinking I might just try stomach one of these per day plus one protein shake to get my daily required amount.




    Is all that nutmeat stuff meant to be cooked in some way- baked, fried, roasted?

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      You can either cook it or eat it 'raw'. Idk what cooking would do to the nutritional characteristics of it though

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        There's no f_cking chance of me Googling "raw nutmeat"… Nothing good can come of that. Nothing.


          There's no point searching as it only comes up with nut meals including stuff made under the brand Vegie Delights. Even turning safesearch off didn't help :-(

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    Chicken breast at woolies is $12/kg right now. Chicken breast is about 27% protein. To get 110g of protein you have with the nutmeat, it'll cost you $4.8.
    I'm sure you can either find breast meat on sale or cheaper elsewhere as well. Might be a bit more palatable then kilos of nutmeat.

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      Never heard of nutmeat before (sounds… questionable) but just looked it up and it normally costs $4.20 for a 400g can at Woollies. Also currently on sale for $3.20. This is cheaper than $12/kg chicken breast. It's also 26%+ protein so very comparable to chicken breast.

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    For some reason you seem to be paying the same price for nutmeat as decent cuts of red meat which is one of the best foods full stop. If you add green leafy vegetables to red meat you have a full nutrient profile of everything the body needs.

    I don't know what nutmeat is.

    Bulk Nutrients have the same prices all the the time on protein supplements.

    Many people do dumb things like eat large amounts of protein supplements which doesn't do very much instead of concentrating on the basics which is getting a full nutrition profile.

    Avoid grain and sugar (so that's most food in the supermarket), eat raw and/or unprocessed food where possible, meat (with fat, very important) and green leafy vegetables is a good thing to base your diet on.

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    If you don’t like the taste, you’re not going to take it.


    I recently got into using protein powder. I use to bulk buy Up&Go Energize when they go 1/2 price.

    But I found its cheaper to buy protein powder from ebay instead. I buy 5kg for around 80bucks.
    They have 80% protein so it works out to be $2 per 100grams

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    Breast milk


    Cheap peanut butter will be amongst the cheapest protein you can get - close to half the price of the nutmeat. Lotsa fat though.

    Dried chickpeas and lentils are a cheap source with lots of other goodies too. Rice and lentils - classic duo. Also I'd consider edamame - pop the frozen pods in a microwave and sprinkle with salt for a great quick snack.

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    I buy all my stuff from Bulk Nutrients. Good price, good product.

    You want to supplement with plenty of chicken, red meat, tuna and plenty of veggies. You need a balanced diet to progress.

    Chicken is my goto cheap protein. So many ways to prepare and cook it's near impossible to get bored.

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      I second this and use Bulk Nutrients too.
      I find that if you’re going to supplement with protein powders, you need to be training consistently and the protein powder should really be used secondary to a healthy, balanced diet.

      You should be aiming for protein in all your meals.

      This all also depends on what tour gym goals are? Bulking up?

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    whole gym routine sort of thing for next year.

    Need to be a pretty serious 'sort of thing' to need to worry about more than a standard diets worth of protein

    Just have a glass of chocolate milk


    Oats. They were good enough for gladiators.

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      Gladiators were slaves and on primarily plant based diets, which had all the nutrients required.

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    Get the gym routine sorted first, protein can come later if you don't flake out after the first week/s.

    No point stocking up on 'nutmeat' and then never going to the gym.

    Supplements can help, but are in no way required to do well initially.

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    “Nutmeat” does not sound like something you should be taking..


    Wtf is nut meat? It's not just about protein percentage, bioavailability matters too.

    WPI scores very highly, but I still think chicken is the way to go (and rice for carbs).


    Alternate between chicken breast, canned tuna, chick peas and lentils and balance with plenty of greens. Have the packet stuff there for when you're lazy.


    I don't eat meat but I tend to go for Bulk Nutrients for protein powder.
    Referral link here

    Otherwise I've heard chicken is fairly affordable.
    Lentils have protein too?
    110g seems like a lot. This dude must way twice as much as me.

    Edit: After writing my post I see my suggestions have already been made by other users.

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    scooby1961 on yout tube, think his websites are: and scooby's workshop. used to have the most detailed protein breakdown and you could choose vegan/veg or not. The "hack" for protein powder is to have skim milk powder instead of it. 1/2 as much protein but 1/5th of the cost. you do need to be able to tolerate lactose. The GOMA gallon of milk a day is also quick method to get some gains and you can supplement this with a few low sugar peanut butter jars.


    Pure protein from eBay is about the cheapest powder.

    Chicken thighs and Maryland pieces are great value for meat.

    Generic sardine or tuna cans work well at 65 and 90 cents respectively.

    Milk is good, $2 for 60 grams of protein.

    If you're new to training then motivation is going to build more muscle than protein.

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    Why wait until next year? The gym will be packed with new years resolution people in January. May as well get a head start now.


    Try f1 nutrition everyday whey buy direct via their site. Low sugar , natural sweetener, nz dairy. Discount for bulk orders. Tastes great
    You won't be disappointed

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    I have researched all this and spent a lot of money doing so only to realise your average diet provides all the nutrients your body requires.
    I would however, source amino acids for muscle repair.
    All these special "protein" blends are simply money making marketing hype.
    You don't need meat even, just research and heat healthy.


    Nutmeat is basically peanuts. Also lots of fat, like peanut butter mentioned above.

    You can buy cartons of egg white at the supermarket, which is 11% protein and fat free. $5 for 500g.

    Legumes are a great source of protein.


    Why would anyone still be buying cheap quality chicken, cheap meat or cheap protein powder.. it’s all so over overprocessed these days. Anyway apparently gladiators never ate meat. I would highly recommend hemp protein, so much easier for the body to process for proteins and healthy. And no I’m not on drugs or pro hemp lol

    Edamame beans apparently have high natural protein too and good for snacking.


      Anyway apparently gladiators never ate meat

      Gladiators also did not ignore their own OzBargain threads.


    If you are serious, then you should be looking for a quality product. Professional Whey sell really good quality Whey Protein Concentrate.

    I use it for health reasons but my son is a serious gym guy and he is happy to use it. A couple of nutritionists I have shown it too were happy with its nutritional profile.

    As others have said, you’d didt is important too.


    Stay away from supplements and use real food. Try different sources of protein as the budget permits.


    TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) is one of the most concentrated and cheapest forms of protein that you can get.
    26% protein and zero fat, you can get in bulk in pickandmix stores for $8 per kilo. You can add the granules to soup or stew.
    Another amazing source of protein is gluten flour (yes, gluten is actually good for you!).
    At 75% protein and negligible fat, it is even better than TVP. However, I haven't found a convenient way of incorporating it into my diet.
    Good luck with the gym, hope you stick in. Classes such as BodyPump can be a good motivation.

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    No love for kangaroo? $10.50 per kilo at woolies / coles.



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