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Win a Share of over $30,000,000 Worth of Alcohol/Merchandise/ Experience/Discount/etc Prizes from BWS



Closing Date 09/02/2020


Description Alcohol/Merchandise/Experience/Discount/etc Prize (per T&Cs).
No. of Prizes 5000000
Total Prize Pool $30,000,000.00

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods App
Prerequisites Account/Membership

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BWS - Beer Wine Spirits
BWS - Beer Wine Spirits

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    • +4

      Congratulations. My son won the same thing, although his win is technically today. Maybe they’ve released a bunch of the $500 cards?

  • Attention all - The prize pool has been updated! Heaps of new (awesome) prizes are now in rotation! Good luck!

    • Now I gotta wait till tomorrow to maybe snag a prize. Haven't got anything but a 6x of Heineken 0% alco

    • Nope, Byron Bay 6pk for $10 :/

      • +1

        Better than the 7x $2 Bluey crisps that I have

      • I'm fanging for a "1 x $9 Woolworths Butter Chicken 400g"

    • How do you tell/where does it say the prize pools being updated?

  • So when is the good time to check? After midnight? Or 9am? Also had zilch so far apart from the alcohol free beer.

    • +1

      I usually do it about 5 am when I wake up. It has served me well.

      • Oof that is 4am for us QLDers

    • Was midnight then was having great success at 12 midday (9am WA) now trying random times after 12pm and having greater success each day .So I would say they have spread them out better than the first 2 draws

    • It’s to do with your location. Nsw has lots of people, and no alcohol prizes. If you are playing in WA then you have lesss competition, and alcoholic prizes are available.

      • OK thanks. No alcohol prizes ;(

  • +5

    won $50 ww egift card. Thanks op

    • What time did you win at in AEST?

      • a few minutes before i posted the comment

  • Just "won" a $3 premium Canadian Club, normally $8.70 at BWS. Still no wins, just 53 product discounts (+18 on another account).

    I guess that would probably be the pick of the bunch so far?

    • I have been having great success but over the last 5 days all I have had is $10 Byron bay 6 packs each day

      • ive 400 million $3 beers and 5 pack of byron bays for $10 offers

        since the new round, ive only got 1 x free beer, across all accounts combined :(

    • Seems you and I are in the same boat. A fair few others have gotten quite a few nice wins. All our wins cost money haha

      • Omg isn't that annoying! "You got a win" - $10 6 pack - Grumbles loudly at phone, only to repeat the process 24hrs later

    • i'm at nearly 2 whole months of consecutive non-wins

  • Hey I only just found out about this (late to the party) but those with Samsung Galaxy devices, set up the "secure folder". This allows you to use a 2nd account very easily, without logging in/out all the time.

    I just doubled my chances to get more offers lol

  • Have not won anything for ages but just won a " Young Henry's" cap. Better than a kick up the butt.

  • +2

    Have been playing every day (both hubby and I). Nothing I would consider a win despite the app telling me I have won.
    Hubby did score a Jim beam double black and cola can for $3 today. While buying it the store attendant also gave him a shot if a different bourbon to try. He thinks it was a win because he ended up with 3 standard drinks for $3.

  • The app is stuffed 10 days of Byron bay $10 six packs and the few free bottles I have left to claim are now charging me
    Well it was great while it was working don’t see them doing this promo again

    • +1

      After saying that I just won a face mask and wife won butter chicken🤷‍♂️ would have preferred booze 🥃

      • +2

        When people mentioned buttee chicken here the first time, i thought it was some kind of long running joke

        How random

      • I just want any kind of winning prize that doesn't involve having to pay money for…

        • I’ve still been doing it at 12pm and seem to win each day at least once with the 4 family accounts we have but the prizes that you win take ages to come if at all . It’s one of the worst
          run comps I’ve seen . I’m sure the promo company they have hired are keeping the prizes for themselves ! and if you win beer/cider a lot of the time the free product is charging full price.

    • +4

      Im getting sick of seeing 6 packs of beer for $10 and % off wines

  • I've won a total of 16 free cans/bottles so far. All one singles, except a 4 pack of Jacks & No Sugar Cola.

    • +1

      I only every get $3 'win' cans. What state are you in? Maybe Qld just never got any prizes haha. I have even tried opening just on the hour as other people have said, still nothing

    • What state/territory?

    • WA

      • That explains it

    • What time are you getting wins? Im in WA and before Xmas I was winning a fair bit, nothing for a month now though

    • You really don't need to mark them all lol

      • +3

        Accurate data is very important :P

  • +1


    one of my account has never won anything ever !
    just won my first free bottle of beer,

    1 in 3 chance……..

  • +4

    How absolutely random

    I won a aloe vera face mask!

  • +2

    Tonight’s dinner is free butter chicken with jack Daniels and cola (x4) while wearing my face mask thanks BWS 🐥🥃😷
    FYI sent bar codes for butter chicken and mask but 1 use only

  • So the promo will finish today?

    • +1

      Yes should but it’s called 100 days of summer and we are at day 101 !!!! Wish they would start sending out the prizes that I have won this round

  • The Heineken 6 packs aren't discounting on mine or the wifes account. Other prizes work fine but not these. It has expiry as 15/3 but won't work now? Anyone else get this?

    • Not that specifically, but I've had similar issues with other products. I've contacted them and they've sorted it out quickly.

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