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LG C9 65" 4K UHD Smart OLED TV - $3200 Delivered @ Videopro eBay


Excellent price! I'm sure it will drop even further on Black Friday however.

10 units in stock at time of post.

Postage Excludes: Northern Territory, Perth Metro, Adelaide Metro, QLD Far North, WA Regional, SA Regional, Tasmania, WA Remote, PO Box

Also available at Appliance Central for $3225, 5 units in stock

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  • "Excellence price", but it has still been cheaper.

  • It's almost 2020, I thought these would be closer to $2k by now!

    • You're not wrong! The only issue with these is burn-in, it's just not avoidable. Samsung are working on MicroLED and QD-OLED panels so let's hope LG follow suit and get rid of burn-in completely.

      • 3 years with no burn in here. Next display will be OLED, I think micro led have a long time before adorable and available to us.

      • but how much are they gonna cost for the equivalent 65 inch oled? would be nice to not think about static images on the 2017 sony A1 oled but the pixel shift feature has kept mine burn free and the pixel refresh features they have do help. that being said i dont leave the tv on with like CNN on all day, would be nice to have a sub 3k 65 inch micro led tv.

      • Been using a C8 as a computer/gaming monitor for 12 hours a day or so for almost a year I think, no burn in yet.

        I do hide the taskbar and move it and windows around once a day though.

        I think you really have to just hammer it with the same thing for hours at a time, for months on end, which most users will never do. People always bring up game UI but these are usually not displayed for hours on end, you enter menus and they turn off and so on. TV is probably the worst case if you watch hours and hours of the same thing with channel logos or news tickers.

        The C9 series are getting G-sync via software update soon which will make them even better monitors. \o/

      • Why do people always mention burn in issues with oled? I have oled and there's never a burn in issue. You'll only get burn in issue if you left your tv for 20 hrs a day 7 days a week and have a logo or still picture that's been stuck on the screen for a long period of time

        If oled do have such a big issue with these burn in and many customers complained then LG wouldn't release these tvs to consumers but with C9 models they're currently have better anti burn in compare to previous models.

    • There's always hoping, but these things are some of the best, so to get to this price is fantastic, much better than the $10k a few years ago

  • Hoping for a $1600 LG 55 OLED by the end of the year.

  • They have been cheaper before, so I am holding out for these dropping to sub $3000, hopefully for the Black Friday or more likely the Boxing Day sales.

  • Purchased this on the weekend from Harvey Norman. Having an annoying issue with digital audio output from Optical where it drops audio for <1sec randomly. I've narrowed it down to being an issue with the TV. Has anybody else had this problem? HN have offered a replacement but I'm not sure if they all have the issue or not. Apart from that I'm really happy with it.

    • That's weird, have you tried a different optical cable? Maybe take one to the store and see if the display model has the same issue, that's one way to find out.

      • Yeah i went into Harvey Norman and they gave me a monster optical cable to try, same issue. They've offered to replace it or send someone out to check it, so I'm not too worried. Seems like others are having the same issue, but I'm not sure how widespread it is. I might get them to test their display model. It's really annoying as it's a great TV otherwise.

        • I have the same issue with mine using Optical cable but happens very randomly, mostly when watching Channel 7 HD. The sound goes low for like 1 second then comes back loud.

          • @GerrardLFC: I just got mine replaced and the replacement is still doing it! Are you using "Internal TV Speaker + Optical" or just "Optical"?
            Mine definitely cuts out completely on the Optical, but the TV speaker keeps playing if I have it on "Internal TV Speaker + Optical".

        • Ahh I see. I just did a quick search and some have fixed the issue by changing the following setting.

          Go to: Settings/All Settings/Sound/Sound Out/HDMI ARC/Digital Sound Out, and change to PCM. The default is Auto under Sound Out.

          Also strangely enough…by swapping your current HDMI cable to an Amazon Basics high speed HDMI cable. Source
          Worth a shot!

          • @koalafied: Yes, changing it to PCM will work. It might be using Dolby Digital(+) when set to Auto. The issue comes from Dolby Digital and is present on certain sources. I used to have this issue on Channel 10. Is the drop-out happening for you on a specific source/channel?

            • @skid: Yeah I am using Foxtel so my receiver says Dolby digital when connected and I get the issue on the non Foxtel channels only

            • @skid: Happening on all sources, external HDMI devices and even with internal TV apps with no HDMI devices connected. Was only using it on PCM and still had the issue. HN have done the transaction to replace it, I just need to pack mine up and go swap them over. I'll report back. Cheers

          • @koalafied: Thanks mate, but I was already using it on PCM as it is only going to an integrated amp rather than a HT receiver (no Dolby etc). Auto and Passthrough make my speakers go crazy with digital noise. Harvey Norman have just replaced it for me, just have to go in to swap them over. I'll report back on whether the replacement does it. Cheers

        • @daffo How much did you buy it for?

      • So I just swapped my TV over for a brand new replacement (massive effort), and the replacement has the same issue! Pretty disappointing as I really want to keep it, but it's a pretty big problem

  • Great tv, but I canโ€™t see a way placing a Sonos soundbar in front of it โ˜น๏ธ Mounting it on the wall is not an option for me.

  • Its $3050 + shipping at appliance central with code PLOTS20

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