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Buy 1, Get 4 Free Face Shields $20 USD (~$30 AUD) + $8-$55 USD Shipping @ SA Co


First time post for me.

I don't really want these but 5 for the price of 1 seems a bit of a bargain that I know many will appreciate and just in time for Christmas.

I went through and made an order and shipping looks to be between $8 - $55. Total price $28 for 5 of these things + 'decal' (whatever that is).

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    Can just get them for <$4 each on aliexpress. And you don't need to get 5


    Probably more useful for people in HK.


      Just the rioters.

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    this post seems oddly fishy

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    "First time post for me"

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    58 min ago

    Seems like a first everything for you, in a totally non-suss way lol

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    Cheaper on eBay and on Aliexpress

    This is clearly not a bargain…

    EDIT (9:37PM): Shipping isn’t cheap either


    Any good for bank robbing.. Asking for a friend


      Probably not. There are nothing left in the banks. Other mobs got there before you.
      But you can attack police while having this on, no repercussion at all.


    This always appears on my FB and obviously the same price, so no bargain.


    I always get an ad from these mob in one of the free games I played.