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[PS4] Metal Gear Solid V The Definitive Experience $10.45 @ PlayStation Store


good for those playing Death Stranding who might have never played Kojima's previous games!!!

This price is only available from 13/11/2019 11:00 am to 3/12/2019 10:59 am.

METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE DEFINITIVE EXPERIENCE is the ultimate collection of the MGSV story which includes the critically acclaimed MGSV: THE PHANTOM PAIN, its prologue MGSV: GROUND ZEROES, multiplayer METAL GEAR ONLINE,and all their DLC content.
• MGSV: GZ lets the players experience thrilling stealth action as never seen before, surrounded by enemies in a photorealistic world.
• MGSV: TPP, which has claimed more than 60 industry accolades including a 10/10 from IGN and Gamespot, offers limitless possibilities for the players to infiltrate enemy outposts in a vast open world. The player to decide the route, tactics and timing that can lead to the success of the mission.
• METAL GEAR ONLINE is built around a dedicated squad-based competitive multiplayer structure, which has been fully redesigned with the familiar gameplay and aesthetic styling of the MGS series
• 36 DLC ITEMS AND ADDITIONAL CONTENT including 2 extra missions, additional weapons, and items used for customization.

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  • +6 votes

    The scary thing with this game is you'll be in your way to work the next day, see a shipping container and want to attach a balloon and Fulton it away.


    A shame they got rid of Hayter :(


      Yeah, never understood it but I'm sure kojima had his reasons.

      I wonder if he kept working on it if he had a plan for him

      I could see it


    good for those playing Death Stranding

    Don't think MGSV is anything like Death Stranding though.

    MGSV is one of the greatest tactical games ever made along with being stupendously silly while Death Stranding simulates strapping a fridge to your back and balancing while walking.

    Kojima's games benefit from someone holding Kojima back I think, he's brilliant and completely bonkers at the same time. The madness works in MGSV because someone was saying yeah but …


      Mgs v is the best 3d action game ever made.

      Rdr 2 with mgs v controls = probably best game of all time?


        No one thinks MGSV is the greatest of all time…


          True that
          I meant the controls.

          I can't think of a game that has controlled better though in that realm

          Platinum games?

          That's it's own thing though.

          Resident evil 4? That's a close one, been playing the re 2 remake and I want to kick open doors damn it!

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    Never played any of the MGS games. How good are these games?


      Um, one of the greatest series of all time?


        It's very love or hate too


          Mgs 4?

          Eh, I went with it, still had some awesome moments

          You're right though, some people don't dig mgs.

          If you do, it's like someone made a game just for you.

          It's the little things, that's not everyone's thing though.

          It's like enjoying a throw away line in a joke more than the punchline or a deep cut from a popular album

          Snake eater gotta be on top 10 all time though yeah?

          • -1 vote

            @iamhurtin: Uh top 10 of all time? We get it, you are a fan…

            Metacritic and others would disagree.

            Sons of Liberty clocks in at 42 as the highest in the franchise…. And SNES and before aren't there….

            I'm not being specific on 4, the whole franchise is a love or hate.


              @scuderiarmani: Sons is 2 yeah?

              That has a higher score than 3 & 1?!

              God damn.

              I guess it was had to be there kind of deal

              Shame for people who can't get into it

              I suppose there's always uncharted


      Ps2 emu and play mgs3 subsistence immediately

      Can you emulate ps3 or x360 yet?

      If so, get the HD collection.

      Comes with metal gear 1 & 2 as well

      • +1 vote

        Yeah, with very good specs you can emulate mgs3 hd with rpcs3 now.
        You can also emulate mgs4 at 4k60fps with a custom build.

  • +1 vote

    The gameplay is some of the best most fluid tactical and close combat action to be had this generation.

    Storyline is hard to follow, goes for hours without any development and a long awkward car ride. Games ending is terrible and feels like a empty shell by the end, seems like they had major plans that never played out.