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Google Pixel 3 128GB $649, Bose QC35 II $338 + Delivery (Free w/ eBay Plus) @ Allphones eBay


Google Pixel 3 128GB(Not Pink) $649

Bose QuietComfort QC35 II $338

Australian Version/Au stock, Warranty, Inc GST(TRS Eligible)

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    3 xl ?


    Hi op, any deals on mate 20 pro?

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    No one wants pixel anymore I guess since Google camera is no longer a distinction like it used to be. Sadly Google phones has been pretty lackluster lately


    Hi rep,
    Could you please do a deal on Samsung S10 Plus?


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    No deal on the P30 Pro?

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                @matt-ozb: a) Wireless charging doesn't solve poor battery life, it's just a form of charging, it doesn't increase battery life unless I am near a power point just like charging via cable.
                b) call quality is still worse than either my S10e or iPhone 11pro.
                c) I use stock launcher on a pixel, it's why you buy a pixel.
                d) Yea, almost year old cpu/ram specs is decent.
                e) Yea also a good thing for pixels, most phones have had this.

                Overall it's a much needed upgrade to the pixels, but really nothing special at all, and given the sky high prices and lack of features, it's why I was mostly unimpressed. The 4XL battery kept dying while I was on holidays, it was significantly worse than my old P2XL which my wife uses, and made me swap to my work iPhone 11 pro for the trip back. I don't know what it is, but I can barely get 4 hours on the P4XL, which I can get easily on my S10E, but the 11 pro is upwards of 7. I'm just glad I didn't buy the P4 with my own money!!!!


                  @onlinepred: a) makes it easy to charge for me but your situation must be different. Ok.
                  b) really? Wow .. maybe I need to start looking for replacement
                  c) Pixel launcher will never get close to Nova.
                  d) yea, almost superseded .. I'm not counting the sd855+.
                  e) ok

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    Pixel 4 is cheaper if you sign up with Telstra deal and pay ETC lol


    HAHAHA no thanks


    do you offer in store pickup for any of your devices?


    Pix 3a deals WHEN!?

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      haha .. never!

      but seriously .. it is really unusual .. the P3 and P3XL have had mega deals .. but the P3a and P3aXL have hardly ever been discounted .. maybe just timing and the almost half price deals are not far away.


        Well the pixel 3a has only been out for 6 months (May 2019 to Nov 2019), and during most of that time it was the best bang for buck pixel you could get (best equal camera, performance that by all reports felt in usage comparable to the pixel 3 although in silicon terms it was not at the same level, yet at a lower price than the pixel 3).

        That's no longer the case with the Pixel 4 out now (which has the same main camera sensor, but adds a secondary 2x telephoto lens, and a faster CPU, and bumps up the RAM).

        So best guess there might be some pixel 3a Black Friday deals, because realistically that device is at the age now where the price has to come down to keep shifting units. Because at the ~ $649 ballpark price, you'd have to say that there are better devices available (e.g. the OnePlus 7).


    How come when I add Pixel 3 128 GB to the cart and it still shows $830? It forces me to use the 8% offer, I cannot enter the PBLITZ code to get 15% off. Not sure what happened there.


    Finally time to upgrade!

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