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Hoselink 20% off Selected Products Eg: 30m Retractable Hose for $239 (Was $299)


Long time lurker first time poster.

Saw this deal on Hoselink for 20% most hoses. Bought the 30m for $239.

Feedback appreciated.

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    Great hose. I have 2

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    I paid 193 recently.

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    Looks good, wish they could redo the deal in late October that dropped it to $193 so I could pull the trigger


    Has RRP gone up from $239 to $299?


      Yeah, what's up with these RRPs?
      I got my 20m hose last month for $170 during 15% off, now it says RRP is $260…


        RRP is the total of all the products bundled up together according to the small "i" icon next to it.


          I see. The 20% off is misleading. It's the sum of RRP of individual products RRP. Was going to buy another one but deal not that good. I will wait till Black Friday and hope for a better deal. Not having a go at the OP.


          Yeah, I think the 'free gift' is actually the deal here. It's not really 20% off any products.


    Just keep in mind that the diameter of this hose is much narrower than a regular hose. So if water flow is a priority, this may not be suitable.

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      12mm is pretty standard hose diameter.


        Narrower than my regular nylex and a much lower flow flow rate.

        Your YMMV. In my area with high pressure, the difference is very noticeable.

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          Fair enough. Can't comment on the hose you have, but if it's 18mm that's probably the next most common size, but far less common that 12mm, and quite a bit more expensive generally.
          Hoselink also have a 14mm (Hi-flow) option, but that's a pretty uncommon size…


    Great hose. Really good value for money. Far better buying one of these than buying a cheapie. With normal use you will get many years out of it. We bought the Hardwick's retractable hose from Masters when they closed down. Used daily and it's still going strong. I think it is made by Hoselink also because it looks almost the same.

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    This is regular pricing. Dodgy rrp.


    Great customer service!!!


    Good products but not sure about the price


    I think you can claim this item as part of the purchase as well:

    Until midnight tonight you can claim a FREE Water Wise Starter Kit with any retractable Hose Reel purchase. 

    Save cash and water with this handy bundle!

    Normally $39.90

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    It's a bit of a fizzer deal. The $239/20% off is normal pricing. $299 is if you were to buy everything separately which you can't do anyway as their reels always come with the spray gun, fittings, leader hose etc.
    The "deal" as such is that they throw in a water wise starter kit worth $39.90 for free when you add it to the cart but that's just a pair of fittings and a spray gun which you already get in the reel kit so I'm not sure why you'd want another with only one hose unless you're buying a stand alone hose at the same time.

    The $193 deal was a much better option.

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    Just be aware that they use proprietary connectors, and shipping is not free. So if you need to replace an adapter or connector, you will be paying $6 bucks (quite high) for the parts and another $5 or so for postage. Making it an expensive proposition which you could have done for less than 1/3 at your local Bunnings with other brands.

    Would I have gone into the Hoselink eco system if I had know about this before? No!

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      you could just take or cut the fittings off and put standard ones on.

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      The connectors are a big part of why people buy these. I haven't had a single one leak, come loose, or blow apart yet.
      Why did you go into the system in the first place?


      Just FYI. The actual connection from the connector -> spray gun is just a 3/4" threaded fitting. You can get a socket and other poly fittings to connect basically anything to it for a couple of bucks at any bunnings in the irrigation section.

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    $240 for a hose reel, lol.


    I paid $209 six weeks ago. Hmm I always thought Hoselink were a reputable company, not one that raises prices before applying a % off sale.

    Great hose though.

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    I have just moved back to NZ from being in Adelaide and i keep an eye out on OZB and i came across this, i gave away my hose reel to a friend over there before i came back (big mistake).

    Anyway i just did a search on hosekink here and it turns out they are on Trademe.co.nz (NZ version of Ebay)

    they have the 30m hose reel at 15% off and its $194.49 NZD ($182.70AUD) with a normal price of $231.17 NZD ($217.13 AUD), i just bought one :)

    it has free shipping from AU to NZ

    price gouging there somewhere.

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      I wonder if you can order from Trademe.co.nz and have them delivered in OZ. Save them on shipping costs.

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        It says in the listing "Store location: Australia" so, I'm assuming they already ship from Aus.
        This is actually a great tip. You can get the Hi-FLow 25m reel for about $184 delivered, compared to $240 (which is apparently 20% off) from the Hoselink website.

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    Welcome195 for $10 off spend $50

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