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Asus AC2200 Lyra Voice Tri-Band Mesh WiFi Router and Bluetooth Speaker $159 + Delivery or Pick Up (Bonus Cashback $40) @ Umart


Cheapest price so far $159 after cashback $119, support AiMesh, router, wifi extender, smart speaker alexa, also support as a bluetooth speaker.

Cash back $40 availabe from asus

Asus AC2200 Lyra Voice Tri-Band Mesh WiFi Router and Bluetooth Speaker

Whole Home WiFi Range — Tri-band mesh network compatible with ASUS AiMesh series ensures a strong connection in every corner of your home

Amazon Alexa Built-in — Voice control with Alexa enables users to listen to news and music, control smart-home devices and access thousands of skills.

Rich and Powerful Sound — Exclusive audio technology lets you enjoy your music in stereo sound with deeper bass and a wider frequency range.

Complete Network Security for Your Family — Lifetime free AiProtection Pro powered by Trend Micro protects all connected devices, including IoT appliances.

You’re in Control — The ASUS Lyra app enables PC-free setup, network management and diagnostics, and notifies you about any problems.

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    The video is awesome. The Telsa has an engine. And he shows exactly how wifi mesh works using hand signals.


    So it's a wifi router that has bluetooth speakers?


    any one know
    what the sound is
    like ?


    Doesn’t make coffee but think can turn on your Alexa connected coffee machine on


    have an 86u as my main router and a 68u as a node. Was planning to get another 1-2 nodes (possibly upgrade my main router as 1 of the 2)

    worth getting from a pure router POV? most likely would set one up where the speaker would be semi-useful.


    Looks like a great device, but the price says $222 now (and OOS all stores)


    Just a note for anyone in WA, there was one of these in the clearance bin at PLE -Wangara for $150, if you can pickup, might save you a few $$$. The Cashback Promo should still work so would come to $110 pickup with local warranty.
    Maybe call first to see if it's still there, I saw it on Thurday last week when I picked up a new monitor. Looked to be brand new, still in packaging etc.

    I personally already have one at home, due to the teenager complaining about dropouts in the wifi at the rear of the house. In our experience works well as a node, but we honestly haven't used it as a speaker/alexa much, so can't really comment there. Our teenager did need to find something else to complain about though, so job done in my book.


    good idea looks a bit shit though

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