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[Kindle] Free - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) (CBT Anxiety & Cognitive Psychology Series) @ Amazon AU/US


Amazon US link.

Was US$14.99.

Do you feel anxious all the time?
Are you frustrated with certain areas of your life?
Do you feel like you’re not really living up to your fullest potential and this is grinding you down?
Does it seem like you burn out easily?

This book explains what CBT is, how it works, and how you can benefit from it. It also guides you through a 10 step process where your awareness of how your mind works can lead to greater personal happiness, peace, and joy.

Free Bonus Inside: 5 Day Training Program - How To Eliminate Stress, Anxiety & Depression Naturally From Your Life Forever

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  • +22 votes

    From the same author as the famous The Illustrated Guide to the Universe and Bill Andrews on Telomere Basics: Curing Aging.

    It seems like this guy is a jack of all trades - and most definitely a master of none.

    Avoid this crap - free crap is still crap.


      Care to elaborate?

      • +2 votes

        This isn’t by an expert.

        It seems to be by a guy who just copies and pastes stuff from all over the place and calls it a “book”. Either that or he’s a genius polymath (but the dubiousness of his other content suggests not).

        You’d probably be better converting the Wikipedia page on CBT into a .mobi file and calling it a “free book”.

  • +9 votes

    The good 5 week introductory course to CBT is still free from Reading University & FutureLearn
    (It's free, but definitely not crap!)

    • +8 votes

      There's also Mood Gym, developed by the ANU - https://moodgym.com.au/info/faq

      Worked well for me.

      • +1 vote

        The Reading Uni course is designed to explain the theory, practice & effect of CBT. A good resource.

        Other resources like you suggested, are more useful for self help using CBT.

        Moodgym has been used since 2001. recent meta-analysis of 12 studies found that moodgym is effective at reducing depression and anxiety symptoms in adult populations

        Glad it helped you👍


        Thanks for the recommendation, this looks good


    CBT didn't work for me

    • +1 vote

      CBT requires you to do the work…

      • +8 votes

        You're assuming I didn't do the work. CBT doesn't work for everyone.

        • +2 votes

          Not assuming anything.
          But compared to the medical alternatives, it requires a lot of work from the client / patient.

          Entrenched thought processes can be very hard to challenge & change, even if they are not good for the person. Some prefer not to change. It takes time & commitment. Everyone is different.

          As we know nothing about the problem you sought to deal with through CBT (nor should we), if you received professional help in using CBT or read a book like this (not a good approach), etc - it's hard to know if CBT & it's application was suited in your case.

          It won't work for every case or condition. But it has a pretty good track record in studies, seen as effective in depression & anxiety. (But CBT alone is only 50-75% effective.) So worth trying if seen as appropriate for your condition.

          Reading a book or doing the course I suggested may be helpful in understanding the practice of CBT. It may prove helpful to some, in understanding the thought process that lead to their problems.

          But if your condition is more serious, discuss it with your GP. They can provide a referral.

          • -1 vote

            @the INFIDEL: So why not just do drugs if it’s so much faster and easier? And cheaper too.

            I’ve had friends that have been in therapy for many years. Must have blown tens of thousands of dollars. And they’re not better than when they started.

            • +2 votes

              @cnut: Are you sure they are using CBT?
              "Therapy" covers a huge range of modalities!
              Traditional Psychotherapy lasts for years & is now not considered effective.

              CBT is usually short term treatment over a few months, examining Cognition (C) & it's effect on Behaviour (B).
              For some conditions it is an effective short term treatment, as shown in research studies.

              Like everything, it's finding the appropriate treatment for the person & their condition, causing the least damage.

              Side effects of drugs can be debilitating. Simply thinking differently doesn't have those type of effects, so can be a better starting point.

              Drugs & CBT can be combined for better effectiveness in some cases.

            • +2 votes

              @cnut: Because drugs should be an absolute last resort, given the massive side-effects (and general lack of efficacy) they show.

              • +2 votes

                @mickeyjuiceman: Psychiatric drugs for depression are fairly effective with about a 66% success rate.

                However, of that 66%, about half is due to placebo effect (which is still effective).


              @cnut: Yeah, but they could of been worse

              Keeping your head barely above water, better than drowning yo


          You missed my intended quick play-on-words on the 2 different meanings of the word work😮

          ie from, CBT not working (effective) for you,
          And, you working (requires effort) for the CBT!

          You incorrectly assumed I was disregarded your effort. I was editing it when you posted.

          Still if it requires explanation… I should have put it clearer😉
          Fortunately some seemed to get it.

      • +7 votes

        You might not know, but you're endangering people by spreading this kind of rubbish thought.

        Some people need medication. It's that simple. It's nothing to do with how much effort they did or didn't put into CBT.

    • +1 vote

      I found it worked to an extent, but I only really remembered to do it when my anxiety was really bad, when it was under control I'd just be too busy and neglect it, then when it got bad again, I'd have to kind of start over. It supposedly works best when you make it a part of your routine every day, which was something I never really managed to do.

      Personally, I find I get results just as good if not better from martial arts training. It's a similar kind of concept anyway ie very much a mindfulness oriented activity, focuses the attention inward on minute details of body positioning, muscle tension, breathing, etc, and doing that calm my brain down and stop it freaking out about other stuff for a while.

  • +2 votes

    I'm feeling anxious about trying this!


      You should be, it's hardly a tutorial on how to make guacamole. Really better left to professionals.


    For me it just says the title is not currently available?

    • +13 votes

      Then I don't think you're a mental health academic? It has been clearly shown to work in studies over decades of work.

      Does it work for me? No. I needed medication.

      Does it work for others? Yes, and the studies are there to back it up.

      No real "mental health academic" would brush away CBT without the most miniscule of explanations.


    Although i'm Aware of CBT, I suppose its always good to do more research, seems like a good book to start with.

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