Air Canada: Vancouver + Los Angeles Return from Melbourne $916, Sydney $932, Brisbane $939 @ IWTF


Air Canada is having a sale on flights to Vancouver and you can stop off for a few days in Los Angeles! Travel in March - June/2020. Bags and Meals included

$939 Return Brisbane to Vancouver+Los Angeles Flights.
Depart Return
19/Feb 2/Mar $939 View Flight
5/Feb 22/Feb $985 View Flight
12/Feb 29/Feb $985 View Flight

$932 Return Sydney to Vancouver+Los Angeles Flights.
Depart Return
4/Jun 2/Jul $932 View Flight
8/Jun 29/Jun $932 View Flight
17/Feb 16/Mar $932 View Flight

$916 Return Melbourne to Vancouver+Los Angeles Flights.
Depart Return
16/Mar 6/Apr $916 View Flight
2/Mar 21/Mar $956 View Flight
9/Mar 28/Mar $965 View Flight

Can I use my own dates? Yes - just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.

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    Is there anyway to get this deal without the LA part? I've been playing around with dept dates in may, return early june and it seems to insist on taking you from Vancouver to LA, only to head straight back to Vancouver to get home to Sydney!


    Terrible, terrible airline. Have family in Toronto and they complain bitterly about them. Have only flown them once and it was as bad as they say. Was forced by baggage machine to pay for extra baggage to send baby gear, then told at desk that you don't need to (but you cannot get past machine to do so), refused to issue refund, told to contact company by email to get refund. ONE of our bags was 2kg overweight, and dispite 3 other bags underweight we had to pay extra for THAT bag, also no allowance for extra we just paid for kids gear. They then LOST two of the four bags (never found). Emailed company to try to get refund of overcharge for kids bags, never received a reply from a dozen emails.

    Oh, and our flight from Toronto to NYC, my seat was broken and wouldn't go upright, and I had to fight with EVERY BLOODY HOSTIE asking my to put my seat upright. Not one of them apologised for angry "you have to sir!" over and over, so aggressive. Was bloody glad to get off the aircraft.

    Air Canada - Never again.


      I’ve heard similar stories about Air Canada.

      Which is strange because their budget airline, WestJet, seems to be ok - at least from my experience..


      That’s really bad. I will be very careful with Air Canada but it does sound like you were already irritated after paying for the extra luggage incident, which may have caused other issues to occur.


    Looks like IWTF redirects to other resellers, the above price being through a company called eDreams… which seems to only have terrible reviews. Does anyone know if AirCanada will do these prices directly? Tried to contact them but nothing back yet.

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