[Unobtainable Deal] NZBgeek Black Friday Sale [up to 50% off]

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Hey Geeks,

We will be offering our Black Friday Deals from 12:00am on the 23th November GMT for a 48 hour period.

Prices in USD:
6 months $4 (was $6)
12 months $8 (was $12)
24 months $14 (was $18)
Lifetime $20 (was $40)

Please visit our subscription page here https://nzbgeek.info/vigsubscription.php during this period.

The deals on all our subscription offerings will only be available during the 48 hour period, please do not ask for discounts on subscriptions already purchased before the Black Friday Deal or after it is finished.

We always run discounted offerings for Black Friday and our Geek Birthday in December.

Mod: Deal was posted for 2018 dates and prices, due to the price rise we will consider this deal as unobtainable rather than just update the dates (as the deal votes were based on the pricing listed above). See discussion. The new 2019 deal can be posted again with correct pricing and dates should any user wish.

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  • +21 votes

    This is quite a good indexer.

    • After the demize of nzbs.org, it's the best I've found. It's still far more confusing to set up a subscription to a group of shows.

    • I disagree. They 'take down' a lot of stuff. How they do it, I'm not sure, but often stuff is indexed and can be seen but fails to complete on download. When I go to another private indexer and grab the same nzb (the same file/releaser etc)it completes no problem.

      • +2 votes

        That’s not quite how it works. They index stuff. But sometimes people post/repost he same release numerous times. Some f it gets taken down from Usenet (not the indexes fault).

        I check the comments for older stuff. People often let you know if it works or not.

        Private indexes, people tend to rate stuff, public ones, they tend not too.

      • Usenet providers take files or part of a file down due to DCMA or NTD requests. An indexer just does that. Indexes new uploads. Who you download is with you. A DCMA provider will have much faster take downs than NTD

  • what is that?

    • If you need to ask, it's not for you.

    • It's a top secret internet club that only the internet elite can access. Even more so than Reddit.

    • dam I got no idea what is usenet too…mind educate us noobies? lol

      • With sites such as NZBGEEK you can use its API (Kind of like an automatic robot) to pipe all the latest movies/tv-shows automatically onto your PLEX Server. So essentially you're hosting your own illegal Netflix.

      • +87 votes

        I think the reason you never get a good response to this is because it's difficult to explain quickly or simply. It's also used for many different things. I'll try take a stab tho.

        Usenet is an old ass (pre-internet) protocol(kinda) that was created by two clever dudes as a way to distribute information. It was first used as a kind of bulletin board, but I won't go into it. While crazy interesting, not really important for this. Nowadays it's a collection of user-uploaded notes/messages on a whole range of subjects. These posts are organised into collections called a newsgroup. There are hundreds of thousands of these newsgroup's hosted on servers worldwide (online and offline).
        Now, if you want to use usenet and access these newsgroups, you will need three things:

        • Provider - provides access to usenet as a service. Think of it like an ISP, but a Usenet Service Provider.
        • Indexer - Similar to a search engine They are constantly indexing newsgroups, and allow you to search them. NZBGeek is an indexer, but is community driven. Big difference to a standard search engine imho
        • Newsreader - Basically a usenet browser. Allows you to view these newsgroups, or download from them too.

        So say you wanted to watch the new episode of that crazy hyped show that is totally not copyrighted, but isn't available in Aus.
        Well, we could use our usenet indexer to search for it. You see a post that matches, posted 3 days ago. Great! so you download the .nzb file from the indexer, and then open that file with your newsreader. The newsreader uses your usenet provider to download the file, done!

        Now this is super simplified, but I hope it gives a quick overview. Usenet allows for so much more too!
        It's useful for finding things when your normal avenues fall short, or if you're a fan of automation with software like SABnzbd, Sonarr, Radarr, etc.

        • Thanks

        • I logged in just so I could upvote your answer :)

        • You're a legend mate! I feel like my eyes is opened now to another dimension of internet.

        • Great explanation, amid some fairly questionable/inaccurate ones!

        • If you are only interested in highly specific content (eg classical music), you can do things the traditional way and retrieve headers from the appropriate Usenet groups (a program like NewsLeecher for instance). But films and TV shows tend to be posted to a variety of groups with huge numbers of headers, so indexers are essential

          One other thing to note is that many posts now have obfuscated (non descriptive)names to prevent DMCA takedowns, and better indexers like NzbGeek de-obfuscate some of this otherwise hidden content.

          Another way of searching Usenet is to get an Easynews account (wait to see if they have a special for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, last year they had unlimited for $5 USD/month). They have traditional NNTP servers as well as a searchable HTTP interface for Usenet with the content of archives unpacked (so if you want just a track from a rared set of 10 CDs, you can download the track without havng to grab all 10 Cds).

        • ahh why not just use torrents errrr (only the totally legal open source content ;)

  • Well worth a few dollars!

  • Might be time for a lifetime subscription methinks.

    Been too stingy to pay for an indexer since nzbs.org closed and limited to 5 grabs per day from the last time DrunkenSlug opened up free registrations.

    • Me too man. I'll do it if you do.

      • Me three, I'll do it if you both do it.

        • Your risk here is that they close down. For example, I paid for a lifetime sub at nzb matrix, which lasted a grand total 1 year 2 months before they closed down - I blurted out "but I'm still alive" when I saw that - so it does happen. So by taking out a lifetime sub, what you're effectively saying is "I think this site will stay up more than 2 years 6 months". Because if you don't, then you're better off paying less for a time limited membership - e.g. a 12 month sub during 2019's Black Friday, another in 12 months during 2020's Black Friday, and then a 6 month sub during 2021's Black Friday.

          • @nickj: Fair point but I think Geek has been around a while?

            • @iShibby: Yes, Geek launched in late 2012 apparently.

              Indexers do come and go though. I went through a stage around 2011 where I tried to sign up to all the indexers I could find to see which were useful to me (most were rubbish), signed up to a total of 15 indexers, and to the best of my knowledge, at least the following 8 from that period have closed down:
              * Hyrdamind / nzb-matrix.eu
              * newzbin
              * nzbclub
              * nzbid
              * nzb matrix
              * nzbsrus
              * nzbxxx
              * usenet-crawler
              There were 2 more that deleted my account, and 5 that were operating last time I looked.

              That's a > 50% close down rate in 7 years. Most closed in late 2012/early 2013 when there seemed to be a big push to shut them down.

              So to clarify: your primary risk is not that Geek are going to be take your money and run (I don't think that's especially likely), rather your main risk is that there's a big push to shut down sites, which forces them to close.

        • I forgot all about it.

  • Been a member of Geek for 5+ years now and one of the best.

  • Thanks. Reminder for 5 days time set :)

  • -3 votes

    DrunkenSlug is much better than NZBgeek in my experience so I'm about to stop using NZBgeek.

  • first rule of usenet… broken…

  • Does this include VPN?

  • Do I need this if I got DrunkenSlug and Newshosting?

  • I have a lifetime sub to nzbplanet. How does nzbgeek compare?

    • I have lifetime subscriptions to both and I find that nzbgeek is generally better. Send me a private message if you need to compare any search results.

    • Geek is supposed to be better for obfuscated titles. I personally haven't confirmed this.

    • I use both and these are my observations;

      • NZBPlanet has 4K remuxes uploaded a ton times faster than Geek
      • NZBPlanet has a faster request system (IMO)
      • Geek is more user friendly especially their Collections
      • Geek's UI and design is so much better to the eyes than Planet
      • Agree on Geek vs Planet UI. And that is saying a lot, as Geeks is but ugly. Planet looks like it from the early 90s.
        Dogs is great, the best of what I use.
        Drunken seems to be the quickest in having certain sporting events that I am after now, by a large margin.

  • US prices I assume?

  • Wow imagine all the Linux distros you could download.

  • isn't it too early for Black Friday sale?

  • Any chance a good soul can send me an invite to DrunkenSlug? Hopefully I can reciprocate with an invite for another indexer. Thanks!

  • Linux distros never smelt so good.

  • How does this compare to OzNZB? I've been using that for about 7 years combined with astraweb, but it can be pretty unreliable and their web presence is fairly spotty.

  • Usenet is all hype tbh. So much stuff is taken down. You are better off joining a good private tracker and getting a seedbox.

    • Definitely true although with NBN don't even need a seed box anymore.

    • Not sure what youre downloading but i havent seen a dmca takedown for years.

      • New release tv shows will often have tons of missing pieces if you try and download them 24hrs after release. A lot of new release movies also get taken down quickly.